Pygmalion Market URL 2023

What exactly are we?

We are an international anarchist syndicate striving to spread love throughout the planet.
The notion of non-aggression is central to our worldview.

The non-aggression principle asserts that violence is intrinsically immoral. We define aggressiveness as initiating or threatening any physical interference with an individual or their property. It does not, unlike pacifism, forbid strong defense.

Kindness and karma are our major tools for changing the world.

Pygmalion Link – http://7q25kbq2mm23qmyoiywzh5q4udmkhbbk736j3iylvfezgslhxac5qiid.onion

What can you buy from us?

The products available are:

From Germany:

* Pure DMT
* LSD tabs (240 ug)
* Cocaine
* S-Isomer Ketamine
* Hashish Fruit Mix
* XTC 300mg pills
* Speed Paste
* Speed Sulfate
* Mexican Dutch King Magic Mushroom Powder
* Changa

Available Precursors from Poland

* 1,4-BUTANEDIOL (BDO Liquid)
* Acetone
* Acetonitrile
* Acetophenone
* Acetophenone
* Benzene
* Valerophenone
* Triethylamine
* Toluene
* Pyrrolidine
* Propiophenone
* Methanol
* Isopropyl Alcohol
* Cyclohexylamine
* Dichloromethane
* Ethyl Acetate
* Hexane
* Methyl Salicylate
* Dimethylformamide
* Benzyl Benzoate
* Benzaldehyde
* Boric Acid
* Crystalline Iodine
* Lidocaine
* Procaine
* Methylamine Hydrochloride
* P2NP
* Methylamine Solution 40%
* Phenylalanine

How do we ship products?

The shipment come in unregistered letter. They land in your mailbox. There is no tracking and no signature required.

How can you buy from us?

You may directly from us via E-Mail or XMPP.
We also have accounts on various markets.
You can find all our contact information on the right side of your screen right now. 😛
For information on how to purchase from those markets, please check out their respective sub dreads. We are no market support. We are vendors. 🙂

How does a direct deal work?

Ordering via E-Mail is straight forward.
There are just a couple of steps.

• Use this link to find out how many coins you need to send us:


• Transfer the coins to our address.
You will receive both XMR and BTC addresses
• Send me a message that includes the following:

– Your shipping address
– What products you ordered
– The amount of coins you sent for verification purposes.

Then we will ship it out and that was it. 🙂
Very easy.

My order has not arrived. What can I do?

In it ends up not arriving there are three cases which can apply to your individual case. Which one it is we cannot tell as we don’t use tracking.
1. The order was lost/stolen.
2. The order was seized by customs.
3. The customer is scamming us.

In the first two circumstances, you are unlikely to hear from the order again. Customs may send you a notice informing you that they have destroyed a mail meant to you. Nothing more has ever happened to our foreign clients.
Karma resolves the third case. We believe you have the finest of intentions. Otherwise, your life will be difficult, and we sincerely apologize.

Please keep in mind that it makes no difference to me whether or not the order was completed. In either case, you will have our entire support. It is entirely up to you whether to extend or contest an order, or whether to let it autofinalize.

Have a business proposal for us?

Pygmalion URL – http://7q25kbq2mm23qmyoiywzh5q4udmkhbbk736j3iylvfezgslhxac5qiid.onion

Please simply E-Mail us at
We are open for all ideas.

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