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Over the years, the dumpsbuy team has been rugged in  online carding and cashing out of stolen/hacked credit card numbers (CC Fullz). We have perfected several CC hacking/sniffing methods via spamming, malware spreading and asking everyone in the streets for their card details. Hey you Moda fucka!!, I’m Captain Jack Sparrow!! Your cards numbers!!!.

So to say brothers and lovers of high balanced CC Fullz, we have the best team to supply you fresh hacked CC to meet your demand for money and   all  carding and CC Fullz cashing out tricks to work for you. Methods change, as a team of pentesters constantly trying to study  shopping platforms like Amazon, Ebay and other sites vulnerable to CC carding and refund methods. In july, 20, 2022, a member of our CC cashout research team discovered you can use Could buy bitcoin from a website selling crypto in the USA just by verifying your ssn details and submitting the required Scan documents, they don’t care  care about the cards, at least for now while they’re trying to make money and upgrade their site  security against fraudulent credit card charges. We will share this crypto site and carding guide to customers who  enroll for our buy CC Fullz and enroll for our carding mentorship.

This also happened the with Credit Card payment processor stripe back from 2012 when you could card stripe and cash out your CC fullz using dead SSN fullz and VPN, if you’ve been in the game for some time you’ll understand. Its a constant learning, trials and error to get the perfect methods to help all our customers make money.


If you’re a newbie carder or a pro carder, dumpsbuy.su team understand your needs and offer only quality products and service. The following offer below is available for customers who want to get started with carding without getting burnt, the best way to succeed is to learn from successful people and you will save a lot of time. This offer costs $350, here’s what you will learn, you will receives two guides which is currently working for everyone no matter your country.

  • How to Setup your Computer Properly for Carding.
  • How to confirm the balance on CC without killing the card.
  • How to Identify Card-able sites on your own.
  • How to cashout your money to bank drop or to your bitcoin wallet
  • Top legit Sites to Buy high balance CC fullz in 2023.
  • Currently hitting websites for Carding CC fullz to Bitcoin.
  • 2023 CC fullz fire BIN list, hitting high balance.

You need to learn carding and do it yourself and make fast money become rich.

I’m teaching carding from today A to Z Beginning to Advance all concepts clear after the course you will be able to card any website 2D , 3D both. Also I’ll provide all tools no matter which device you have Mobile or PC any one can use.


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We have hacked bitcoin wallets and accounts successfully via phishing spamming, the method is like spamming every other scampage. But here’s the thing, we took our time to code this bitcoin wallet providers pages and specials methods for gathering email leads of targeted bitcoin wallet account provider, like metamask, Coinbase, blockchain and more, you can request us to code specific sacmpages for your needs. Contact us to get stareted.

✅ 𝗣𝗮𝘆𝗽𝗮𝗹 𝗕𝘁𝗰 𝗖𝗮𝘀𝗵𝗼𝘂𝘁 𝗦𝗲𝘁𝘂𝗽 ✅


Be careful, do not deal with the people or sites listed below. You will loose your money.

ICQ : @cardclonedumps.cc  SCAM SCAM
telegram : https://t.me/cardclonedumpscc9999  SCAM SCAM

Telegram: @seo4now SCAM SCAM

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cardingcc.net SCAM SCAM

Spamming is not for the weak, you can easily loose your money to low quality tools and bad spamming setup. The next hard thing is getting legit spam vendors and this is where dumpsbuy.su team is working to bridge the gap.

A very regular costumer Adrian before he found dumpsbuy has been doing everything correctly but at the end his links are not bulletproof and will die off and showing red flags on victim’s browser, brothers this is not good for business.

To help this brother, we created a new method for him and made bulletproof link using blockchain technology, the results he got after this is mind blowing. Like Adrian there maybe little things you’re not doing correctly, maybe you need to change your letter, encrypt it and make your letter FUD.


We have updated scam pages for all banks and we can code any scam-page you want specially for you. Fresh valid SMTP guaranteed to hit offices365 inbox and other email providers. We provide SMS panel/gateway with any SENDER ID of you choice and 90-95% inbox delivery. Gsm machine, Simple sims, Scamma pages (Wells Fargo,RBFCU, PayPal , Netflix , USPS), Cpanels, Domains, Leads , SMTP sender.

SMS sendout Spamming Service

We provide good quality routes to which is stable for all countries sending bulk sms and also to prosper your work with many clicks. SMS gateway available for Spamming/clean traffic. Also, SMS panel available for use. We su[port almost all the countries you may want.
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Inbox offers


✅100% FUD Encrypted PDF/HTML Builds (Builder will be released to the public for rent in the future)

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🧢Also 1 on 1 support to show you how to embed the HTML file into the e-mail and attach the PDF.


(PDF/HTML Builder + mLNK + Private Stub + Private Hosting + IMG)

That is the best setup at the moment.

PDF/HTML is to bypass eMail security. (front end)

mLNK is to bypass AV security. (back end)

IMG/ISO is even better to bypass AV security. (back end)


📍Windows Defender
📍Windows Defender Memory
📍Windows Defender Cloud Scanner
📍Smart Screen Alert
📍 GMail, Outlook, Yahoo, Office365, ect ect ect.




If you are new to spamming and don’t understand some terms, we have complied a list of spamming terms you should understand in 2022 to be successful at spamming bank logs and CC fullz.


-SMS API METHOD ( gate with btc )
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Be careful the SMTPs you use like Sendgrid, this smtp companies have access to your emails that you send through the smtp relay and always trying to decode your executables trying to get re-reverse connection so be careful and smart guys. I have been always advising selling of consoles better than SMTP for amazon simple email service I never bought smtp one time only and then moved to be a console buyer always, different stroke for different folks I think. We have amazon AWS/SES smtp and consoles in stock but we prefer to keep low stock in the website , if anyone needs more than 1 console, please contact Customer Service.



