The number of listings on a popular darkweb market for drugs [OC]

What happened to penis enlargement?

looked up penis on the internet:

The only results are for a mushroom strain dubbed “penis envy” and several books:/

Simply go to the nearest petrol station and purchase some genuine rhinoceros horn sex pills, which are made for such purposes. It’s not working if you have to look.

I know this is a joke, but you can obtain L-arginine and L-Citruline (which are in almost every pre-workout) that boost bloow flow (and allow you to get hard even when under the influence of alcohol and drugs (NOTE: Combine at your own risk)).

And you may combine it with Maca, a wild herb from the potato family that significantly boosts sex drive.

This combo is essentially penile enlargement and Viagra in one, while remaining quite safe and even potentially healthy. AcceptableStaff costs $420.69.

I’ve come to the deepest, dankest corner of the dark web to sell you my richest, ripest handmade beer, and please take a look at my elderflower wine, embrace the power of the flower.

Hillbillies selling moonshine for bitcoin have the capacity to get you and your friends f’d up, you know what I’m saying…

The flavour is so intense that you’ll become blind from it. Swish from a big ok’ barrel. She’s a sassy dirty liquor. What dark web site inspired this?

Empire is the current best, I believe. I believe it has the most listings. Unless it’s ancient data, this is most likely from there.

This, I believe, is Empire Market. Of course, I’ve never there because I’m a completely law-abiding citizen who would never even consider visiting such a great destination.

The data format reminds me of Empire Market, although their website is currently unavailable.

Be cautious when visiting websites based on random comments; make sure you do your research and understand what you’re doing. Take precautions because it is really unlawful.

62 pound weight loss

Can’t even get away from huns peddling their weight loss MLM nonsense on the dark web? IS THERE ANYTHING SACRIFIC ANYMORE?

I’m guessing it’s the weight loss pill that truly works but is extremely finicky and has been known to overheat and kill people.

Oh dear, Sankey diagrams are back! It’s most likely an illegal weight loss medicine like dnp (aka 2,4-Dinitrophenol). In all seriousness, I believe a simple bar chart would have been better for displaying this comparison.

But how else would he be able to tell the difference between legal and illegal drugs?

Sankey would be cool here if there was more of a hierarchy displayed. Uppers/downers. Drug categories Ingestion method. Really, anything goes. The data presented is simply too flat to benefit from being a Sankey.

At this stage, it’s essentially a wavy stacked bar chart. Yes, sankey is a rather niche style, and while there are several areas where it can be used to interesting advantage, this is not one of them.

In general, something must “flow” into something else. Dollars are being transferred from one category to another. After graduation, students work in many industries. These kinds of things. A category and then dividing that category down is a classification that does not flow.

It is also incorrect because it does not include all of the unregulated, legal medications in the legal part. Half of the dissos and stimulants on the market are illegal grey market medications.

Personally, I like this for this particular dataset. Agreed, the only reason to utilise the Sankey in this situation is for legal medicines. Thank you very much. I despise it as well. Especially the usage of SO MANY COLORS WITHOUT ANY MEANING. And arranging the medications in no particular order.

This would be fascinating to see develop over time. You’d probably have to do it as a percentage of listings (30.6% for cannabis and hashish).

The comparison of 2009 to 2014 to 2019 would be especially fascinating given the rise of legal marijuana.

Is it true that no one sells coffee on the darkweb? They call themselves the black market, pshhh.

EDIT: Italics added for those who don’t grasp the joke.

I’ve seen enormous amounts of pure caffeine. Strange stuff. According to the website, three people purchased it. I’m not sure who would spend a couple hundred dollars for ten kilogrammes of caffeine, but hey.

Surprisingly, there are some blackmarket (graymarket?) coffee vendors. This culture appears to exist around cold brew. Trading paper bags for jars of cold brew in a back alley is more of a self-aware joke than anything criminal.

It’s not the dark roast market, but I do enjoy a hot italic black. I’m curious what life would be like if they were all legal, we supported recovery, and there was no sketchass distribution.

