Western Union Map from the 1950s

Western Union Map from the 1950s – All You Need to Know





What became to the Netherlands’ overseas territories? Curaçao and Suriname, for example. I can see that the Netherlands is red.

The Netherlands was absorbed straight into the German Reich, and their overseas colonies achieved independence or were partitioned (Guyana, for example).

Because most 1950s map borders weren’t perfect, the borders aren’t 100% accurate to the actual TL borders; if you like, I can email you a map of the TL in dms.

Why can the French colonies be free yet the Dutch cannot? This seems unjust. Unless the allies turned on another friendly state, which seems strange.

Didn’t Western Union take complete control? Where does Wells Fargo fit into all of this? The red sections, which match their brand colours

In my timeline, the Western Union is the European counterpart to NATO. (Rebranded from an actual Alliance)


Following the signing of the Cork Accords in 1951 to counter the Eisenpakt following the 1950 destruction of Kyiv, Moscow, and Leningrad, the Western Union was formed, with the initial members being the United States of America, the Republic of Ireland, and the United Kingdom; by 1952, the Russian Far Eastern Republic, Free France (De jure: French Republic), Canada, and Portugal would be admitted into the Western Union, setting the stage for the Cold War. Western Union Map from the 1950s

What became of Italy? I see that there are no British colonies in Africa or the Middle East; did they attain independence, or were they devoured by Italy?

Britain was obliged to abandon Egypt, Sudan, and Somaliland, while Italy only got the Horn of Africa, tiny areas of Egypt as occupation zones, and a puppet state in Sudan.

So, does Ireland participate or not? It’s on the map, but it’s not mentioned in either text. Is the name of the treaties a reference to an Irish city or county?
Why is Portugal a member of the Western Union? Salazar was ideologically more associated with the Axis and only eventually joined the Allies and NATO because of expediency.

Western Union Map from the 1950s

I’m not sure if this has previously been asked, but what map projection is this?

I don’t understand why Portugal was chosen. Unless the Portuguese colonies are also included in the union, the Western Union may have simply grabbed the Azores and ignored the rest of the country.

Rethinking it, perhaps grabbing the Azores would force Portugal into the German sphere, offering the latter a source of wolfram, so inviting Portugal could have been a compromise between having control over the Azores and maintaining the country in the Western domain. Still, I can’t think of a scenario in which Salazar violates his “proudly alone” policy. Maybe if Spain were genuinely German-leaning and began to press their goals for a United Iberia, but as a neutral state, I doubt it. Another possibility is that the African colonies were conquered, rendering Portugal extremely vulnerable, but who could have conquered them?

May I enquire whether you have any Spanish lore? Its placement between the Reich and the Western Union’s sole base in continental Europe would allow it to choose either side.

The Spanish, like IRL, are neutral, as they were during WW2. So, what became of Japan? They could never have won if they had lost.

If I’m not mistaken, Liberia and the British possessions in West Africa appear to be under the control of Free France.

I wanted to highlight that the free french africa’s borders weren’t always perfect on 1950s maps.

Do you have any head cannons for South Africa/Namibia/Rhodesia? (Zimbabwe)

In this scenario, I believe Germany would want to gain influence in these countries since, unlike the USA/USSR in our time, they would not worry about apartheid. It would be fascinating to witness the conflict between white Anglos, Boers, and black South Africans.

Why is Denmark self-sufficient? I’m still puzzled as to why Vichy is red when Italy, Hungary, and other Euro Axis countries are not. I realise it’s supposed to be about Germany vs. the United States, but Canada, the United Kingdom, and certain Far Eastern territories are blue, as in Allied.

Spain’s position appears to be either enormously prosperous or ruinously awful. The former was for Franco and his inner circle, while the latter was for the poor and working class.

Who controls French Indochina, and how will this affect the region in the near future?

French Indonesia is currently at war (1954, the same year as the map) with a nationalist/communist/ROC invasion in the north and a joint French/American force in the south.

Italy is Italy in 1942; they have an empire, but it is modest in comparison to Germany’s (Italian Far East Africa, Libya, Tunisia, Albania, Montenegro and Sudan [De Facto puppet]) They are not depicted on the map because the cold war is mostly between Germany and the United States.

I had no idea a bank could grow so strong… What’s next, the Dakota Wells Fargo Empire?

Why does the Nigerian prince want me to transfer him money through this country? How will money be transferred from one continent to another now? Huh. When viewed in this light, Canada and the United States resemble a cat.

Interesting. It reminds me of Fatherland’s geopolitical arrangement. The map has an early Cold War vibe about it. I’m curious about Japan’s current situation. Western control of the former Soviet Far East suggests that the West is no longer (or was never) an Axis power.


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Western Union Map from the 1950s

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Western Union Map from the 1950s




$3500.                                   $300

$7000.                                    $500

$10,000.                                  $750

$20,000.                                  $1500

$35,000                                  $2500

$100,000.                                 $5000


Western Union Map from the 1950s

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