In order to take advantage of the many opportunities that lending fraud presents, carders must learn how to fool lenders into handing them money, walk away with it, and never pay it back since they utilized stolen SSN Fullz + Background Report that they purchased from our shop. With our in-depth credit information and background report, as well as your loan applications’ already-high credit scores.

If you buy 5 packs of Fullz for Dumpsbuy.us, you will get our 2023 updated guide for sba loans & all loan

Due to their high interest rates and need to process as many loans as possible, payday and installment lending companies typically lack security. They are very prompt with payments because of their nature. They are therefore prime candidates for loan fraud, and our guide will teach you how to get rich quick! This technique works EASILY with other lending providers as well, not just payday loans.

You can create accounts for most online services using this technique to bypass the KYC verification process (online bank, crypto exchanger…). Include a one-on-one mentor who will guide you and answer all of your questions.

To crown your success we have all the documents & scan you need. We share with you updated social engineering and Refunds method working in 2022. Amazon Refund method, 

What’s included in Social Engineering and Refund methods?

-All past, present and future social engineering and refunding methods
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The service produces high-quality fake scans that can be used in fraud attacks to impersonate victims,


Our automated creation of fake scanned documents that can help fraudsters bypass the identity verification processes used by some banks, e-commerce businesses and other online services providers. We make Real & verifiable passports and IDs shipped to you registered with the appropriate government database in your country and can bypass computer verification when you travel because it’s registered on the server.

Dumpsbuy.su can generate scanned copies of passports, ID cards and driver’s licenses from different countries for identities supplied by the service users, fake scanned utility bills from various companies, as well as fake scanned copies of banking statements and credit cards issued by a large number of banks,

📑W2, W9, 4506 AND MORE.

🧾Tax form 1040 /1099
🧾 DOC’S On Deck
🧾Bank statement for PPP
🧾  Business License
💳 Passport (USA, UK)

📜 Lease agreements.
📜 Eviction notices.
📜 Paystubs.
📜 W-2s, 1099r , W-9.
📜 Rental payment invoices.
📜 Bank statements.  
📜 Utility bill
📜 Service Invoice
📜 Proof of insurance  
📜 Payment receipts  
📜 Dl scan fronts / Front & Back with barcode
📜 Any documents in pdf or image format for editing and corrections.

Banks, payment and money transfer companies, online gambling companies, and other businesses that conduct financial transactions over the Internet frequently request scanned copies of identification documents from their clients to confirm their identities and confirm their physical addresses, particularly when their anti-fraud departments notice suspicious account activity.

COVID-19 Pack🦠 Travel & Bypass Verification

Face Covering Exemption Card
QR Code Letters – Vaccination Status
PCR Covid Test Certificate
NHS Vaccine Letter
Vaccine Card
COVID-19 Green Pass QR Code Generator

Fake COVID-19 tests , and fake vaccine certificates are available for USA, UK, Canada and more .

Bank Statements  & Utility Bills📄

Capital One

Refunds Boxing Service 👺

FTID/QR FTID 📦 :🔘 Royal Mail -🔘 Evri  🔘 UPS -🔘 Parcelforce  🔘 DPD 🔘 DHL -🔘 

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LIT 📦:🔘 Royal Mail -🔘 Evri – 🔘 UPS -🔘 Parcelforce-🔘 DPD (Scan) – 🔘 Collect+/Yodel 

DPD Scans 🌐🔘 Delivered(custom signature/location): 🔘 Damaged (in transit + has to be delivered to AP) : 
🔘 LIT : 

Weighted FTID/FTIDNA/LIT – Additional money if requested

sales of digital images of false identity documents, such as passports, driver’s licenses, and national identity cards associated with more than 200 countries and territories

Don’t be scared and let not your heart be troubled when you hear the topic HACKING. It is true that cyber criminals with hacking skills and techniques make more money. We have the best expliots, .Xll or Doc, Xslm macro and more . As an army of thieves, we understand that you need a uniquely coded private crypter to bypass windows defender Runtime . As some customers would say, the problem about macro is many USA/Canada Clients won’t click ENABLE, they will ignore it but not if you give them a good reason to click and enable macro, its all your tricks to convince them.

In 2023, you should not be relying on shitty hacking forums Hackforums.net for hacking tools. HF is a joke full of skids and scammers only maybe 0.0001 legit. I have an account on HF and I don’t post or sell anything at Hackforums, only normal posts and sometimes helping the kids . I’m over qaulity to be there honestly all .net stupid copied source codes with a different name/theme RAT’s, Crypters and every other hacking tool. Don’t waste money on shitty tools

With Dumpsbuy,su team there are silent expliot and macros, XLL FUD builder with NO MACROS which means 100% silent. Once victim clicks on it, Boom! PDF builder is available. Crypting services is available for monthly subscription

We are offering coaching services to anyone who wants to get started as a hacker on the dark web and start making money in 2023. We will take you by hand like a new born baby and feed you milk (Hacking Skills) till you grow into a monster with capabilities. Have you imagined what you can accomplish? With our constantly updated arsenal of tools and tutorials , Success is guaranteed.

Botnet, RATs, & Stealers Hacking Course 2023

Dumpsbuy Botnet Courses Are Now Available Starting Now Limited to 9 Students ( maybe more as time moves forward )

All Classes will be conducted daily via private chat and anydesk or team viewer group sessions.

All tools will be included in this course
Exploit packs
Plus more

We will go over everything about properly setting up and useing botnets and other types of malware to get the most victims and logs out of them. And how to stay safe and anonymous while using.

