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Hacked Paypal Account with  balance Easy to cashout + CASHOUT TUTORIAL

Paypal Account with  balance Easy to cashout [Instant delivery]

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Paypal Account with Random balance Easy to cashout [Instant delivery]

Offer Hacked US Paypal Accounts with Random Balance / The Cheapest On The DNM !!!
You will receive paypal accounts with random balance from US all accounts have
credit card/bank attached


Limited availability.


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Paypal – This merchant has an issue.


I purchased my OPO yesterday, and even though PayPal indicates the payment was successful, when I log in, my order is shown under ‘My Pending Payments,’ and it instructs me to complete the payment.

I decided to wait it out and check again this morning, but it’s still listed as pending payments. I followed the payment link and received the following:

Is anyone else having this problem? Do I just wait for it to fix itself, or do I do something else?



Hey, it appears that the PayPal notification indicating the payment was done did not reach our system. Could you please PM me your order ID and transaction ID so I can check into it?

Thanks, guys; I’ll look into it tomorrow at work.

Looks like a lot of individuals (like myself) have experienced this problem in the previous two days; I hope you can do something to remedy this situation quickly (more than 31 hours after paying and “You have pending payments requiring attention!” always here for me)…

According to the Opo forum, this is a common issue (including me).

The issue you encounter is most likely due by the fact that you have already paid Opo (at least in my situation, I have the paypal receipt and the money has already been scalated), therefore if you try to pay again, there will be an error. I believe we’ll just have to wait for Opo… The issue is that preorders begin tomorrow, so we’ll see when we can get this phone…

I’m having the same issue and want to make sure my invite doesn’t expire before everything is resolved.

Yes, I have the same issue, and judging from their forums, it appears that many others do as well. I believe it is fairly common.

Same issue here; I guess we’ll have to wait.
What irritates me is that my order is labelled “Canceled.”

I observed yesterday that my delivery address differs from my Paypal address by a single letter case; I hope this isn’t a problem…

I’m having the same issue. My payment has been waiting on OnePlus for 26 hours, despite the fact that it was pulled from PayPal.

I have the same problem! I also ordered last night. The funds have been transferred from our account, however the order is still in Pending Payments. I’m relieved I’m not the only one. What exactly is going on?

After reading a few comments.

You can include the phone in the cart setup information. CLICK to place your purchase. Yes, click the order button. It will redirect you to PayPal’s website, where you can exit. Even when the invite expires, the item will stay in your cart. For how long? Perhaps someone with more experience might respond. I only made it stay in the cart for one day, but I’ve read that others had it for a week.

This did not happen to me… I ordered mine on Thursday, and as far as I know, the payment went through without a hitch. When OP finished my order (late Friday night), Paypal deducted the funds from my account.

I’d try to contact the OP and see if they’re having any problems.

Yeah, I considered contacting customer service, but I noticed that it could take up to 5 days for them to respond, so I decided to ask on the boards instead.

When I contacted support about this, I received the following automated email:

Thank you for contacting me.
If the status of your order is “Pending Authorization,” it signifies that PayPal has denied your payment. Please ensure that you have a valid payment method set up in your PayPal account and that your mailing address is correct. We will attempt to authorise your payment again in the next days.

If your payment is finally unsuccessful, your order will be cancelled; however, don’t worry, we will give you another opportunity to acquire the OnePlus One.

You can view or cancel your pre-order through your OnePlus Store Account (http://oneplus.net/sales/order/history).

We apologise for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience!

The OnePlus Group