Psycellium Market 2023

We are the Psycellium team, a close-knit group of psychedelic scene veterans. We have years of experience in offline bulk sales, thus we strive to provide great goods and service, particularly in the context of entheogen and empathogen use.

Psycellium Link- http://3gfrhqleclu65nh5niz76d74e7rvangnb4qwzeu73qsanhinbqbmbiyd.onion

Psycellium 105ug Gammagoblin’s Parvati Tears – Needlepoint xtal

Our objective is to implement the most stringent OPSEC (operational security) procedures in the society. Our stealth is well-known for its effectiveness, and our policy states that personal data should not be kept for any longer than necessary.

After two years and 3500+ sales on well-known markets, Psycellium’s private Onion service has been released.

  • The Majestic Garden
  • Dream Market
  • Wall Street Market
  • Empire Market
  • Nightmare Market
  • Cryptonia Market

Throughout this time, we’ve maintained perfect ratings with nearly 100% favorable feedback.

Prior to this endeavor, it was extremely difficult for us to find acceptable crystals with high purity rates and to prepare blotters that were distinct in design, print, and perforation. Our DarkNet operations were planned with complete security in mind.

We invite you to go over our offerings and collaborate with us.

Psycellium 40% DMT Changa

Service Agreement

Before you place an order at our shop, please read this page with attention!

Psycellium shop URL – http://3gfrhqleclu65nh5niz76d74e7rvangnb4qwzeu73qsanhinbqbmbiyd.onion

⇨ We accept BTC only! However, if you wish to pay with Monero, please order on The Majestic Garden or if it’s not available we can manually accept orders here, just let us know.
⇨ Please encrypt all your messages and addresses with PGP encryption for your own safety!
⇨ Always provide a full name with your orders and follow the address format of your country
⇨ We don’t take responsibility for invalid addresses or formats
⇨ Products arrive in professional-looking letters, vacuum-sealed and with efficient stealth
⇨ NO SAMPLES – please don’t ask us for any freebies!

Psycellium High Purity MDMA


⇨ YES, WE SHIP TO YOUR COUNTRY! We ship to all countries worldwide!
⇨ YES, WE SHIP TO INDIA TOO! There is no need to ask us about it!
⇨ All orders are shipped from Poland in the European Union
⇨ Orders are shipped once or twice every week to ensure OPSEC – please keep that in mind
⇨ Shipping options:
– 5$ worldwide priority non-tracked
– 10$ worldwide priority tracked (REQUIRES SIGNATURE)
⇨ Tracking code can be shared via PGP only after a week from shipping

Psycellium 2C-B HBr


We ship to each and every country all over the world. However, it is possible for letters to be stolen or get lost. We would like to keep the expectations of our customers in mind. Therefore, we can offer one reship or a refund in the unfortunate case your letter has not arrived within 28 days of shipping worldwide or 14 days in case of domestic shipping.

These are the unique criteria based on previous customer experiences:

– 100% reship or 50% refund for every TRACKED order
– 50% reship or 40% refund for every UNTRACKED order

– 50% reship or 40% refund for every TRACKED order
0% reship and 0% refund for every NON-TRACKED order!

⇨ Orders from ELSEWHERE:
– 50% reship or 40% refund in ALL cases!

It is highly recommended to use ONLY TRACKED MAIL to Asia, Africa, and South America. Tracked mail has a significantly higher rate of success with delivery in these regions.

Shipping Restrictions

We are sorry but we are unable to ship to Chile and Egypt until further notice.

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