We will spend a majority of time learning spreading

•Basic Telegram Spreading
•Forum Spreading
•Gamer Spreading
•Fivrr and other Free Lancer Spreading
•Google Ads Spreading
•Facebook Ads Spreading
•Updated YouTube Spreading
•Email Spreading
•Push Notification Spreading
•Crypto Targeted Spreading
•Plus More

After students begin to get their own logs we will learn the proper way of logging in using different antidetect browsers and how to properly import cookies.

Importing wallet.dat files using bitcoin will also be discussed and how to retrieve the spendable funds.

Price for this course is $350 and length of course will be determined after first batch of students graduate.

Everyone will learn at their own pace and all sessions will be recorded and posted in the private group chat for review of anyone missed that days lessons or if anyone needs a reference

Only 2 spot left!!!!! First come first serve

💯Vouched and Verified By Current Students💯

And did I mention free  license for premuim RATS and stealers like REMCOS, Warzone, Raccon 

wanna be a hacker ?
are you new here ?
you want to learn botnets ?

-What is botnet
-What tools you need
-What does these tools do ?
-How to spread your virus
private methods
targeting methods
private tools
-How to crypt your virus
-How to bind your virus
-How to get money from your botnets
-How Droppers Works
-The reverse shell theory and C&C theory
-We will explain how setup kali linux and cobalt strike inside it
-Methods for devlivering paylaods
RATs Section :
-How to setup your RAT
-How to port forward
-How to use Rat
-HVNC access
-Android Rat
-Get Exclusive Rats for free ( We will give you premium stable rats like Remcos)
Logs Section :
-How stealers Works
-Android Banking Botnet
-How to use Logs + Cookies + Bank Logs
-How to get Credit Cards from Logs
-How to bypass Crypto Wallets 2FA and Passwords if the wallet installed in PC
Ransomware Section :
-How to Target your Victims
-How to use Ransomware
-How to clean crypto currencies paid by victims
-How to Setup your Ransomware Correctly
-How to identify highly wealthy targets
Clipper Section :
-How to use Clippers
-How Clippers works
-How to steal crypto with clippers
Course price :
Course + tools : 800$ 


You must know how to utilize the logs from your RATs and botnet stealers, if you don’t know how to cashout your logs to bitcoin or bank drops you might end up selling them to brothers in the market for cheap and this is not very good for you because you must make profit from your money invested on buying hacking and spamming tools. 

It our our pleasure to help you succeed and this is why we bring you this premium service of helping you make money from your hacked bank logins, spammed CC fullz, Crypto wallets, TransferWise accounts and more goods from the loot.

We have ready drop accounts from USA, UK, Australia, Canada, EU and more, most of our drop accounts are fully verified business accounts linked with bitcoin exchangers to convert your loot to bitcoin for you quickly.

Tutorial [mini-guide] about logs:
Imagine you were infected with a virus/trojan/etc, and someone stole all your data, Cookies, Logins, Sessions, Wallets and more, that means the term Logs.

How can I make money with Logs?

1. You can sell the accounts you get from logs, eg porn, streaming, gaming, etc.
2. Check your mail access accounts, and get what you want from them – steam, crypto, paypal and more.
3. You can check crypto wallets and check if they have $, so you can easily transfer them to your wallet.
4. Blackmailing – threaten to post their real information on the internet and more!
5. And much more!

Chromium/Firefox Logins have Email/User:Pass
Cookies , you have up tutorial.
hardware have ip info and more shits
sessions like discord/telegram you need to put on %appdata% , discord example/telegram
Direct Logins Cookies are used for forums mostly. with Cookies Editor

How to use Sessions like Discord/Telegram

ok , so you see on logs “Discord” and Telegram folder, go to your %appdata%

For discord:
AppData\Roaming\Discord\Local Storage\leveldb
delete your files , and replace with files from logs
save it and close your discord and reopen , and you will see it bypass 2fa and all shits
will connected automated in victim account
same for telegram/jabber etc..

How to use Wallets, same like sessions, go to %appdata% see where logs are located and replace it with files from logs.

🔥His Holiness the Martino, in the best traditions of quality service, will help you cash out the loot, for a modest percentage.

We will immediately work out your crypto-logs.
Withdraw from crypto exchanges, cold wallets, various phrases, withdraw via API, bypass auto-withdrawal!
We work with logs/brute and crypto exchanges 24/7
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🔐 We also successfully work with cold wallets:
💰 Exodus, Jaxx, Atomic, Coinomi, Electrum, Metamask bitcoin core and more…

Let’s take the logs for processing:
-Us Banks
-Invest/Crypto platform.
Payments for many positions instant.
We buy Unique links according to our requests.
We accept ACH/WIRE/VCC – Individual % per volume!*Business/Corporate/Pers accounts*
Issuing DBA payment invoice

Wesetrn unions

The best offer is 60% for you, 40% for us.
for amounts over $ 50,000 – we give a personal percentage!
Impeccable service, time-tested, with a reputation on the sites. Individual, competent and responsible approach to each of our clients.


📍DARK WEB Hacker’s Dictionary📍

Are you new to the realm of hacking?

Do you feel dumb when you don’t know the meaning of a certain term?Well, then this will certainly help you out! . If you are ever unsure about anything, simply scroll down and find that specific word, then read the definition.

Anything includes: Abbreviations, Phrases, Words, and Techniques.*The list is in alphabetical order for convenience!*


📌 DDoS = Distributed Denial of Service

📌 DrDoS = Distributed Reflected Denial of Service Attack, uses a list of reflection servers or other methods such as DNS to spoof an attack to look like it’s coming from multiple ips. Amplification of power in the attack COULD occur.

📌FTP =File Transfer Protocol. Used for transferring files over an FTP server.

