The dreadful DDOS attack continues, and the onion site goes offline.

Dread, the dark web’s preeminent forum for all things darknet markets, was once again unavailable on Wednesday after a long-running series of devastating DDOS attacks was ramped up by unknown attackers. The most recent series of attacks began over the weekend and appear to be having a greater impact on the overall health of the Tor network.

Dread admin Paris explained the recent attack in a thread titled “Another Day, Another Tor Attack” on Sunday, hoping to give some light on what made this specific attack so effective. “It appears that we will need to burn some more money.” “Yet again, Dread/Recon is under heavy DDOS attack, which is destroying the guard nodes on our fronts,” Paris stated. “These attacks occur in concert with other Tor network attacks,” he noted, citing an increase in general network latency as evidence of widespread inaccessibility.

The Tor Project’s network performance statistics show a widespread slowing of the whole Tor network as a result of sustained DDOS attacks that began in mid-September.

“The Tor network is rapidly deteriorating, so expect intermittent downtime and inaccessibility.” If you are experiencing timeout troubles on Dread, create a new identity. If you try, it may take a few moments, but you should still be able to access Dread. When you successfully make a connection, it should be stable for at least 10 minutes before you need to build another.” – Dread admin in Paris

According to Paris, Tor guard nodes have gone offline in large numbers in recent days, making it easier for attackers to render sites like Dread inaccessible. Paris believes the increase in assault intensity is due to DDOSers’ “last-ditch attempt” to extort payments from onion site administrators as a Proof of Work solution for neutralizing them will be added to Tor in the near future. According to a member of the staff at darknet market AlphaBay, the site is also under significant DDOS attack, which is being shared by a few other marketplaces.

Both Dread and AlphaBay can still be reached over the I2P network, where connectivity is unaffected, eliminating the need for a captcha or other anti-DDOS measures.

Dread is frequented on a daily basis by hundreds of darknet market users, internet privacy aficionados, and general researchers. It has been the unofficial meeting point on the dark web for discussion about darknet marketplaces, cybersecurity, OpSec, cryptocurrency, and a wide range of political and social concerns since 2018.

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