Scary ASAP Market Exit Scam

ASAP Market has developed significantly in the last few months, particularly with the recent exit scam of World Market and retirement of CannaHome, and as a result, it has been subjected to a regular DDoS attack, causing the market to be unavailable for the majority of the time.

In a recent post on Dread, a user known as’spaceman222′ claimed that withdraws and deposits were not showing up in users’ accounts, which is usually a clear sign that a market is performing an exit scam (taking all of the user funds and shutting down the market). In the post, he linked to a few users who claimed that their deposits or withdraws did not show up.

Ive just had my btc deposit be confirmed and not appear on ASAP 

Currently just sunk the last off my money over £300 into ASAP and it turned out to be a very bad decision not a phising link and the money has not appeared in my account looks to be an exit scam and ive just had the rest off my money robbed by the looks off it will keep this thread updated i have submitted a ticket
withdrew Monero few hours ago. gone 

Had a vendor accept order. It was make shipped for 2 days . Woke up today and it was canceled. Placed a new order with someone else. This market is insanely buggy as Im sure we all know. Had $45 in monero left over . Send it back to wallet. Green banner said success, then crashed. There is nothing on he ASAP ledger saying withdraw. Nothing coming in wallet after hours.

Any helps info would be nice. This market gives me heartburnlol 

While such claims can be ascribed to consumers having their monies stolen by phishers, this time all deposits or withdrawals made in the last several days have not been reimbursed, indicating that there is an issue with the site.

While it took the ASAP Market admin some time to handle the issue, he eventually did so and corrected the problem.

Under the title ‘The one fucking transaction caused this shit-show,’ he claims that one transaction of a user that did not process properly- ‘The transaction id was legit but for some strange reasons it failed,’ the markets admin has announced that all deposits or withdrawals have been fixed, and this claim was confirmed by HugBunter (Dread forum admin)


Edit Vendors reporting withdrawals all received now for both BTC and XMR.


Edit edit: Spoke with the Admin, apparently he's getting all payments processed now. If anyone receives their withdrawal, make sure to respond to my comment.


Edit: I've now had multiple vendors confirm they are missing somewhat large withdrawals. With there also being comments that small withdrawals have been successful, it is not a good look. I'm going to hold off on making this an announcement post with it already being at the top of the front page. If the admin doesn't respond to me or this isn't resolved then I'll make sure it is stickied for complete visibility.


With there being mixed reports here, can any established vendors chime in with their experience? I'm trying to reach Admins to check what is going on.

ASAP Market admin full announcement on the issue-

Howdy troops

As of writing the deposit and withdrawal issue has been fixed. If you're still missing your coins, don't forget to check your market wallet, it might have been refunded to you. You should try again. I want to thank everyone who trusted in us and I also want to thank everyone who raised voices about it. Every market will tell you to trust them but if a market is exitscamming and there are some clear signs, you must warn the community about it. Don't let any exitscamming market taking your hard earned capital. Generally, markets exitscam during such events and some naive users are tricked by last minute promises. We never intend to do anything like that but we don't encourage anyone to trust anyone on darknet, even us.

How this happened

From the last few days we have been ignoring tickets about missing deposits. 80% of such tickets are created by phished users, rest 20% are either delayed transactions or double spend issues. We manually approve double spend issues, that's why we stopped bothering about such tickets. However, we found some legit issues, once such is mentioned by /u/m4y4r. The transaction id was legit but for some weird reasons it failed. We scanned the network to check if there are more such transactions. Apparently, there were none but this particular transaction was still missing. We had to re-synchronize xmr nodes and this caused the most recent issue faced by our users. We deeply apologize for it, however, its fixed now. Better late than never. All transactions are successful. On a funny note, I want to scold that particular user with missing deposit which caused all this issue. Ask vendors about their heatbeats due to this one fucking transaction. On the same note, I want to request our buyer to be patient about tickets and disputes. We attend all tickets and disputes but sometimes some tickets and disputes are missed. Missed tickets are attended in second rounds.

Why we distributed 750 alt mirrors

Because of this fucking transaction. We were working to understand the attack and working on mitigating it. At the same time, we noticed this transaction. We thought we can just find it but we were wrong. It was connected to API but wasn’t picked by the system. Very weird. When we tried to fix it, we noticed pending withdrawals, hence, we decided to introduce 750 alt mirrors, as long as this issue is resolved. We can’t work on both issues simultaneously. I hope these alt mirrors are helpful and you could use one of these to access the market during this DDOS. We will be working with Paris to find a solution to this new kind of DDOS attack.

Thank you.

Le Chacal 

It seems that after the confirmation from HugBunter this issue has indeed been solved and it is once again safe to shop on ASAP Market, however users should still be careful in keeping large amounts of funds in any darknet market wallet since any darknet market can exit scam at any moment.

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