📌 FUD = Fully Undetectable

📌Hex =In computer science, hexadecimal refers to base-16 numbers. These are numbers that use digits in the range: 0123456789ABCDEF. In the C programming language (as well as Java, JavaScript, C++, and other places), hexadecimal numbers are prefixed by a 0x. In this manner, one can tell that the number 0x80 is equivalent to 128 decimal, not 80 decimal.

📌HTTP =Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. The foundation of data communication for the World Wide Web.

📌IRC = Internet Relay Chat. Transmiting text messages in real time between online users.

📌JDB =Java drive-by, a very commonly used web-based exploit which allows an attacker to download and execute malicious code locally on a slave’s machine through a widely known java vulnerability.

📌Malware =Malicious Software

📌 Nix = Unix based operating system, usually refered to here when refering to DoS’ing.

📌POP3 =This is the most popular protocol for picking up e-mail from a server.

📌R.A.T = Remote Administration Tool

📌SDB = Silent drive-by, using a zero day web-based exploit to hiddenly and un-detectably download and execute malicious code on a slave’s system. (similar to a JDB however no notification or warning is given to the user)

📌SE = Social Engineering

📌Skid =Script Kid/Script Kiddie

📌SMTP =A TCP/IP protocol used in sending and receiving e-mail.

📌SQL =Structured Query Language. It’s a programming language, that used to communicate with databases and DBMS. Can go along with a word after it, such as “SQL Injection.”

📌SSH =Secure Shell, used to connect to Virtual Private Servers.

📌TCP = Transmission Control Protocol, creates connections and exchanges packets of data.

📌UDP =User Datagram Protocol, An alternative data transport to TCP used for DNS, Voice over IP, and file sharing.

📌VPN =Virtual Private Network

📌 VPS =Virtual Private Server

📌XSS (CSS) = Cross Site Scripting


📌Algorithm = A series of steps specifying which actions to take in which order.

📌ANSI Bomb = ANSI.SYS key-remapping commands consist of cryptic-looking text that specifies, using ansi numeric codes to redefine keys.

📌Back Door = Something a hacker leaves behind on a system in order to be able to get back in at a later time.

📌Binary = A numbering system in which there are only two possible values for each digit: 0 and 1.

📌Black Hat = A hacker who performs illegal actions to do with hacking online. (Bad guy, per se)

📌Blue Hat =A blue hat hacker is someone outside computer security consulting firms who is used to bug test a system prior to its launch, looking for exploits so they can be closed. Microsoft also uses the term BlueHat to represent a series of security briefing events.

📌Bot = A piece of malware that connects computer to an attacker commonly using the HTTP or IRC protocal to await malicous instructions.

📌Botnet = Computers infected by worms or Trojans and taken over by hackers and brought into networks to send spam, more viruses, or launch denial of service attacks.

📌Buffer Overflow = A classic exploit that sends more data than a programmer expects to receive. Buffer overflows are one of the most common programming errors, and the ones most likely to slip through quality assurance testing.

📌Cracker = A specific type of hacker who decrypts passwords.


Hello, I saw a lot manuals/tutorials on individual topics on Telegram, but why could no one put everything into one ?

First of all, you saw a topic on Telegram about distributing some kind of logs , went in.
And now you are already looking for all this in Google “What are logs ???”
But we will start from the very basics.


The above word (Stealer – thief, kidnapper, etc.) is a program that steals: passwords, logins, cookies, credit cards, however, all confidential information, and with the “FileGrabber” function it can also steal files in certain directories specified by the scammer (in aggregate this is called – log).

(The most famous: Redline , Raccoon, this is enough to get acquainted, there are actually hundreds of variations)
An example of how redline looks (looked once mb )


(RAT – Remote Access Trojan) – as the name implies, this is a program that allows you to remotely control an infected PC, however, this program has a lot of functions, from webcam viewing to loading additional viruses, such as miners.

(the most famous: DCRAT, Remcos at least on this forum it is so accurate, despite the fact that it is quite cheap, while redline is expensive as hell and does not justify its price)

An example of what it looks like DcRat (Random screen from Google, in the photo you see infected PCs)


So actually we came to these very “Logs”, what are logs ? Yes, this is just a combination of logins, passwords, information about hardware, ip, files, and a screen when opening a file (not always, but there is such a function that is quite useful)
Looks like this roughly (there are many other folders, it all depends on what the user has on the PC, for example, there may be a “wallets” folder in which there will be crypto wallets)


“Well, what do I need these, like them, logs – manually check everything? It’s very long!”

Let’s start with the fact that you as a beginner – fucking logs for the first time days and can not do if you are of course lucky and creative, then maybe.

But if you are really too lazy to check anything (but in vain), then there are programs such as “checkers”, (Checker – checker), as it is clear from the name, it checks your logs for what is there, there are also paid checkers , so and … (cracked paid checkers ).
For example, BLTools, a cool checker (it’s better not to use it without a proxy , because it kills some requests)

This is how this crack checker looks like, on top are the services for which you need to check the logs , on the left is loading proxies , logs , and other utilities.


Firstly, if you use a free vpn – you are a fool, because even an account from a vpn service bought for 10 dollars – ipvanish will keep your security several times better than free vpn , although again, if they want, they will find you. Well, what about the proxy – fuck inventing a bicycle – read nigga, read

Crypt file

Crypting – in simple words, encryption from Anti Viruses, Windows Defender (WD), and other crap that will remove your malware as soon as it notices it. You won’t be able to do such a thing yourself, so the easiest way is to ask for a review, or buy a Crypt of your file for a couple of bucks, without a crypt you won’t succeed, one person out of 30 will not have a single antivirus and Windows Defender is turned off.

(In simple word : Crypting is encryption of the executeable file, allows you to bypass detection by antivirus programs)

Traffic and Spreading

“What do I need this for, how can I lure people into these programs?”

Now, however, everyone is fucking YouTube hard, with all sorts of cracks, cheats, miners, and so on.

