The Most Important Darknet Market in History German Police Seize Hydra

German authorities have confiscated Hydra Market’s server and bitcoin wallet in Germany, much as they did Dark Market in early 2021.

In a news release issued earlier today, German police stated that they seized the Hydra Market server, which had over 500 bitcoins worth around 23 million euros, and that the site had 17 million buyer accounts and 19,000 vendor accounts.

Hydra Market was a Russian darknet market that operated from 2015. Hydra made nearly a billion dollars in 2020, making it the most profitable darknet market than all other darknet markets combined. The last communication from Hydra Market admins was on the markets forum, barring discussion of the Russia-Ukraine war.

It is unclear how the Garman police obtained the Hydra server or bitcoin wallet.

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