( is the most recent site on our research list (now have new domain What we want to know now is whether this dump site contains the credit card numbers and other information we’re seeking for, or if it’s a fraud that should be avoided.

When we come to the main screen, we see a cartoon version of Popeye smiling for a mugshot against a brick wall background. The site’s name is Sailor’s Silence, which makes us think of pirates. Are they the good kind who share their bounty or the evil sort who steal from everyone? We’ll find out soon enough.

Before we get into the meat of the site, let’s take a peek behind the scenes. The IP address is found to be from Russia, with the registrar being RU-CENTER. The website was launched on March 22, 2018 and is expected to expire on March 22, 2020. This website has been up for a little over a year. We wish it was older, but we’ll keep this information in mind as we investigate more.

Returning to the site: After we get over the stunning imagery, we discover that the news section is updated every single day. There is undeniable dedication here. Going back up, we find a Guide button. This is really impressive since it offers links to roughly 20 courses ranging from “software for carding” to “carding cvv for beginners”. This website appears to be dedicated to the game, even going so far as to educate novices. When registering, the site requests a username, password, ICQ and Jabber, as well as a captcha. When we click “sign up,” we get a notice stating our account was successfully created and are redirected to the homepage where we can log in.

There’s a lot to take in once you’re inside. Graphics of various credit cards are front and center, with part of the information concealed. These are classified as recommendations, and they range from traditional Visa debit cards to Italian Mastercards. Links for news, dumps, packs, cc, no-cvv, billing, cart, orders, tickets, and profile can be found on the left side. There’s a chat box on the right, but it’s quite boring because users merely say “hello” to each other. There’s a “rules” button at the top of the website that sends us to a chat with support, and another connection to the guides from the homepage.

We decide to start by looking at what’s available in the “packs” category. You can submit bulk orders here, such as 50 or 500 dumps. The “cc” page offers a filter, followed by search results. We conducted a test search for Visa cards in the United States and were presented with a plethora of alternatives. The filter allows you to sort the data in a variety of ways, including card type, track, and even location, with the opportunity to enter specific zip codes. The dumps and no-cvv pages are similar.

We then proceed to the billing page to determine how we can finance our account. The site provides four options: Bitcoin, Litecoin, BitcoinCash, and Dash. To fund your account, you must first create a wallet, which stores your data for future usage. There is a conversion option, and then you simply select your payment method to see the address to which you will transfer payment.

So far, this website appears to be functional. But we all know that appearances are deceptive. We want to learn more about this location to see whether it is legitimate or merely staged. Our next stage in the study process will be to examine what other individuals have to say about the site. We searched forums and found no good news. The website was labeled as a fraud on two distinct lists that we discovered. We understand that you can’t accept everything you see on the internet, and we feel that one of the websites holding a list was simply an advertisement for a competitor. The other site, on the other hand, didn’t appear to have anything to gain by labeling a fraud.

We spent a lot of time evaluating, and our judgment is that the site is legitimate, but we are worried that some individuals are labeling it a scam. We’re wondering if the hip, bright graphics are intended to put you at ease in order to steal your money. What are your thoughts? If you’ve already purchased from, please share your experience in the comments.

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