You can type “Fortnite Cheat Free” in YouTube, turn on the filter by upload date and see that they appear every damn minute, unfortunately this is a lack of creativity, I do not argue that you can catch a good log even from such a topic, but the chance of this is extremely small.

Therefore, you should pay attention to what you spill.
You can pour on Tiktok, and in the cart, but at least in classmates.

Typical Scheme For Traffic

File crypt ➡️ Video archive ➡️ YouTube channel / Tiktok / Telegram / whatever ➡️ Bay with proxy ➡️ SEO cheat

1️⃣ The crypt is described in paragraph 6.

2️⃣ Archive with video . I think everything is clear here anyway, you choose the theme of the strait, make tags, the name of the video, the video itself with the guide how you download, open, and the functionality of the cheat or whatever you have there. (BE SURE TO PUT A PASSWORD ON THE ARCHIVE WITH MALICIOUS SO THAT YOUR ARCHIVE IS NOT BANNED BY THE FILE EXCHANGER, AND SHORT THE LINK THROUGH BEETLE OR LIKE SERVICES)

3️⃣ YouTube channel / Tiktok / Telegram / whatever. Buy an account with a good GEO in any of the telegram shops of YouTube channels, I’m not sure if the reg date affects the strait, but it’s better to buy an old account with a GEO that will definitely not be India!

4️⃣ Bay with a proxy . You can buy a bay with a proxy , it will cost you up to a hundred dollar, or for a review. Until you understand how to upload it yourself obviously.

5️⃣ SEO promotion (SEO – search engine optimization, pushing your site / video to the top of search) . cheating SEO directly affects whether your video will reach the top of the search, people artificially cheat you likes, views and comments so that your video gets up to 100 SEO . (50 SEO you should get with good tags, the remaining 50 are behind cheaters)

6️⃣ Check logs (Log – a file with data received from the victim computer, which contains cookies, passwords, information about components, the IP as well as files from the desktop. Logs are obtained by distributing the stealer). 2 ways, you can throw all logs to the loggers, and give them % for success, because you definitely don’t know how to process cryptocurrency or other unknown services, or you can work everything yourself after you logs through the checker

Installs shop, we sell worldwide installs and YOUR FILE DOESN’T NEED TO BE CRYPTED ! 🤯🤯🤯

Our installs come from good qaulity high end traffic from landing pages, google ads and private channels, you will get good logs, make money and buy more.

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As one customer said that we have to bring down the price of our crypts so that everyone can afford and start well too. It was when he started using our crypts he understood the prices are low according to the Runtime results, and our crypt is not to be compared with shitty crypters.


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User can request his crypts during the 30 days subscription

We reserve 3 days max to provide the crypted software/stub usually way lesser

You can’t come to us at the end of your substitution and request your crypts  – Buy what you need to work with at the current moment not to buy an wait until your subscription is over.

Customer must provide a Linux host for encryptions (if user wants the host from us price is $50 per month or $100/Month if Cpanel)

New AWS Private Console

  • US East1
  • EU West2

500K emails a day limit –  $1500

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MSR606 Magnetic Stripe Card Reader Writer Encoder Swipe Credit+20 Free Blank Cards

Chip Msr Card Skimmer Mcr 200 Emv Mag Stripe Reader Writer Software MSR206

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How long it will take for me to receive order?
– Shipping with FedEx, DHL, UPS or EMS. Shipping time from 2 – 7 days, but it depends on country where you are located. We ship worldwide to any country. Before you place order, we tell you estimated delivery.

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Plastic refers to the white cards that many plastic vendors make to match your dump, meaning they will emboss your dump’s numbers as well as the desired name you want onto a blank (not-embossed card).

You’d be surprised at the quality of plastics, most cashiers can’t differentiate a fake from a real one (unless you have really low quality plastic or the cashier is deep into this). Plastics are not necessary because you can encode any old card, they are just a lot more legit. This can also be a waste of money if you have dumps that die fast due to being obtained from a shady source.

101/201 DUMPS

What is the difference between 101 and 201 credit card dumps? Well it’s very simple: 101 is swipe only and 201 is with chip. Now you’re going to ask, how you are going to pass a 201 chipped card without knowing the pin? Well there are places for that, especially POS machines that swipe 201’s (meaning they don’t insert them). You will have to find spots on your own or simply buy quality dumps that work from us. Alright, now that you’ve learned the 3 different terms above we will use throughout the guide, here starts the interesting stuff. There are a lot of ways to do instore carding but basically it comes out to this:

  • Hitting it random.
  • Insider carding.


If you have an embosser, the sky is the limit. You can pretty much go anywhere because your card numbers match your track which is important because some POS systems have digit verification but more on that later on down below. If you are re-encoding old cards and do not have matching last 4, then you have 2 options. Option A) You can either buy it from us and tell us the last 4 digits that you need so that you will be able to give you the dump that you can use it with yours and use it on it own as well.


Option B) You need to make sure the POS system at the store you want to hit does not ask for last 4 of the card. It’s trial and error. Most places in the US do not have verification until you hit a certain dollar amount.


Logs are very important for logins/sessions, for example with "Cookies" you can log on to coinbase without asking 2fa and for many other sites, facebook, yahoo, gmail .. etc .. Logs are actually real people who have been infected with a virus / trojan, so you can log in to their accounts much easier and make $$

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Card cloning or counterfeiting can be described as a process whereby a genuine bank card’s magnetic-stripe is copied and then placed on a duplicate card. This cloned card can then be used to make purchases at point of sale devices and (where the customer’s personal identification number [PIN] has also been obtained) to make withdrawals from Automated teller machines (ATM).

