World Market Exit Scam Confirmed

World Market, like Dark0de Market, has been exit scammed, with numerous warning flags prior to the exit scam (much like Dark0de Market).

We previously reported on World Market’s terrible update; it is now evident what happened to World Market.

One of World Market’s administrators stole all of the cash from the main wallet and also managed to wipe the server and all of the databases. The surviving employees had two choices: go offline and announce an exit scam, or try to extort as much money as possible from consumers and vendors. They select the second choice.

The World Market team has a backup of the market with an old design that dates back a few months; they have set the market back up with the old/new design and brought all the sellers back from vacation and made their listings active in an attempt to get as much money from users as possible.

Users and vendors who had accounts made in the last few months had to register anew with brand new accounts, because the “new” world market did not contain those accounts in the database, and no one could withdraw or make purchases on the market.

After a few days of waiting for consumers to continue transferring money to the market, one of the remaining World Market employees has finally declared that World Market is closing down.

World Market staff Makarov annoucment

The status of World Market.

The time has come that the World Market team must close shop. The team tried to fix numerous technical issues over the past week but could not recover what has been lost. We have worked hard to be the best market and to serve the community.
As much as I care for everyone at World Market, I also care about the vendors and buyers, and it would not be fair to continue at this point.

So, once again, a large darknet market has experienced an exit scam. We would like to say that it came as a surprise, but we have seen all of the usual warning signs that a large darknet market is about to conduct an exit scam (much like with Dark0de Market). We can only hope that some users and vendors were able to withdraw their funds prior to the exit scam due to our warnings.

Users seeking for a new darknet market to use should browse at our top darknet markets list; right now, we recommend Versus Market or Alphabay Market.

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