Is there anything concerning antibiotics in the chart, or are they not listed at all? Except for antibiotics, I am completely in favour of absolute legalisation of all narcotics. It’s one thing to destroy yourself, but if enough people start taking tetracycline or amoxocillin for no reason, we’ll all die of Space MRSA or something.

Hey there! Thanks! How do I spend this gold to get antibiotics?

It’s a legitimate fear, and I completely understand. But I believe we must all be realistic – if we truly worry about the development of drug-resistant illnesses as a result of antibiotic misuse, perhaps we should open our eyes to the reality of where they are being used…

Antibiotics, I presume, would fall under the ‘Prescriptions’ heading.

Data was gathered from a renowned darkweb market.

The chart was created using

Originally intended to include drug sub-categories, but doing so would have rendered the graph unreadable.

Empire Market is the name of the website.

Perhaps separate ones for each class? This is fascinating. Was this information scraped? If that’s the case, how simple is it to scrape a Tor site? Very interesting. I’m curious how much the prices of legal things vary on the darkweb and how many of them are sold. Assuming the listings are for stolen items, they should be cheaper.

Those five dark web booze dealers are fantastic. I’m curious how many more “mundane” things are available on the dark web. I’d also like to learn more about the 51 tobacco vendors. Are Cuban cigars being sold? Juul pod flavours that have been banned? Cigarettes at rural costs for New Yorkers?

I’ve seen some strangely boring stuff on there in the past. They could be offering Nicotiana rustica, which has a significantly higher nicotine concentration than Nicotiana tobaccum, which is typically used in cigarettes.

Because of the presence of beta carbolines, Nicotiana rustica may have a hallucinogenic flavour.

I’m amazed at how small the opioid (and prescription, I guess) category is, given how much attention is paid to the so-called opioid epidemic.

Why is ecstasy given its own category?

Because it has such a large market share, people have to seek less when it is most likely what they are looking for. Furthermore, there are numerous categories under Ecstasy, so perhaps it must be a top-level sort. Also, because Ecstasy does not fit neatly into any neat category, it is not considered a psychedelic (minimal visuals, not so trippy), or a stimulant (it does not trigger adrenaline and stuff, and has many effects not associated with uppers), it is usually just on its own, and some people call it an empathogen. Weed is also difficult to classify.

I utilised labels that were already on the page, thus I can’t explain the category selections. Using this data to make any kind of statement about the opioid crisis makes no sense. To begin, the data does not include any information on the quantity of each category provided, only the number of listings. Even if it did, the proportional quantities of different medications tell us nothing about how lethal one particular category is.

The opioid pandemic is caused by two major factors: the prescription of legal opioids, which leads to addiction, and the increased danger of overdose (in particular due to Fentanyl, an extremely potent drug often sold as a substitute to the actual desired substance).

The cause for the opiod epidemic is that they are being lawfully distributed like candy by authorised prescribers with incentives to move medications. It is the polar opposite of the black market and, in many ways, is just as hazardous, if not more so.

Who needs the dark web when any doctor in the United States can provide them?

I’m only speaking anecdotally, but I believe the opioids could be smaller since there are fewer opioids (or at least less opioids that people buy, because people might stick to the “main” ones). Whereas cannabis has hundreds (thousands?) of strains, psychedelics have a plethora of mushrooms and different research substances, increasing the number of entries.

It would be more interesting to see the amount of medications sold as well as the number of listings, but I understand that data will not be available.

That’s revolting! But there are so many of them websites. Which one is it? On whose website is this information based?

It amuses me that someone is purchasing alcohol on the dark web. Excellent post! This may seem like a silly enquiry, but what are dissociatives and how do they vary from psychedelics? Psychedelics significantly change reality, whereas dissociatives completely remove you from it.

Dissociatives are visual and have psychedelic mental patterns, yet they are…different. From experience, I’d say darker, but objectively, I’d say they’re more geometric and closed eye than open with images, and the mood is more pure joy from the Disso. In my experience, there is a lot of confusion. They belong to separate classifications, as DXM cough medication is a morphinan, but I believe they are anaesthetics (ketamine, N2O). In my perspective, psychedelics (lsd, psilocybin) often trick serotonin receptors, whereas dissos are NDMA receptor antagonists. They are psychedelic, but it’s a more detached trip (you can see yourself in third person), whereas classical psychs are more…melting walls, growing/shrinking, to put it simply…although I’ve had comparable experiences with dissos. Both can be considered “spiritual.”

