On the Dark Web I sold my blood.

On the Dark Web I sold my blood


To see with video and narrative;

I had no idea blood had monetary worth. Sure, it has the importance of saving a life, but anytime I went to a blood bank to donate, the most I’d get was a couple cookies.

College was proving to be more expensive than I had anticipated. Ramen noodles had become a staple meal in my life, and I was struggling to keep up with my studies. When I was prepping for a test on the last night, I’d get calls to come in and had to decline, which resulted in me never receiving shifts again.

I was delving farther and deeper into the black web one night. I was curious to see what stores people had set up, what they were offering, and how much they were charging. I never bought anything or even considered buying anything because I didn’t have any money to begin with.

I came upon a link named “Blood for Bitcoin.” Donors are required.”

I followed the link and arrived at the page. There was a list of blood types, each with its own price per 100ml…. It was also very profitable. My mouth dropped open. I knew I was AB negative since I saw how much they were paying. $425 for 100ml. Some of the other blood types were significantly less valuable. The most common positive, I believe, was only $10 for 100ml.

There wasn’t much else on the page, but there was a contact form for anyone who wanted to donate. I opened the contact form and filled it out without much thought. It only asked to know my blood type, email address, and whether I had any ailments. I completed it and clicked the submit button. I then exited the site and continued looking through other businesses, largely at the prices of drugs, even though I didn’t use them myself, but the thought of being some sort of Pablo Escobar crossed my head every now and again.

I received a second email a few minutes later. The subject line was “Blood for Bitcoin,” and when I clicked open, it was a response to the form I had filled out. It stated;

“I appreciate your attention. We’d want to know your blood type.

Please respond with the following information:

Your cryptocurrency wallet

Your postal address

Put a 100ml vial of your blood in your letterbox by midnight on Tuesday in one week, and we will collect it. We will transmit $425 USD in bitcoin to your wallet address after we have gathered it.

We will not contact you again if you do not leave the blood in your letterbox that night.

We shall not collect your blood again if it is of poor quality.”

There was also an Amazon link to purchase a home blood draw kit, as well as a YouTube link to a tutorial on how to draw your own blood.

Very intriguing. I pondered. This could be true. I responded to the email. I inquired whether I might mail it instead than having it retrieved from my letterbox. I received a response in a matter of seconds.

“No. Temperature changes and days in post will destroy the blood. Please provide your address and bitcoin wallet address, and we will collect from your letterbox on Tuesday night next week.”

I hesitated for a second, not wanting to use my address, but there was an elderly man next door, and I’m sure he wouldn’t object if I used his letterbox in the middle of the night. “OK, sounds excellent,” I answered, providing his address as well as my bitcoin wallet address. I then went to Amazon and ordered the blood kit, which arrived the next day.

Time passed till it was Tuesday night. I knew the neighbour had gone to sleep at 9 p.m., so it was time to draw my blood. I’d seen the movie and had blood drawn from donors before, so I had a general understanding. When I inserted the needle, blood began to flow into the container. I ordered several 120ml vials, so I filled it almost to the top before removing the needle and exerting pressure with a cotton ball. I crept outside to the neighbor’s letterbox, lifted the top, and inserted the vial. I hurriedly returned to my house, checking around to make sure the coast was clear.

I went back to my room and spent some time playing video games. They said they’d do it by midnight, so I’m guessing they won’t come by till after that. I planned to stay up as late as I could to see who arrived to get it, unless it was all a hoax from some dark web troll. Worst case scenario, my neighbour will wake up to discover a vial of blood in his letterbox.

Just before midnight, I turned out all the lights in my house and sat by my bedroom window, the drapes slightly ajar so I could see the letterbox. To pass the time, I sat on my phone, periodically contacting friends and going around Reddit. I noticed the streetlight flickering shortly after 1 p.m., as if something had temporarily obscured some of the light. When I peered over the road, I observed a tall man dressed entirely in black cross the street and stroll to my neighbor’s letter box. It was dressed in a black hoodie, but from what I could see through the streetlights, its face and hands were milky white. It lifted the lid of the neighbor’s letterbox, grabbed the vial and examined it briefly before turning around and crossed the road back into the darkness.

I walked to my bed and closed the curtains entirely. I was delighted that I would get compensated, but I was also frightened after seeing its pale appearance and wondered what it wanted with the blood.

