The most popular Bitcoin wallet service is back in business! Once again I have most popular item on this market. Thank you guys!


I used my smartphone to do the photo. It’s more legit than making a screenshots.
Photos was created by me with this site as a background.

What can I offer?
In here you can buy a Bitcoin wallets with huge amount of BTC inside of them! You pay only a 10% amount of a wallet, so you earn a 10 times more than you pay!
How it’s possible?
(Firstly, sorry for my English, it’s not my first language, I’am from China)

Those wallets was created by me a long time ago (from 2010 to 2015) and Bitcoins inside of them, comes from hacked cryptocurrency markets, and mostly from cryptocurrency casinos. I have created a huge amount of wallets, where I splited between them a “taken” cryptocurriencies. It’s not was only a Bitcoin, if there was a chance, I tooked other crypto too, but I always exchange them to BTC.

Why don’t you leave all those wallets for yourself?
Because I can’t spend that huge amounts without beeing suspicious

That was the biggest pain, because I become a very rich man, but I can’t do with that money whatever I want. Imagine that a simple guy, what have a simple work, buy an expensive cars or house. All those jealous people will do everything to expose you to Tax Offices… I live on a very good level, but I can’t do whatever I want with that money. Later I even created my own company and I still trying to “make this money clean” but then I was realized, that I can’t wash it all. So I decided to sell some of those wallets here for only a 10% of wallet amount or for 50% if you want me to help you with money laundering.

I’am a simple guy, who’s commited a one big mistake in his life. I don’t invest in Bitcoin at the beggining of it existence. I wanted to do this but finally I decided to wait some more time and see what happens. That was a mistake, I should buy them and hold until a price reach a sky high amounts. I was so angry, I just missed an opportunity of my life. Then I decided to do anything to fix my mistakes and be rich, so I used my hacking experience to “take” ( I don’t like a “steal” word here) Bitcoins and later other cryptocurriencies from markets and online casinos.

I’ve stared in 2010 when a cryptocurrency markets and online casinos didn’t have a that good protection as today. Cryptocurriencies was a new thing in those years, so a websites that using them was a quite buggy, that was my opportunity! I will not put there a name of markets and casinos from where I have this money, for my safety reasons. My first victim was a crypto exchange in 2010, from where I tooked a huge amount of Bitcoins, even for that times. I was in big euphory, I become a rich man so easy, but I was scared too, that was my first big hacking success but I don’t know that it was done safe enough to keep me anonymous. I decided to split those Bitcoins into many irregular amounts to many Bitcoin wallets and keep those wallet files on my pendrives which I hide in place where nobody will find them. I was not spend those money right after this, I was wait until everybody forgot about this. Meanwhile, I hacked other markets and casinos.

I was doing that until 2015, security level of markets and casinos in those 5 years was raised amazingly fast, so in 2015 I decided to stop doing what I was doing and focus on spending a money. I was thinking that will be the most easy part, but it was difficult just as hacking websites.

How can I spend this money without beeing suspicious? At the beggining I had deppresion. I was a rich man and a poor man at the same time! I can’t buy expensive cars, because a Tax Office will get me, I can’t buy a house, because Tax Office will get me too… However I decided to do something with that. I created my own company, hired a peoples, and I start a “wash” process of my “tooked” money.

We have a 2022 year right now, so it’s 5 years past when I hacked my last victim, and I realized that I can’t wash all of that money! That’s why I’m here. I’m looking for a serious players that want to earn a BIG amount of cash in the most easy way. When you buy one of this wallets I receive from you a clean money, but you receive a 10 times more ILLEGAL money! You decide what you will do with that. You can get wallets for a 10% of their amount and try to launder them on your own or for 50% I can help you with money laundering process.

That was my story, but now, let’s make a business!




The most popular Bitcoin wallet service is back in business! Once again I have most popular item on this market. Thank you guys!