Notorious UK Vendor White Detained in Spain

Famous vendor UKWhite was arrested back in October 2021 in Madrid Spain, according to newly released court documents.

UKWhite is one of the biggest vendors on the darknet, with over 30,000 total sales since 2013 and have been vending on over 20 different darknet markets. Among UKWhite listings are MDMA, Cocaine and Ketamine.

gs UKWhite listings on AlphaBay

According to court documents this is the timeline of his arrest and sentencing so far-

2021/10/22: The suspect is arrested at the Barcelona Airport.

2021/10/25: Two properties (a house and an industrial unit) owned by the suspect in Marbella (Spain) are raided.

2021/11/29: The US Embassy in Spain officially sends the extradition request. They send some legal documents, including a copy of the formal accusation by a District of Columbia court dated 25/05/2021, an arrest warrant by the same court from 13/08/2021, and several profile pictures from suspect’s accounts in Wirex, and Binance.

2022/01/21: Suspect is brought to court. He does identify himself as the claimed person, but denies all the charges and doesn’t agree with the extradition.

2022/04/19: Hearing trial starts. Suspect is accused by the DEA of introducing more than 5kg of cocaine into the US, while operating the UKWhite account.

2022/04/20: Extradition request to the US is granted and signed by the judge.

AlphaBay account for UKWhite

The suspect reportedly led a drug trafficking and money laundering operation between 2013 and 2021, according to the court. He used the darknet to sell Bolivian and Colombian drugs in return for Bitcoin and Monero, which he eventually laundered. He is said to have shipped over 38000 shipments and received 799 BTC.

According to the Spanish court, UKWhite is still active on darknet platforms such as AlphaBay.

Signs of his arrest can be observed in October 2021, when concerned purchasers of UKWhite claimed that he disappeared for a few weeks and then returned with a significantly worse quality of goods.

“Not logged on since 23 Oct and normally highly active,” one user remarked on the Dark0de Market subtitled “Where is UKWhite.” “Is anyone having problems in other markets?” “UKWhite contacted the Dark0de Team to inform them that he will be on Vacation mode for a few days,” Dark0de admin responded. No worries, all open orders will be fully refunded.”

UKWhite did not check in for a few weeks and then returned as if nothing had happened, but the complaints began shortly after when, in December 2021, a member posted on Monopoly sub a post with the headline “UKWhite? “UKShite” – “Do not order from UKWHITE.” He had good quality before inexplicably disappearing and reappearing with lowered costs, except on 0.5g and 1g. There’s a reason for this: the gear is fucking rubbish. It stings like hell and completely plugs your nose. Clearly, something went wrong with his supplier, and he can’t obtain the same garbage anymore, so he tried to lower his rates to reflect this, but it’s not worth it. Look for premium elsewhere.”

The Monopoly admin has gone through a thorough rundown of UKWhite activity, emphasizing that he is confident that the account now belongs to a different person selling a completely different product, implying that his account has been taken over by a friend or partner.

Prior to this date the vendor had vanished for a good 2 weeks, so the end of October and start of November this vendor was MIA. This vendor is an established vendor with DD permissions. His reason for going MIA was "OPSEC related", not too sure why you would have to vanish for 2 weeks and then return if it was OPSEC based, as a market admin it's not something we are going to ask too much because it makes us look suspect. I would like to note over the past 3 years I have seen/heard some of the funniest shit people do under the guise of OPSEC, it's kind of like a simple go to excuse. Why did you do that?... OPSEC! Like a get out of explanation free card. Some examples of this would be; "Vendor, why do you have 10 different PGP keys?"... OPSEC! Always makes me laugh when they link each and every one of those keys together by using the same vendor name.

11/15/2021 - Vendor returned, he had a bunch of disputes/pending refunds.

11/16/2021 - Started sending refunds to clear outstanding issues, it became clear the person behind the screen was new to the vendor panel because he was marking orders as refunded but wasn't actually sending the refunds (he is a DD vendor, he needs to mark as refunded, then physically send the refund as he is a DD vendor). The person behind the screen assumed clicking "refund" meant the orders were being refunded. A clear sign the person in control has no idea how the market works because the real UKWhite had been vending for a good portion of time, he has sent refunds before, he KNOWS how the market works, this new guy, does not and if it was an "employee" of UKWhite I am pretty sure UKWhite would have educated him on how things work, if he did not educate him then that goes to show the incompetence of UKWhite which produces the same outcome.

11/17/2021 - Claimed he had sent refunds but did not, the reason for this was explained above. To be clear, the vendor did in the end send/resolve all outstanding issues. We then made the decision to take his DD perms away and force him to use escrow for a few weeks while we saw he had gotten back to normal. He did try and fight this, he put us in an ultimatum as vendors usually do when we remove DD perms, he caved in the end and agreed to use escrow. This decision was IMO 100% justified considering he had vanished for weeks and then blamed it on an OPSEC issue.

11/29/21 - Requested for us to change his PGP key, this right here was the second red flag. Claims he had lost his USB key, but if he had lost his USB key how the fuck can he login? 2FA is required to login, usernames are required, unique links are required, passwords are required. If he has lost his USB key containing all of this data how has he logged in? The only explanation is he has backups and the USB key he lost was not encrypted which contained sensitive files. If this is the case, more incompetence is showing, this is an incompetent vendor that cannot be trusted to vend never mind have direct deal permissions. This is not me insulting him, this is simply my observations as an admin, it's my job. You ever wonder how people get caught, these are the kinds of people that you're dealing with. Not that we/I am perfect, but I am just saying... Low hanging fruit almost 99% of the time in terms of busts, this is the shit I am talking about.

12/15/21 - Asks us a question in relation to how our vendor panel works, a question the real UKWhite would already know the answer to considering he has been vending for a long time.

This post right here stating quality has changed really screams to me, UKWhite IS NOT actually UKWhite but;

- Account has been sold.
- Account has been passed down.
- Feds.

It's starting to become clear that it's easier to just remove/ban these problems that cannot keep their shit together and accept new vendors. It's always something, everyday some low IQ brainlet has to cause problems, relying on humans is not an easy task. It has to be zero tolerance from here onward because we do not deal with idiots, illegal drug markets are not compatible with idiots. End of story, if that offends you, you are the idiot I am referring to.

Edit: I know the original poster is legitimate because he makes a comment about lowering prices, a shill would not have noticed that IMO. This guy is 100% a regular for him to notice the price changes hence why I have taken his claims seriously, I do feel there is validity to them. I have been watching this vendor for a couple of weeks now and it doesn't add up to me. The vendor has been made aware of this thread, let's see if he responds.

UK White is currently awaiting extradition from Spain to the United States; we will keep you updated on his position and punishment.

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