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What exactly is The French Connection?

If you’re here on our new vendor site, you probably already know.
Avoid losing your money, as has happened many times with DNMs such as Sheep Market, Pandora, and Evolution… PLUS, BlackBank! ALSO, Alpha, Hansa, and so on.
Our shop is built to last.
We’ve been in business for a long time and have received a lot of feedback on DNMs.
We deliver the greatest quality products, the most discreet shipping, we value our customers, and we offer extras.

Buyer’s Guide

-We request your email address during account registration, however it is optional. You can enter anything you want, even ‘’. Although we recommend adding a real darknet email address (torbox, lelantos, sigaint) so you may request your password and receive automatic order updates if necessary.

-NO SAMPLES WILL BE PROVIDED! However, there are advantages.

-We will not mark or identify your packages. If you place an order, be sure you understand what you’re getting from each seller because we won’t confirm or refuse any packages.

-Please limit your level of questioning to the amount of goods you’ve bought from us (no/little order history = small questions, please). You are obligated to keep any private conversations between us confidential. This should be obvious, but this trust has been betrayed numerous times by less capable individuals.

Refund Policy:

-*WE DO NOT OFFER REFUNDS* unless we make an error on our end. We do not also provide tracking information. If you do not trust this opaque policy in which we provide no proof of shipment, please find another vendor. By purchasing from us, you fully accept this policy regardless of whether you have read or agree with it.

Please keep in mind that our delivery success rate to any place is not 100%. Please don’t spend money that you can’t afford to lose.

Reship Policy: In my experience, mail deliveries inside the EU are normally without issue.

However, packages do go missing from time to time.
We would contemplate reshipping if those claims were made by a reputable client from within the EU, with good grounds supplied.
Customers outside the EU will be reshipped no more than 30% of their order.

Shipping Guide


Shipping time estimates:
Europe: 2-10 days
Australia/NZ: 8-31 days (13-16 days most common arrival time)
Asia/Americas: 10-25 days

-Your delivery may fall outside of these times, this is just a guideline! Please only inquire if your delivery has fallen outside of this time frame.
-We offer no expedited shipping or tracking services under any circumstance. We will never guarantee shipment times by a certain date. Your order will not require a signature.
-“What are the chances it will make it to my country?” You are likely fine, we would not offer it otherwise. We will never disclose precise numbers for OPSEC.

Be sure to PGP your clearly written address with:
City, Postcode
Country (We DO NOT ship to US!)


I recommend that you provide your real name and shipping address. Double check to make sure that you have not misspelled anything as we occasionally receive sloppy addresses. We destroy all sensitive information following successful shipments for your protection.


Please provide me your finest work for this order because “…”
We only sell high-quality items. We do not send lower quality to certain people and higher quality to others. It is the same for everyone, whether you have ordered once or 100 times, large or small orders.

What should I do if my package has not yet arrived?
First, ensure that you have given enough time for shipping to your selected location. We do not provide refunds, but you can message us to double-check that your item was dispatched (we have never made a mistake with this to date, but it is always possible).

Accept cash, Western Union, or other payment methods besides bitcoin?
No. If you need assistance purchasing bitcoin, consult this tutorial or conduct a simple Google search.

What markets do you sell in?
AlphaBay and other sites

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