I awakened the next morning to a new email. It stated;

“Delicious. Next Tuesday, I will collect 200ml. Do not respond. “Your payment has been received.”

When I checked my bitcoin wallet, it was up little more than the $425 advertised. I was ecstatic that I had finally been paid, but I was also troubled after reading the word delectable. Was it consuming my blood? Even if it is, the money is valuable enough to justify turning a blind eye.

The week progressed to the next Tuesday. I filled two vials and placed them in my neighbor’s letterbox. I waited at my window, peering through the curtains, till the tall pale figure came through and took it.

When I checked my wallet the next morning, it had increased in value by another $850. Another email arrived. It simply stated;

“Delicious. More. 500ml”

As strange as this was, it was $2125, and I was overjoyed. I didn’t care if it was consuming my blood at this point. That was two months’ worth of food and rent for me, and I could probably acquire some new clothes and games from Steam. I ordered extra vials from Amazon and waited a week.

I did 5 vials this time. It felt like a lot, and witnessing that much blood drain from my body was weird. I know they do a little less each time I’ve donated blood in the past, but doing it myself made me nervous and I was getting dizzy seeing myself do it. I dropped it off again, just to see the identical item appear and be collected.

The payment arrived the following morning, followed by another email.

“Delicious. The following must be 1 litre.”

1 litre is a large amount. However, $4250 is a significant sum of money. I googled whether it was possible for me to do so, and it appears that it would be conceivable without being lethal, although there were obviously hazards involved. I’d previously provided 800ml during the previous three weeks. I decided to go ahead and get ten more empty vials from Amazon. If I did this, it would be the last time, or at least for a long.

I prepared for it the following Tuesday. I made certain that I had some sweet cookies and water on hand. I’d felt dizzy the last time, so this would be taxing. I sat down on my bed, inserted the needle, and began filling vial after vial. I started feeling lightheaded and pallid after roughly 7 vials. The blood pours out so quickly. I was shaking as I finished the tenth vial. I screwed the cap on the vial and pressed the cotton wool ball against my arm. I drank some water and then rested my head on the cold bottle. I was sitting down, but I felt like I was going to pass out. I sat immobile for about an hour, trying not to pass out while my eyesight clouded occasionally. I eventually got up, collected the vials, and placed them in a little box. I had to brace myself as I made my way through my house to the front door and across to the letterbox of my neighbour. I ran back inside after putting the box in. It appeared exactly at 1 p.m. every day. I could see a crooked smile emerge across its pale face as it opened the package and glanced inside under the streetlight. It dashed off into the night, and I slumped into my bed.

When I awoke, I checked my wallet and discovered that $4250 had been transferred to my bitcoin address. The following email, like the others, was brief.

“Delicious. It appeals to us. 1 litre more next Tuesday”

I couldn’t possibly give another litre, especially with only a week to recover. When I awoke, I felt weak and tired. I responded to the email.

“Hey. I’m going to need some rest. I might be able to repeat it next month.”

I received a response almost immediately after mailing it. It said;

“No. 1 litre by the following Tuesday, or else.”

My stomach dropped. What does ‘or otherwise’ mean? I have no idea what this animal is capable of because it is plainly disturbed if it is consuming blood. I responded with an email apologising and stating that I couldn’t do it. It responded a few seconds later with the identical message requesting 1 litre again or else. At that moment, I had abandoned my PC. I couldn’t do anything else.

I felt drained for the majority of the week. Just a lack of energy and the occasional head spin. It was Tuesday, and I had not drawn any blood. As 1 o’clock approached, I sat by my window in the dark. I emerged from the shadows to see it scurry to the letterbox of a neighbour. I waited for a second after opening the top. It began to agitately push some of the letters inside around, as if it was digging beneath them to discover if anything was there. It came to a halt, looked up at the sky, and let out a loud raspy hiss that cut through the silent night as if it were yelling in pain. It took a glance around and moved away from the letter box.

It appears that it did not receive what it desired. I mentioned it in the email. This week, there was nothing I could do about it. It moved closer to the street, and just as I was going to close the curtain, it came to a halt and stared straight at my window. I froze and made no move. It couldn’t see me because all of my lights were turned off. It stared at me for what seemed like an age, its pale face and long white fingers dangling out of the loose black hoody. I was paralysed with fear. This monster, whatever it was, was not human. It turned its head again, but this time to the dwelling on the far side. It hesitated for a few moments before strolling directly across my neighbor’s front lawn towards his house.

