World Market

World Market has been exit scammed; please refer to our markets list for a different market.

World Market is a new dark net market that began in November 2020, but completely redesigned the layout on January 18, 2021 to look exactly like Alphabay and Empire Market. This change may make some people nostalgic and like the change, but it may also make some people dislike the change, as Empire Market exit scammed and stole over $30 million USD from customers’ funds.

For a comprehensive guide on World Market URL, please see our guides here and here.


Some statistics about the World Market

Name:World Market
World Market Link:5rakd5pxon64ibzi2v44n6ax2rfge5cfnjeqfok3hjpzewtnmvkhpqid.onion
Founded:November 2020
Total Users:102,967
Total Vendors:581
Total Products:7,960
Payment:onsite wallets
CoinsBitcoin (BTC), Monero (XMR)
Vendor Bond:650$

World Market URL Design

People who are familiar with AlphaBay or Empire Market will feel right at home because it has the same style and function as those marketplaces. In fact, you may assume you are surfing one of those markets!

On the main page of World Market, you can obtain market updates, news, and updates being done on World Market. You can also see your account’s current Account Security and what activities are required to make your account 100% secure.

It is crucial to know that prostitution, child porn, murder services, and the selling of weapons are all prohibited on World Market, so if you are seeking for those items, you should look elsewhere.

Account Creation on the World Market


User registration is easy and simple, all you need is a username, a password and a pin number. Once registered you will receive a mnemonic which can be used to reset your account in case you forget your password or pin number.

Using World Market

There is a reason why the AlphaBay design has been replicated not once, but twice, and that is because the design was on the one hand simple while also displaying a lot of information and looking nice.

The World Market interface is identical to that of AlphaBay and Empire, and those who have previously used those marketplaces are welcome to purchase.

The vendor profiles and listing information are simple and easy to use; while entering any listing, you may check the pricing, delivery options, feedback, and return policy. The vendor level and trust levels are also displayed so that it is clear which vendor can be trusted and which cannot.

Vendor feedback may be viewed stretching back 12 months, thus if a vendor has been excellent in the past but is preparing for an exit scam in the last month, it can be plainly visible on his public profile.


Wallet on World Market

World Market offers an on-site wallet, which means you must first deposit bitcoin or monero to your balance before you can purchase goods from World Market. As with AlphaBay and Empire, it takes two network confirmations for the cash to appear on your balance.

Once you have a positive balance, it only takes a few clicks to place an order, a considerably simpler process than in other markets right now.


World Market FAQ

World Market has released an easy and short FAQ that answers a lot of questions you might have on the market-

What is World Market?

World Market is a darknet marketplace for all black market commodities that is completely anonymous. Anyone can create a seller account and post offerings for the community. To ensure buyer protection, all transactions are processed through our secure Escrow system.

Why do you use Alphabay/Empire Market layout?

The main goal is to resurrect old melodious recollections. Alphabay was incredibly cool, and every merchant enjoyed it. When one of the Empire Market admin exitscammed and ruined Alexandre Cazes’ work, it broke our hearts. His labor made vendors’ lives more bearable and provided everyone with a future. We can’t bring Alphabay and Alexandre Cazes back, but we can’t help but feel nostalgic for Alphabay, which is why we chose the Alphabay Market layout. May his soul rest in peace in heaven.

RIP Alexander Cazez!

Is it safe to use World Market?

If your interest in the darknet market extends to being a regular DNM shopper, you should practice more stringent opsec. If you’re a casual DNM customer who doesn’t order by the pound or kilo, don’t worry about it. To access the darknet, you will require the Tor web browser, which must be properly setup. You should never, ever use JAVASCRIPT. World Market protects your privacy by encrypting our database. We adhere to best security practices. For our users’ safety, we also have a bug bounty program.

I am scammed need help, what can I do?

When you initially enter a darknet market, you run a high risk of losing your bitcoin. Take a thorough look at the seller you’re buying from before you start dropping pills into your shopping basket. Most merchants are legitimate and have no intention of defrauding their clients, but don’t take their word for it – check their feedback. Remember that a vendor with 100 four-star ratings is far more trustworthy than one with five stars and three sales.

Escrow is your buddy; never finalize your order too soon in case you haven’t gotten it. If you’ve already been duped, there’s little the market can do for you, but if you report your fraudster on time, the market may ban him and repay you by withholding vendor funds.

Does World Market sell anything?

World Market has practically all of the black market stuff that you won’t find on any other website. Prostitution, child porn, and murder services/substances intended to kill or poison humans/weapons, on the other hand, are not permitted.

What currencies does World Market support?

Bitcoin and Monero

What is the mnemonic?

The mnemonic for your account is used for recovery purposes, it’s only displayed during registration.

How does the PGP Work?