If only I could acquire acid without having to jump through 30 hoops and jeopardising incarceration and my future profession. Getting a few tablets online takes about 30 minutes and is definitely the safest option.

Wow, that’s terrible. Where would you buy it, and what kind of currency and address would you use?

My man, look up the dark nett bible. You can get all the information you need by downloading a PDF.

Almost all steroid sales are conducted through the internet. I’m amazed the dark web has such a large market for them, because practically everything I’ve seen is on the regular online.

Is gabapentin available there? Do you see what I mean? We use it quite liberally, but I’ve heard it’s currently being overused.

Why do people abuse it? I’m getting it as an off-label treatment and can’t image how much fun it would be.

That’s terrible, those dark web markets, really terrible. I’m curious about which markets, like, where can I locate them so I can avoid them.

Same. I need to know how to get to them and how to order safely so that I never do it myself.

Why is MDMA (Ecstasy) categorised separately from stimulants? Given that it is a stimulant.

Benzodiazepines are classified separately from prescription medications.

As others have stated, it is sperate on the site, and it is also regarded an etheogen that sperates it.

Although MDMA has stimulating effects, it is not a stimulant. Amphetamines have a completely distinct mode of action.

In other words, you wouldn’t use MDMA to cure ADHD (or to pull an all-nighter for an exam).

Although it is a stimulant, the effects of amphetamines differ significantly from those of typical MDMA.

Amps, for example, may be more frequent among students studying and MDMA among students partying.

EDIT: As with the other drugs, benzos have their own renown in pop culture because to their sedative effects and ease of blackout.

I have no idea, perhaps because there is so much of it in both circumstances. What is the distinction between “prescribed” and other opioids, benzos, and stimulants?

Other than heroin/meth, the majority of those would be prescription medicines, correct? There are no non-prescription benzos that I am aware of.

Is it only me who want to see percentages here? The data is lovely, but it’s difficult to assess the percentages of the total just by looking. What are your thoughts? Would that just add to the clutter or improve the visual?

I concur. I was thinking something along the lines of how, while “pretty,” this is not the best informative depiction of this data.

Relativity, like percentages, could be obtained by sorting the groupings from largest to smallest.

Can someone please explain what a dissociative is and how it is utilised in medicine? Oh my God, that’s revolting! Online prescription drugs? Where? Where can I find that? What is the dark web? But there are so many websites; which one were they uploaded on?

This appears to be innocuous – I would have expected a lot of the stronger medications to be in higher demand on the black market.

Interesting. This is worse than a straightforward table organised by market share or price. Which would be smaller and easier to read?

I’m wondering about how this market operates in general. For example, when I buy something on Amazon, it’s frequently of superior quality and at a lesser price than what I can find in a store.

How do drugs on the dark web compare to those available from a dealer in a typical metropolitan city? I mean, is the overall quality comparable? Is it comparable in price or more expensive? For instance, for cocaine, ecstasy, acid, mushrooms, and so on?

It’s interesting how much marijuana there is given that it’s now legal for recreational use in a number of US states. I reside in a recreational state, and I still buy from the dark web since there are no taxes and the quality is generally superior.

I have a sneaking sense that this would have been better depicted as a pie chart or bar graph. Is it just me, or does buying something on the dark web make you nervous? I feel like the one time I did it, I’d get in big trouble…

Wow, it’s strange that someone would sell psychedelics online. But which ones, specifically, so that I can avoid them? The idea of black market weight loss medicines fascinates me. Is it something like…Fen Phen?

I wish there were more psychedelic listings than opiate listings! Not unless you include cannabis and hash in the same category. This could be one of the reasons why someone would desire an info dump on a dnm.

How do we prove the medications’ authenticity? (Could they be forgeries?)



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