I couldn’t see it from my bedroom window any longer, so I dashed out of my room and to my shower window, where I could look out into my neighbor’s side yard. When I peeked out the window, it was crawling up the side of the neighbor’s house in a smooth pace. As it drew itself up, its hands seemed to just attach to the wall. When it got to a window, I heard the glass shatter as it punched it in and pushed itself in.

My neighbour began screaming a few moments later. It began with him begging for it to leave his residence and swiftly progressed to incomprehensible screams of dread. And then…. Bang…. Bang…. Bang….. Three little flashes lit up behind the window as the horrified shouts continued. The shouting became strident and then hushed, leaving the room silence.

I froze from my shower window to my neighbor’s window. Was it gone? Three shots were fired. The house’s lights were not turning on. I was frozen, paralysed by fear. After 2 minutes, its long white fingers emerged from the room, grasping the window sill. It effortlessly dropped itself out and back into the yard, then sprinted off through the backyard and into the woods behind. I could hear sirens gradually becoming louder, and out of the corner of my eye, I noticed several street lights had turned on. The commotion would have awakened the entire neighbourhood.

I fixed my gaze on the woods. It was just on the edge of the darkness, I could sense it. The sirens had now been replaced by flashing lights, and I directed my focus to the front of the home. Two police cars had arrived, and a small crowd of people in their pyjamas had gathered in front to watch what was going on.

I pulled on some shoes and walked out my front door to join the mob. Everyone was startled and kept repeating to one another that they had heard screaming and gunshots. Four police officers broke down the door after hearing no response and entered the house. There was some yelling inside the house, so one of the policemen stepped out and urged everyone to back up while he phoned for an ambulance and backup.

More police cars arrived, and they began to run crime scene tape around the front yard, pushing everyone back. I was close enough to watch him being wheeled out of the ambulance. He was absolutely pallid and appeared to be unnaturally thin. His neck had been ripped apart like it had been attacked by a wild beast. I overheard the paramedics conversing with one of the officers after loading him into the back of the ambulance.

The paramedics stated that they had never seen anything like it. They claimed he was almost fully exsanguinated, as if his blood had simply dried up and vanished.

Several neighbours were talking to the cops about what they had heard, and I overheard one of them say that there are no bullet holes in any of the walls, but there are casings, therefore the house invader must have been shot and is likely wounded, which means the cops will arrest whoever it was. This provided some reassurance to the neighbourhood, and the officers appeared confident in stating it. However, I observed it pulling itself out of the window. It didn’t appear to be in any discomfort or to have been wounded in any way. It slid out the window, down the house, and into the woods without so much as a limp.

Now would have been a good time to tell the cops everything, but I knew it was all my fault. I provided his address. I stuffed the blood into the letterbox. It kept coming back to me. Am I a bystander in this?

When a police officer inquired if I had any information that could be useful, I just stammered that I had heard gunshots and yelling. I hurriedly returned home. I went to bed after locking the doors. It had been a sleepless night.

When I checked my emails the next morning, there was only one new one, and it was from the thing. I was shaking as I read it;

“Your neighbour was not as tasty. 1 litre the next Tuesday or your next. No more money. “Feed me or I’ll die.”

I replied through email. I made a proposal. A method for me to live and be liberated from it. I can’t keep giving it a litre of my blood every week. I simply cannot.

I’m writing this on Saturday. I’m still feeling weak, and I’m not sure how much more blood I can draw for it. I’m asking for assistance here. If you have AB negative blood, I will buy it for bitcoin. Simply message me your location and bitcoin wallet address. Place a 100ml vial in your letterbox before Tuesday at midnight.

I’ll arrange for it to be picked up.



I’m not sure what blood type I am, but if it’s the appropriate type, you’re not fucking having it.
This is why you should never offend a vampire. I’m sorry, but I’m an O+. I’m afraid I can’t assist you.

Here’s an AB-.

I’d be happy to hang around with a stake and some silver slugs for fang face.

I’m sorry, but I don’t have AB-. Has he tried O-? I’ve heard it’s almost as good. And everything else…

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