Why am I shorting Western Union after its fourth quarter earnings?

Shorting Western Union after its fourth quarter earnings  — All You Need to Know

shorting Western Union after its fourth quarter earnings





Western Union is a financial services firm that specialises in money transfers.

When I was a kid, my mother would take me to Western Union on her errands.

She used Western Union wire transfers to send money to family in Ecuador.

Sometimes the transfer did not take place, or a relative was “shaken down” by the person in charge of those transfers. In some form or another, there was always a toll man. They’re always looking for a cut.

My mother was very concerned about the wait time and expenditures for a cousin who was dying soon (we suspect cancer).

As you could expect, the costs were exorbitant, and the service was problematic.

Western Union is now a dying business, losing millions of consumers every week.

How and why?

Baby Krypto. It’s here, and the person mowing your lawn is getting paid in ehthereum, bitecoin, Monero, or polygon.

The list is extensive, but it is not difficult to implement right now.

So, why after the fourth quarter?

Western Union stock has a beta of 0.99, indicating that prices will rise as we approach the holiday season.

Western Union has a significant ETF exposure.

This informs me that Western Union is a safe bet on people’s financial sheets.

“Immigrants will always need to pay money back home.”

I expect Q4 results will be disappointing, but this will be overshadowed by the optimistic market.

Q1 results will be so bad that even baby boomers will abandon Western Union.

This is my huge bet, and I’m emotionally invested in it.

Shorting Western Union after its fourth quarter earnings



I can tell you with 100% certainty that the families receiving money from the United States in Mexico, Ecuador, and elsewhere are NOT going through the krypto exchange process – they have no idea where to begin.

OP has a plan. WU has problems, but coins of bits are not one of them.

For the past five years, this has been said. The issue is that WU already uses “krypto” to transfer money and is most equipped for the vast regulatory restrictions that will be imposed on “krypto” trades in the future because they already do it for cash transactions, I believe. Your “DD” is worthless, and you will lose other people’s money.

You can’t control krypto. (I had to call it that in the post or it would be removed automatically.)

In addition, WU company still has fees.

People will prefer a system with reduced costs.

Yes, there is a way to use Krypto for almost no cost, but I’m thinking you believe Elizabeth Warren. lol

Addresses can be seen rising in the on chain data. Look it up on your own!

The primary cause for this is remittance.

You have no idea what is about to happen.

The short version is that orange coins are good and green paper is bad. Sofi’s galileo engine, which will be available on third-party apps such as wise.com, will replace moneygram and western union and eliminate the use of rapid transfers from traditional banks.

I had no idea Western Union was still in business. Well, if you’re in this, I believe you’ve made some money, but I hope you’re exiting/looking to exit. The constant FCF and aggressive share repurchases are working against you at this low value. Shorting Western Union after its fourth quarter earnings, how do i increase.

I also believe you should conduct more research for your shorts.

So, until you show me how much you shorted, I’m not sure I accept your prediction that WU will fail. Post a short position or there will be no balls.



I’d like to see positions!

Every time some moron on this sub claims to be “shorting” something, it is usually shown that they are actually long a put… They’re not short on anything but delta!

This jerk better be shorting stocks or selling naked calls, since otherwise this is nonsense.

Have you read my previous post?

I won’t be shorting until after the fourth quarter.

Western Union’s competitors include Remitly and PayPal Xoom. To send money to Mexico, I use Remitly.

Western Union cannot purchase remittances.

It does not shown on their balance sheet.

They can foresee this and do nothing.

Edit: start drinking because this crap is about to get out of hand.

The issue is that you simply anticipate Western Union to fold and die, just like many people expected GameStop to do. If you don’t believe they’ll play the orange coin game or at least fight to keep their company afloat and competitive, you’re in big danger.

RemindMe! 100 years

That is the time it will take for legal entities to switch from money orders to krypto.

Western Union was said to have been killed by Venmo. It didn’t work. International limits are a concern because you can’t Venmo all around the world. The first companies that develop global digital remittance capability will triumph. Humbl’s game plan was halted when it cratered. It’s going to take a lot of grease in pockets all across the world to get it done.

Wait, Western Union is still in business? That name hasn’t come up in over 15 years.

Thank you for sharing your experience. Although Western Union is a dinosaur that is progressively becoming extinct, my short shorts are too tight on my fat ass for me to sneak in another short position.

Best wishes, and please give your mother a kiss for me.


I picked up my money from Western Union today…

Shorting Western Union after its fourth quarter earnings

I’ve had a privileged life since, until today, I’ve never had to deal with Western Union. I had a guy from Columbia send me $41 for some collectibles, so I went to my neighbourhood booze store to receive it. On this strange public phone, I had to talk to a guy who couldn’t pronounce my name and was asking me questions about the person who sent me the money and myself, including my name, address, and phone number. Then he informed me that I would not be able to retrieve my money because the lovely guy I spoke with on Skype misspelt my name. Fortunately, I was able to grab my money and get out of there. Bitcoin cannot take over quickly enough!!! The good news is that this poor guy, who has been sending money to his fiancée in the United States on a monthly basis, is now exploring bitcoin and won’t have to deal with any of that foolishness.

