The top three darknet markets in April 2022

With yet another large darknet market, World Market, being exit scammed in March, the darknet marketplaces situation has shifted yet again. Every few weeks, what appears to be a large exit scam or a large darknet market retires, and the top ranking is rapidly changing with new darknet markets forming and many users and suppliers switching to older darknet markets, causing them to surge to the top.

While it generally takes a few weeks or even months for the darknet community to select which darknet market would become the largest, this time there were already significant darknet markets in operation, therefore producing a top ranking of three of the largest darknet marketplaces that already exist was simple.

Special note to new users: while the list you are about to read now contains the top three darknet markets, there are numerous other darknet sites that, while not as large as those markets, may nonetheless have smaller vendors selling domestically on them. You may view our comprehensive list of darknet marketplaces in our side bar of markets or in our complete list of darknet markets.

Versus Market

Versus Market has been in operation since 2019, making it one of the oldest darknet markets. It is unique in the darknet marketplaces scene in that it focuses on multi-signature payments, which makes it safer for users, and it also allows users to make direct payments per order with Bitcoin or Monero.

Following the recent departure frauds of Dark0de and World Market, the majority of the sellers on both markets have moved to Versus Market, which now boasts a fairly diverse range of vendors and listings.

While there is no onsite wallet and multisig is a somewhat complicated form of payment, Versus is an easy market to start buying from because a direct “simple” payment with both Bitcoin and Monero is available. Even complete new users to the market will quickly understand how to buy on Versus, and if you are still having problems figuring out the market, we have a guide ready for you to check out.

Verus Market link – /market/the-versus-project
Versus Market guide- /how-to-use-versus-market-a-complete-guide


AlphaBay was the largest darknet market in history before it was shut down by the FBI (and its owner Alexander Cazes was imprisoned and eventually died in a Thai prison back in 2017), but to everyone’s surprise, the original AlphaBay’s co-owner, DeSnake, has reopened AlphaBay in August of 2021.

Since then, AlphaBay has grown rapidly, owing in part to recent exit scams and darknet market shutdowns in the last six months.

AlphaBay is currently a Monero-only darknet market that has attracted many vendors and customers (with over 330,000 members and 5,100 vendors), and with strong and swift market assistance, it is no wonder that AlphaBay is once again one of the largest darknet markets in the world.

AlphaBay Market link – /market/alphabay-market
AlphaBay Market guide- /a-complete-guide-to-the-new-alphabay-darknet-market


CannaHome is now one of the largest darknet markets, however it only allows the sale of Cannabis and Shrooms products, so those looking for anything else should check out the previous darknet marketplaces on our list.

This is the only darknet market you need if you want to buy anything Cannabis-related.

CannaHome is one of the most user-friendly darknet markets today, including Bitcoin and Litecoin compatibility, direct payment methods, and multisig payments.

CannaHome Market link – /market/cannahome
CannaHome Market guide- /a-complete-guide-to-using-the-cannahome-market/

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