The process whereby the card’s magnetic stripe is copied is generally known as skimming. The card is swiped through a skimming device similar to those found on point of sale devices. The information on the magnetic stripe is then recorded and is then placed on another card’s magnetic stripe. Point of sale devices and ATMs are not able to discern the difference between a cloned card and the original as the information on the magnetic stripe is identical. If the thief has managed to obtain the customer’s PIN he is then further able to make withdrawals from the account using an ATM.

Any type of bank card that has a magnetic stripe can be cloned. This includes credit cards, debit cards and normal ATM cards. Depending on the card holder’s particular card processing systems however, the thief will not be able make any purchases or withdrawals unless he has also obtained the PIN. This would be the case with certain debit cards which also need the correct PIN to be entered on the point of sale device to
process the transaction.


Credit Card cloning fraud always come to mind when you talk of the underground economy on the dark web. The dark web economy is very profitable and a quick way to live your dreams faster than you think.  So fast, you’ll buy the fastest cars, take a luxury vacation while shopping at LV & Gucci stores, and pay with cloned hacked credit card dumps you made the previous night. You are saying goodbye to the miserable life of being broke at any point.

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Note that the price includes the cost of delivery. The programmed ATM card is shipped through DHL and UPS. Standard shipping takes around 5 days for orders from countries outside the United States. A few US jurisdictions allow customers to get their debit cards the same day. Discuss the availability of express shipping options with a member of our customer service team.


ATM hacking tools are popular on the dark web, and many of these cheap tools are also sold in the hacking/carding tools section of Dumpsbuy.

We offer the most up-to-date pre-made tools to break into these machines, including malware cards, USB ATM Malware, and more, making it simple for anyone to hack an ATM in under 15 minutes.

Contact us to learn about the most recent tools to hack an ATM machine. Previously, these machines were a little hard, but today with these gadgets, anyone can operate these machines.

We have an ATM Malware Card that comes with an instruction manual, a PIN descriptor, a trigger card, and an ATM Malware Card. Once installed, it secretly collects all card information. Trigger Card, which disburses the cash, can be used to withdraw money. Another common way to distribute money is through infecting the devices with a USB drive that is home to malware. Additionally, we provide ATM hacking tools like the GSM Receiver, ATM Skimmer, PoS, Gas Pump, and Deep Insert, among others.

Because most of these devices don’t need adjustments to operate on ATMs in various regions, these malwares primarily target Windows XP-based systems. “ATM machines around the world are created in similar ways utilizing comparable softwares, thus these malwares work globally,” says a researcher.

Additionally, you are not required to touch the machinery directly. For instance, one of our recent attack methods is an active ATM Jackpotting Method using the virus Ploutus-D, which seizes control of the hardware components and enables anyone to quickly withdraw all the cash from the machine.

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Question and answer sessions.

How far in advance must I book before my departure?
In very exceptional cases, we demand at least 5-7 days’ notice, but if the order is small but still fulfills our requirements, we may be able to finish it in as little as 3 days.

Without getting too technical, how secure are your reservations, and how are they processed?
Our bookings are made through either SEPA or SWIFT transfers straight to our agent, with whom we have a corporate account, making them the safest you can find. For more than ten years, our account has been examined and validated.

So how are your reservations different from those of the rivals?
Because other travel providers frequently employ credit card flights carding methods, our payments for bookings don’t result in chargebacks. So a word of caution: if there is a chargeback, the police will be looking into it, and you wouldn’t want to deal with that.


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When you place your order directly on our shop or by contacting our customer services, you must provide this information about your luxury vacations.



Carding is a term for trafficking of debit/credit cards that are then used for illegal purchases.

Dumpsbuy.su CC carding enterprise engaged in the large-scale acquisition, sale, and dissemination of stolen identities, compromised debit and credit cards, personally identifiable information, financial and banking information, computer malware, and other contraband.

CC Carding takes a lot of time and patience to bring profit, you may have read several guides on how to card popular ecommerce like Amazon and buy iPhone, electronic gadgets and other goods but every time you try there’s a little mistake.

I lived with my Pastor and the guy next door was definitely a carder though I didn’t know what carding is at that time. My investigation into his carding crimes started when high-value deliveries were being made to his door stop every day. This carder has procured card numbers, expiration dates, CVV/CVC codes, Cardholders full names, emails, phone numbers and even addresses from dark net and Tor sites.

He had purchased high quality credit cards from two illegal sites through bitcoins using VPN. This continued for at least a year and not surprising he spends lavishly.

largest ever carder gang

 Our CC shop database has stolen card data from 80,000 customers  and have successfully sold and shipped  millions of dollars in fraudulent purchases after hacking into more than 200 point of sale (PoS) terminals, including those operated by 150 Subway restaurants.

The problem with Carding by yourself can be enormous, from finding the right CC bins to getting clean residential IP of CC state/city. You may scale through with carding the product online and getting a successful purchase confirmation but then their could be trouble if you use your father’s house address to receive the carded goods instead of using a Drop addresses. At some point I had no method for getting a pickup drop, so I  used to give vague delivery addresses and would switch off my mobile once I received messages from courier companies confirming the delivery.
Later I would contact the courier companies to collect the delivery. 




The safest course of action is this. To pass cards, you will need a connection who works within the store. Thus, matching plastic is not required in this situation, and typically, you can get away with a lot without coming off as suspicious. To increase your funds and purchase equipment for random hitting, we advise you to do this (or affording strikers). Why you should read this: POS Types. There are numerous POS systems, and many of them differ from one another. You’ll need to be aware of which are simple to swipe and which are a little trickier. Again, certain POS systems will request the final four digits of the card number, therefore it is essential that the numbers match for these.


Even with an insider, they need to enter the matching numbers for the transaction to be successful (you can write them on a piece of paper and let him enter those digits though).


