Opiateconnect, a well-known vendor, was arrested.

Another well-known vendor has been arrested, this time by long-time vendor Opiateconnect.

Opiateconnect has been on the darknet for more than four years and was one of the earliest posters on Dread.

Administrator, I’m afraid. HugBunter has reported that Opiateconnect has been arrested and that buyers should “clean house,” which means deleting and destroy any evidence that they have placed purchases with him.

I’ve received information from a trusted source who has provided verified bust info in the past, that OpiateConnect has been arrested. He’s currently sitting in federal custody and the news hasn’t broke yet.

All buyers make sure to clean house as it appears that his market accounts have been accessed in the past week which is some time after the arrest was made, this also allows us to assume that they have access to his wallets, PGP keys and so on. His 2FA was also disabled at Dread, I’ve now locked out his account and his subdread.

I’ll update this post when the news does drop, which will probably be a lot faster now.

Stay safe.

HugBunter post under the topic “OpiateConnect369 Arrested – Buyers clean house

AlphaBay Market admin “Desnake” was quick to notify that he had been banned from AlphaBay, and market workers were already suspicious of that merchant.

He was banned not even 2 minutes after the post was made. Ban is preemptive but with us he seems to have had XMR in his wallet as well as not logged in for some days. Staff were actually discussing to limit him on Monday as we actively monitor but since this came out a ban was already put out. Thank you for the notification, we will look closely at the situation.

Thank you.

DeSnake post on Dread

Opiateconnect has been selling Cocaine and Xanax, and his store is still open and people can buy from him.

His final action on the darknet occurred on August 23, but it is unclear if it was him, or if he was captured before that date and the police were able to log in using his password and 2FA.

Online opiateconnect reviews about his shop

We highly advise users who have previously purchased from him to “clean house” and dispose of any evidence that can prove they did so, as the authorities are likely to have access to his PGP private key, which means they have access to all of his previous customers.

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