The End of the DarkFox Market?

UPDATE: DarkFox Market has reopened without explanation from the admin. We strongly advise you to avoid DarkFox Market and instead choose one of the top darknet markets.

Since its inception in early 2020, DarkFox Market has been a peculiar darknet market. DarkFox Market was built on the eckmar script (although claims to be an original market), it has seen very few upgrades over the years, and it is the only darknet market that does not support Monero.

Dread’s post about the debut of DarkFox Market

Due to the admin’s inactivity, the market was removed from the Dread forum’s “superlist” and its sub-dread was locked a few months ago, and the market was described as a “Ghost ship with numerous unverified merchants.”

The market went offline for a few days in early 2022, only to reappear without explanation, but the admin had not published any updates to the market, submitted any new postings, or even responded to disputes or support tickets.

The market has seen very few new sellers in the previous month, as well as very few consumers, and those who have used DarkFox Site have posted posts condemning the market’s lack of support.

Only a few days ago, the market went offline once more, in what appears to be an inaccessible exit scam after all market links have gone offline.

There has been no update from any market employees, which is not unusual for DarkFox Market’s admin.

If you were affected by the apparent exit, we strongly advise you to use a more active darknet market, which you can discover on our darknet market list.

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