Let’s utilize the POS system from Best Buy as an example. Nothing can be purchased at Best Buy without the computer asking for the final four numbers first. This is how most stores operate. The computer will ask the cashier to enter the last four digits when paying with a credit card. After that, the cashier will request to see the card and check it.

Make up an excuse, such as, “Oh, honestly, I forgot I wanted to pay for this with cash,” if you do not have the last four embossed and you are in a location that requires last four verification.


Take out some money and then complain that you lack it. What ATM is the nearest one? The cashier won’t be able to enter the last four and have it indicate “DOES NOT MATCH.”, which might start a shitstorm. A young cashier will probably just respond, “Wow, unusual, I have never seen that before,” and hand the card back to you if you went ahead and presented it while acting foolish. However, a seasoned, intelligent cashier will call your bluff and try to steal the card if you have one. Because it is Walmart after all, we have discovered that there is no verification at all at Walmart. The receipt, which will display the actual encoded last 4, will allow them to call your bluff even if your last four numbers do not match. This only occurs if they want to test you and you appear to be really shady. The majority will only give you your receipt and wish you a pleasant day.


You must determine which stores require the last four and which do not. Before even swiping the card, other POS systems will require the CVV2 (3 security numbers on the back or 4 for Amex). Remember that the CVV is encrypted in Track2 and difficult to decrypt (different technique for each bank), therefore dumps purchased online do not contain it. Therefore, you must scan the dumps, check them yourself, and make a note of them if you want cvv2 matching. Large stores typically carry this. There are POS systems as well that don’t allow you to enter cards with chips. When the bins or countries you want are out of 101s and you’re stuck with 201s, it’s a smart idea to retain these POSs in your book so you can hit them with them. They don’t need to input or use a pin, just swipe the chipped card.


Some websites are trying to use our identity to scam people. Make sure you are navigating on the real DUMPSBUY.SU website. Also there are lots of fake telegram and email accounts that claim to be our partners or workers, please don't fall victim. VISIT OUR CONTACT PAGE OR HIT THE FLOATING WHASAPP ICON ON OUR WEBSITE. Thank you.

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You can buy high-quality, authentic CC at our online store with bitcoins. You can choose from a wide variety of CVV available from various nations. We have all valid CCs.


♻Credit cards can be hacked by two methods( what I know)
1. By spamming.
2. By using Database hacking techniques( SQL injection, cross site scripting, Remote file Inclusion)

♻In this tutorial I will teach you Database hacking by SQL injection (I will use SQLi from now).

⚠Note Databases are like excel so don’t be confused if I talk about rows and columns.

Things you will need 

1⃣Havij SQL injection Tool

2⃣A SQL vulnerable site

3⃣A very important thing you will need: your mind

Checking for SQL vulnerability 

♻Now to check if a site is vulnerable to a verbose SQL injection, a hacker will simply add ‘ (apostrophe) after the site url like this:


and the hacker will get this error on the site

You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘\” at line 1

♻It means that site is vulnerable to SQL injection.

Exploiting the vulnerable site

♻Open Havij and paste site url in target field and hit enter. Now wait for Havij to get all the databases of the website. Now the hacker clicks on available database of site and click on Get Tables. 

♻By clicking Get Tables Havij will look after the tables available in the database.  Cashapp . Now after the scanning Havij will get all tables, now the main work will start , you must  check if the table available with a name that has something to do with credit card, financial details, usually its in the table orders.
select it and then click on Get Columns.

♻Now after clicking Get Columns havij will get all the columns available in orders table. You might find different columns like country, name, credit card number and many more. Now select the columns and click on Get Data.

♻Now havij will look after the data available in the column and dump it. This data is the credo card info. You can use havij to dump other columns like username and password if available.

FRESH CVV FULLZ Live Fullz buy live cc with Balance

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NORMAL Format CVV FULLZ: CC Number | CC Exp | CVV2 | Full Name | Address | City | State | Zipcode | Country | Phone | Emails


Password : 

Full Name : 

Address : 

City : 

State :

Zip Code : 

Phone No : 

E-mail Address :

Email Password : 

Mother Maiden Name : 

Driver’s License : 

Account Number : 

Routine Number : 

Date of Birth : 

Social Security No : 

ATM PIN Code : 

Credit Card Number: 

Expiration Date : 

CVV Number : 

Best Dumps with Pin Shop 2023. Buy Good Dumps With Pin – Valid CVV fullz info Online. Fresh Dumps Pin 101/201. Live CVV Shop with login info Fullz.

The data encoded on a credit/debit card’s magnetic stripe is referred to as a dump. There are two tracks available. no city, no state, no address, nothing. only two lines of integers or symbols. Track 1 is more helpful because it displays the name of the cardholder. If the name is distinctive, you can use Whitepage to identify the person’s zip, which is useful. In the event that you don’t purchase your Credit Card dumps from us, you might only receive Track 2.

However, if you are knowledgeable and sophisticated, you will be able to read the instructions and guides and create a genuine, functional Track 1 from Track 2. Although you will receive the valid PIN along with your dump (in our shop, you get track 1 + track 2 + PIN Credit card dumps), you will need both Track 1 + Track 2 to write a dump on a Credit card that can be used in both ways, i.e. swipe and EMV.

Here’s an example of what you would get if you bought a dump that came with both

Track 1 & 2.

