Omicron Market Hacked and Closed

Another darknet market has been hijacked, this time Omicron Market.
Don’t be astonished if you’ve never heard of this market. Omicron Market launched a few months ago but has yet to attract any consumers or suppliers.

The Omicron market will eventually die down, just like many other darknet markets that fail to rise above the competitors, although it had a slightly different finale.

Omicron Market admin is allegedly not even a developer, which means he has to employ programmers to code his market, and he made the mistake of hiring someone who ended up blackmailing him and eventually shutting down the market.

The story begins a few weeks before the market went offline, with an Omicron market administrator posting an ad for a PHP developer, which nearly no darknet market administrator will do.

Good day,

I’m the admin of Omicron Market and I’m posting a good job what I’m looking for

PHP developer who is always online and communicates very well and who can implement ideas well who can develop new features who want to earn something and want to raise something big with me

Your job would be:

Fixed bugs on the server
Development of new features
Team ability if we have multiple team members

If you are willing to work with me, please contact me, you can earn a lot

The money from the market revenue will then be paid out monthly as soon as I have met you


Omicron Admin

Looking for PHP developer who is good at developing and wants to become a team of Omicron Market

It seems that he found someone, but that someone did not “fixed bugs on the server” but decided to take the server hostage.

With a short post, Omicron admin has wrote-

I’m sorry my programmer tricked me and stole omicron and he just stole everything

I’m sorry folks”

Omicron Market was stolen by a hacker

He later on added a very simple explanation-

my market was destroyed i paid someone to program and they locked me out and blackmailed me etc

and deleted the whole server backups everything


Omicron market admin has learned a vital lesson in not employing random internet users to work on your darknet market, and more significantly, not getting engaged in running a darknet market without any web development skills. The few Omicron market customers can be glad that it was taken down by a hacker rather by the police, as many other former darknet markets were.

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The suspected hacker appears to have stepped forward and revealed his side of the story. He has published under the topic “Stay away from omicron market… hacked!” that the Omicron market admin is a “Austrian guy from Grez” and that the server is accessed over the clearnet “at an ipv4 address ending in 107.”

He claims that he accepted a job offer as a senior php developer for 300 euros and convinced the administrator to click on an IP grabber link, which revealed the administrator’s genuine IP address in Austria.

The Omicron market appears to be hosted by the Romanian hosting provider Flokinet.

The hacker also stated that he alerted the hosting firm and that he expects Europol to apprehend the Omicron market administrator (which apparently is also using Windows 10 as his operating system).

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