The Versus Market closes registrations and switches to an invite-only model.

Versus Market, together with AlphaBay, has become the largest darknet market following the exit scams of Dark0de Market and World Market.

However, in recent weeks, Versus Market has been under persistent DDoS attack, with many users reporting that the market is down most of the time and that they have been unable to access it for days.

Today, Versus Market admin announced a major change coming to Versus Market: the market will no longer accept new user registrations and will instead be invite-only via vendor invite codes.

“That’s all, guys!” it says. He stated:

Dear community, 

Due to the huge influx of user, the even bigger influx of complete retards and the therefor inevitable decline of our support quality in the recent month we decided to close our registration and convert the market into a private community to keep our quality standards up and idiots out. We never intended to be the #1 Market but here we are. It is time to get back to the roots. We always wanted to provide a high quality platform for the community and that is where we are heading again. We prefer quality over quantity. While the recent influx is nice for our wallets we don't want to become the next Empire-esque shitmarket. 

>What does this mean for new buyer? 

Well you are out of luck if you don't have an account yet. We will soon enable vendors to give out invite codes. Ask your vendor for an invite code to register an account on Versus or wait until we periodically open up registration for a limited time. 

> What does this mean for vendors? 

We will personally invite you if we believe you are a good match for the community. We don't accept any more applications or vendor bonds. All existing vendors will be able to give out a limited amount of invite codes per week. Those INVITE CODES ARE NOT FOR SALE. We will monitor invites and if we believe you are selling them on other markets we will ban your account. 

Going invite-only is a necessary step to keep our quality standards up. 
The quality of our vendor, of our buyer and our own staff and support. 

Have a nice trip, 
William Gibson

Versus Market has met the same fate as many other famous markets in the past. Due to the surge of new users, the site simply cannot handle so many new users, forcing darknet market administrators to choose between not providing support for users, closing business, or, in this case, just stopping registration to new customers.

Users who do not have an account on Versus Market should visit our darknet markets list, which is constantly updated with all of the top darknet marketplaces, or visit other top darknet markets such as AlphaBay or ASAP Market.

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