Top Darknet Markets for Online Drug Purchases in June 2022

Once again, the largest darknet market has opted to shut down. This time, it’s Versus Market, which was hacked, brought down, and eventually closed shop in a matter of days (with a promise to release the funds to the vendors – a promise that seem to be not fulfilled).

With half of 2022 gone, most of the darknet markets that were live at the end of 2021 are now offline, and new darknet markets have sprung up to fill the void left by the many darknet markets that have ceased shop or been exit scammed.

In this list, we will list the top darknet markets in this month, which means that if you want to buy something on the darknet, the darknet markets listed below will be the place to go to find whatever it is that you are searching for.

Before visiting the sites listed below, new users should first download the Tor browser and learn about Bitcoin and Monero.

As always, we do not endorse any of the sites featured here or recommend that consumers buy anything illegal on the darknet.



The AlphaBay market reopened in August 2021, little than a year ago, and it is presently the largest darknet market. The ascent to the top was due not only to a successful darknet market, but also to the numerous exit scams and darknet market closures since AlphaBay’s return.

With DeSnake (AlphaBay Market admin) being very active and posting daily on Dread, he managed to publish a few vulnerabilities he found, first on Archetyp Market, which caused the admin on Archetyp Market to close his sub on Dread, and then on Versus Market, which caused the Versus Market admin to recently close his market.

AlphaBay currently boasts around 600,000 members and 8,000 dealers, making it the best darknet market to visit if you want to buy something on the darknet.

The most important aspect of AlphaBay is that it is a Monero-only darknet market. If you are new to the Monero darknet market, we recommend that you read our guide on how to utilize AlphaBay Market.

ASAP Market

Shortly after Versus Market collapsed, ASAP Market (formerly known as ASEAN Market) saw a large influx of both vendors and buyers looking for a new venue to use Bitcoin to make payments and buy their favorite darknet products.

ASAP Market employs a new script, which is used by many other sellers, including HeinekenExpress and WeAreAMSTERDAM, and allows consumers to pay using Bitcoin and Monero.

While there are numerous drugs listed in ASAP Market and you are more than likely to find what you are looking for, the main issue with ASAP Market is the regular DDoS assaults that cause it to stay unavailable for extended periods of time.

We strongly advise new ASAP users to read our comprehensive instruction on ASAP Market.

Abacus Market


Abacus Market was relaunched as AlphaBet Market with the same design as the original AlphaBay at an inconvenient moment, just one month after AlphaBay was relaunched. Due to a large community outcry, the markets admin has decided to redesign the darknet market, changing the name and style to look more like AlphaBay.

Now, Abacus Market has attracted many consumers and continues to develop in terms of vendors and listings, and, unlike the new AlphaBay Market, it does support Bitcoin, which many purchasers in the darknet markets scene want.

Abacus Market is pretty simple to use for those who have used AlphaBay or one of the many AlphaBay-like darknet marketplaces such as Empire, but if you are new to Abacus, please read our entire Abacus Market guide.

Tor2Door Market

Tor2Door is not a new darknet market; it has been operational since 2020, making it the oldest on our list.

Tor2Door is a straightforward darknet market that avoids the complexities found in other darknet markets such as AlphaBay. It also accepts Bitcoin and Monero, as do the majority of the darknet markets on our list.

If you are searching for a simple and easy to use darknet market, check out Tor2Door and our entire guide on how to use Tor2Door market.

Bohemia Market

Our list comes to an end with Bohemia Market. Bohemia Market launched a year ago and has gained popularity with buyers and vendors in recent months as a result of the recent shutdown of darknet markets.

Bohemia Market features a great blue layout, similar to Abacus Market, but with a distinct design that does not resemble AlphaBay.

Bohemia Market still has a ways to go before it will overtake the previously stated darknet markets, but there is no doubt that it will continue to attract more sellers and customers, and of course, you can already find most of the things that exist in other darknet markets.

We recommend that new users of Bohemia Market read our entire tutorial on how to use Bohemia Market.

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