PGP is relatively simple to use and, thus far, is the finest encryption for Darknet users. It will take you 15 minutes the first time you try to use PGP (also known as GPG) to install and successfully encrypt your first message to your darknet seller. The second time will take you five minutes, the third time will take you 60 seconds, and the fourth time you will be ashamed of having ever chatted bareback on the darknet without PGP. Don’t rely on darknet markets to encrypt your data for you by checking the request box when you place your order. It employs an asymmetric public and private key system, in which the sender encrypts the message using the public key provided by the intended receiver, and only he may decrypt it using his matching private key. We strongly recommend that you utilize an offline, open source PGP program such as GPG.

How can I know that I am using a real world market mirror?

On every mirror you can go to /verify, if the link is real it will be signed by the market key. Make sure the signature matches the market key.

Where can I buy Bitcoins or Monero?

In the clearnet, there are numerous techniques and venues for trading cryptocurrencies. We recommend that you buy peer-to-peer via sites like or, as you will typically find more hassle-free and private solutions here, especially if you are new to the field. You may learn how to utilize Monero by visiting this page. http://xmrguide42y34onq.onion

Who controls World Market?

World Market is administrated by /u/MrWorld and /u/Lovelace. Both have been expert security professionals and highly technically brilliant to run a Darknet marketplace.

Am I really Anonymous here?

You’re only anonymous is you’re using a right setup. Always, use Tor, jabber, don’t dox yourself and use privacy coins, such as monero.

Can I delete my account?

Accounts are deleted from our system if it has no activity over 1 month. Ofcourse we delete accounts if you request it.

Do you offer referral system?

No, World Market are only sharing referral system if we see you can provide us the necessary traffic. We don’t do it to avoid vendors abusing it by linking their customers to their own referral to get their comissions payment back.

What do you take on every transaction?

We take for every transaction 4% as commission fee.

Do I need to pay for withdraw?

Yes, in order to have faster confirmation we require fixed withdraw fee to pay.

How can I trust vendors?

Most merchants are legitimate and have no intention of defrauding their clients, but don’t take their word for it – check their feedback. But you’ll also be confronted by a plethora of enticing products clamoring for your bitcoin. Examine the feedback provided by prior buyers and conduct additional research. Always purchase from a vendor with a significant volume of sales. Remember that a merchant with 100 four-star ratings is far more trustworthy than one with five stars and twenty sales.

How can I become a vendor?

Read the ‘BECOME A VENDOR’ page for further details. You must respect the seller’s terms and pay the vendor fee. To secure their account, vendors must enable 2FA. If you are detected scamming, padding feedback, or violating any other regulation, your vendor account will be suspended and you may be blacklisted.

What is FE (Finalize Early) or Escrow?

Escrow is a temporary holding of funds for a transaction on the buyers’ and sellers’ behalf before the transaction is finished. When a buyer makes a purchase on our market, the money is removed from their market wallet and immediately transferred to the market escrow wallet.

Finalize Early is a similar payment procedure, except the balance is sent to the vendor’s wallet without much ado.

How does escrow work for digital listings?

When you purchase a listing, it is shown as processing. The vendor has 24 hours to finish the order by shipping the digital item and labeling it as sent, otherwise the sale will be cancelled. Once the order has been listed as sent, the buyer can either finish the order once the purchase has been received, dispute the order if there is an issue, or prolong escrow if necessary. If the buyer does nothing after the order has been designated as dispatched, it will auto-finalize after 24 hours.

How does escrow work for physical listings?

When you buy a listing, it is reported as processing. The vendor has 72 hours to dispatch the order and declare it as shipped, otherwise it will be cancelled. Once the order has been listed as dispatched, the buyer can either finalize it once it has been received, dispute it if there is an issue, or prolong escrow if necessary. If the buyer does nothing after the order has been designated as dispatched, it will auto-finalize after 14 days.

Are all listings done through escrow?

The only listings that are not done through escrow are listings by FE vendors. FE vendors are vendors that have been proven to be reliable and reputable.

How can I get FE(Finalize Early)?

A vendor can apply for FE once their vendor level reaches 5. The criteria for this is at least 250 sales, $25’000 in volume and 90% positive feedback.

How is the AutoShop different from listings?

The AutoShop has no escrow, it’s intended to be a fast paced process. To ensure a card purchased off the AutoShop is live you can enable the checker during checkout, this will automatically cancel the order.

World Market Summary

The world market is a new and appealing market in which customers will have strong feelings about the design in one way or another. With a simple system that allows for quick purchases and even an autoshop, it’s clear to see how World Market grew so quickly, with over 100,000 customers in just two months. If they maintain a good support system and manage to stay online after the recent DDoS attacks, they will undoubtedly become the largest darknet market in the world.

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