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Our specialty is high-quality, small-batch acid tabs and microdose tabs from the 1960s. Other popular tabs on the market are printed with inkjet inks and toners containing hazardous chemicals such as ethylene glycol. It’s not ours! Our one-of-a-kind, artisanal tabs are printed on high-quality archival blotter paper with non-toxic vegetable dyes.

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We also make original blotter art and can give one-of-a-kind hand painted blotter sheets with or without LSD. Samples of these are available in our gallery, as are larger sizes (up to full pages of 900 tabs). Price upon request.


  • We are no longer trading on any market.
  • Upcoming site improvements: discount codes, order tracking, stock levels, quantities, tracked shipping option


Where do you ship from and to?

From the USA worldwide, but overseas orders have a $50 minimum. We never charge postage for standard shipping.

Approximate shipping times for domestic and international

We ship out several times per week, and we aim to have most orders arrive within 3-5 working days of domestic shipping, 1-3 weeks of international shipping.

Where is my tracking number?

Tracking is only available with domestic orders, and only if you added Priority Mail to your cart when ordering. Note, Priority Mail does not change our estimated delivery times.

What crypto-currencies do you accept?

Via this storefront we only accept Bitcoin, but you can pay with Monero if you message us on TMG.

What are your reship and refund policies?

Most of the time, we will only reship to you if you have at least three previous completed orders with us. We have the right to offer a partial reship or a discount coupon instead of a reship in circumstances of large orders (more than 20 tabs). We do not provide refunds unless we are at fault (for example, we accepted your order but were unable to fulfill within a reasonable time).

How often should I take the microdose tabs?

Most people recommend taking them every third day, so that your body has time to reset between doses.

Do you have any safety tips?

If you are new to LSD or taking a larger dose than usual, please make sure you have a sober sitter who can support you. It is possible that you might experience anxiety or need some help processing your trip. LSD is very safe, but it can be disorienting.

new shit. store URL


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