TL;DR: Western Union makes Bitcoin appear amazingly simple.




I recently had the same issue when transferring from one account to another at the same bank in person. They completed the paperwork and informed me that the funds were available – I explicitly requested that they confirm this – but when I attempted to use my card, it was declined due to “insufficient funds.”

When I called the bank and asked what was going on, their first reaction was: “computer is down, can we call you back?”

Second response “we believe you have exceeded the amount you are permitted to spend using your card” a) wtf this was not a credit card but a debit card on my checking account and b) when they (manually) added up my last weeks transactions discovered I had not exceeded this “security limit,” which incidentally I had never heard of before, and that the payment I was attempting to make also did not exceed the limit. Can we contact you again?

“We have repaired it, try again,” says the third response.

All of this in front of a merchant who clearly assumed I was having financial difficulties.

Yes, when I tried again, it worked, but this smells like capital controls. I’m calling it even if world governments aren’t because of the risk of bank runs.

If you have the same bank, your brother can simply go to the bank and deposit the money into your account. You make things sound more difficult than it is.

Hahaha, I had a similar experience when purchasing BTC using BitInstant using MoneyGram. Go to the drug store, wait on hold for several minutes on the red plastic phone, get a scratchy connection to someone with a heavy Indian accent who takes a while to figure out what I’m trying to do, then go to the register and tell THEM what the guy on the phone (I believe) attempted to tell me.

It took roughly 20 minutes of lost time to transfer $200.

I believe that the reason those systems are so fucking useless is that, let’s be honest, nobody uses them except poor people, poor immigrants sending money back to a third-world nation, and those who get in a really difficult situation and need cash sent quickly. Nobody else is forced to cope with them.

And I believe BTC might excel in this market. As WU gets their 5% cut or $10 fee or whatever, the majority of those fees are most likely being paid by poor immigrants attempting to send hard-earned money back to even poorer family. In those cases, eliminating the parasitic fees would make a significant difference…

I don’t think people appreciate how much of a jerk it was last year to utilise ZipZap -> BitInstant -> Mt. Gox. People may complain about Coinbase all they want, but it sure beats picking up the Russia Phone and explaining to a befuddled cashier what she’s supposed to do with my money.

If you want to use the banks’ payment system Swish, it is now quite simple to do so in Sweden (using a phone app, tied to your number).

Set an appropriate temporary payment limit after registering with Swish via BankID (mobile app or smartcard and smartcard reader). Register with Safello and verify your identity once with BankID.

Make an order on Safello for the desired amount, including your Bitcoin payout address and prefered payment method (Swish), and obtain payment details (sum to transfer, “payment serial number”, destination). Swish is used to send money. 8 minutes after sending money using Swish, I received my Bitcoins in my Electrum wallet.

Thank you for sharing your story. I completely agree. People who are “wealthy” would never put up with such nonsense. I feel terrible that the person in Columbia has to put up with that nonsense by chance of birth.

To be fair, if I misspell your Bitcoin address, no matter how many times we say please, nobody gets the money.

A bitcoin address includes error correction and checksums. It’s not merely a case of a misplaced or transposed character messing you up.


Wait, … This American girl has a boyfriend in Columbia who sends her money?

Yes, that is strange. However, this helps to offset the flow of coins from remittances (to Colombia). There is a significant amount of money transmitted to Colombia for remittances, and if some of that begins to go through Bitcoin channels, there will be an excess of coins in the country. As a result, these remittance recipients will either have to wait for a receptive buyer or accept a lower-than-market price for their coins. This is fine for this gentleman transferring money to his fiancée on a monthly basis, but it makes Bitcoin less effective as a remittance option FROM Colombia.

I notice an exchange that serves Colombia, however the buy price is 15% higher than the USD market rate. https://bitmarket.co/en For the time being, it appears that Bitcoin is not widely utilised for remittances to Colombia.

People may begin exchanging Bitcoins directly. Shorting Western Union after its fourth quarter earnings, not good.

The dollar is worth less in the United States than it is in a third-world country; the concept of a non-local market rate is illogical.

In ten years, people will think “wiring someone money” means literally tying money to a wire and zipping it up. Given how outdated the system appears to be, this appears to be the case. And the charges. The fees, my lord.

To be fair, “wiring” money in this manner would most likely be faster, cheaper, and more dependable.

This is a similar story.


Shorting Western Union after its fourth quarter earnings

My wife purchased items from Aliexpress and Alibaba.

Money moves, money stays, money is wired by wu… for several weeks Wu customer service: no fucks given, no explanation. They only provided the funds after weeks of deliberation. It could have been far worse…

Bitcoin is ideal for those who need to travel to a liquor store to pick up $41 from a person in Colombia (Columbia is not a foreign country).

In a globalised environment, more and more “normal/everyday” individuals will communicate across borders, and traditional financial methods are not built for this.




$3500.                                   $300

$7000.                                    $500

$10,000.                                  $750

$20,000.                                  $1500

$35,000                                  $2500

$100,000.                                 $5000


Shorting Western Union after its fourth quarter earnings

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