Royal Market

Royal Market is a newer darknet market that launched in October 2020. The registration process is straightforward, as is the market browsing experience. Royal’s layout appears to be wholly unique, learning from the design mistakes of other markets. There is no account wallet into which deposits must be made, and all orders are handled using a per-order payment escrow mechanism (FE-enabled sellers have accumulated a large number of “points” on the market). One of the main disadvantages of Royal that we can detect thus far is that there aren’t many listing filters, and search capabilities is relatively limited. XMR and BTC are both accepted.

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One of the coolest things about Royal Market is that they have a few different tutorials available on-site for both Windows and Linux machines. Another advantage is that they provide a “live stream” of user activity (with all but the initial and final letters of each username hidden), allowing you to see how busy the market is at any one time. Because so many other darknet markets have lately shut down, business on Royal is brisk. Because the administrators seek to recruit big-name traders from other marketplaces, the market can import feedback from 34 different markets, dating back to Silk Road. This allows purchasers to receive a very precise picture of the vendor with whom they are working.

Product Choice

Royal Market makes browsing easy by displaying all categories on the top page for quick access (even if they are displayed in non-alphabetical order). Counterfeit, Steroids, Digital, Drug Recipes, Benzos, Services, Leaks, Opioids, Psychedelics, Prescription, Stimulants, Fraud Documents, Cannabis, Dissociatives, Ecstasy, and Tutorials are among the categories hosted by Royal. As with other darknet markets, cannabis is their most popular category, while they also have a large number of digital items. On any given day, Royal Market hosts approximately 22,000 listings, making it one of the largest darknet markets in operation.

Payment Modes

Royal Market operates on a per-order (also known as Direct Pay) payment method, which means there is no centralized wallet that houses all user funds. A deposit is only required at the time of payment. As a payment option, the market accepts both BTC and XMR. It differs from most other markets in that many deposit addresses can be added at the same time, with each having their own withdrawal password. Buyers must set up at least one refund address for refunds. Vendors who have accumulated a large number of points on Royal’s system are granted Trusted Vendor status and FE access. All other orders are handled through regular escrow.

Royal Market Pros

  • Large number of vendors and listings across several categories.
  • Intuitive interface, easy-to-use design.
  • Per-Order (Direct Pay) payment system.

Royal Market Cons

  • Lack of sophisticated filters, funky search feature.
  • Lots of spam listings in non-physical item categories.
  • No support for Multisig or other payment options.

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Royal Market Summary

Overall, Royal Market appears to be doing exceedingly well, owing to the closure of much of its competition in early 2022. In their nearly 1.5 years of operation, they have managed to add a large number of highly requested components while learning from the mistakes of other markets. As a result, they are gaining a continuous stream of new consumers on a regular basis (up to 1,000 registrations per day by their count). We don’t have many complaints about them, and it appears that they are on track to become the largest English-language darknet market by the end of the year.

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