  • TRACK 1: 4854240000439134 ^ SMITH/JOHN ^ 2307101000000000000000497000000
  • TRACK 2: 4854240000439134=23071010497000000000

Again, if you’ll only get track 2 then you’ll need to make track 1. Take this example of dump with only Track2:

  • 4888603170607238=23051011203191805191

When you see and equal sign (=) in a Track it always means it is Track 2. You first must take the Credit Card dumps number from Track 2 (Everything before the equals sign) in this example, it is

  • 4888603170607238
  • Add the letter “B” in the front of the number like this:
  • B4888603170607238
  • Then add the cardholder name YOU want to show on the card / receipt
  • B4888603170607238
  • ^Smith/John^ (Last name first/First Name)
  • Next add the expiration date and service code (expiration is YYMM in this case 2305, and in this case the 3 digit service code is 101 so add 1505101):
  • B4888603170607238 ^ Smith/John ^ 2305101
  • Now add 10 zero’s after service code:
  • 230510100000000001203191805191
  • And then add six zero’s (6) zero’s:
  • 00000

 You have just made the Track 1 using Track 2. This is your final version; Track1: B4888603170607238^Smith/John^230510100000000001203191805191000000

How To Check The Dumps Balance Without Killing Them

I hope all of you are doing fantastic, guys. You are likely aware that the most of these checkers kill the dumps. But it’s also not a good idea to enter a store with a card that hasn’t been examined and then find a Pick Up Card notification on the POS. You must therefore examine the dump in some way in order to prevent killing the dumps and to ensure your safety. I discussed the “contact the bank” method in the post regarding the online checker. Today, I’ll go into more detail about this approach as well as another one that may be used to verify the dumps without killing the animals.

Let’s talk a little bit more about

‘Call to Bank’ approach

Each bank provides a toll-free number that may be used for a variety of things, such as checking your balance, reporting a missing card, viewing recent activity, transferring money, etc. To make sure your dump is active and the Pick Up Card message won’t catch you off guard on the POS, call this number.

So, the procedures to check the dumps are as follows. However, as this is not a track checker, it can only tell you whether or not your dumps are alive.

First, use a BIN lookup service like or any other free service to check the BIN if you don’t know who issued the dump.

Second, if you know whose bank issued your dump, use Google to discover the bank’s toll-free number.

3.rd Call the bank using a virtual private number provider, such as Skype. You can also use a prepaid Sim phone number to call the bank.

4. You will receive an automated response with a list of options when you phone the bank. You will see “To check your balance, hit X” in the options list. Go to the “balance check option” menu.

5. After entering your card number, some banks will also ask for the expiration date. Enter the dump card number and, if necessary, the expiration date.

The sixth step will ask you to enter a security code if your card is still active (it can be last 4 of SSN or the PIN ,date of birth ,etc).

If this occurs, your dump is still alive. If your dump is fake, you will hear “Please re-enter your card number” after you type the number. When your call is transferred to the anti-fraud department if the dump was used and the pick-up card was used, it is time for you to hang up.

At this point, it is crystal clear if you have a genuine, ready-to-use dump, a phony dump, or an old dump.

However, if you want to “play” and have a nice dump, you can move on to the following stage, which is

optional, for research or enjoyment

7. After entering the card number, you must enter the security code (which ,as I said, can be last 4 of SSN, date of birth ,PIN ,etc)


If you need to enter the last four digits of your SSN and you enter four aleatory digits, the dump will still be functional and you will receive an error message such as “please re-enter your code.” Don’t enter the additional four digits because the card will typically be blocked if you do so three times.

Of course, you’re lucky if what you have is a dump with a pin and the bank asks for the PIN as security. You must enter your PIN and listen to your balance.

Have fun checking! This method is broad, so feel free to add any observations you may have regarding a specific bank in the comments.


1. Don’t use your regular sim if you decided to utilize a prepaid phone sim instead of a virtual private phone number. Purchase a fresh sim card and only use it for this task; after that, take it out of your phone.

2. You can’t use a prepaid sim card to check a dump issued by a bank in the USA if you live in, example, China. Therefore, you need a virtual private phone number.

3. A free virtual phone number will also function.

4. Because this approach does not perform a thorough track 2 verification, be sure to get your dumps from a reputable source. Even if the dump is produced using an excellent alive CVV, the dump will still be rejected in POS.

If the Call to Bank approach is understood, I’d want to go on to the second, more user-friendly method of checking dumps.

checking ATMs

The ATM is almost every carder’s fantasy. It’s too pity that pin-equipped dumps are so hard to find. However, even if you don’t have a dump with a pin, the ATM can still be helpful for every cardholder. You may use it to check your dumps, and even better, it has a full track 2 checker that is more effective than calling the bank.

First, encode the dump on a piece of plastic using the msr as usual.

2. Stride to an ATM.

3.rd Place card into ATM and wait for “Type your PIN” to appear.

4. Enter any arbitrary four-digit number as the PIN, then click “OK” or “CONFIRM.”

5. The ATM will now ask you to select “Withdraw, Check Balance, Transfer, etc.”

Choose withdraw, then enter any amount. Next, click “OK/CONFIRM.”


The test is now in step six. You will be able to determine the status of your dump based on the ATM response.

If the words “WRONG PIN, PLEASE RE-ENTER THE PIN NUMBER” appear on the ATM screen, your dump is still functional and can be used for in-store carding.

If you get a notification that says something along the lines of “TRANSACTION COULD NOT BE COMPLETED” or “TRANSACTION CANCELED, PLEASE CONTACT YOUR ISSUER,” it means that your dump is either fake or manufactured, or it may be locked to a specific location.

If the ATM displays a message like “SUSPECTED CARD,” “SUSPENDED CARD,” or “RETAINED CARD,” it means that the card has been used and has been reported as lost or stolen to the issuer. If you try to use the card to make a purchase, you will need to explain to the cashier at the POS why the POS says “Stolen card.”

7. Click “CANCEL” and remove your ATM card. And you already know whether your dump is alive and suitable for use for in-store carding or not.

Enjoy checking, and of course, if you’ve done any study on this topic and have any advice or observations of your own, please feel free to comment.

OPSEC for hacking and Carding

DUMPSBUY.SU an Is Old Archive Of, Hacking, Privacy, Security And Doxing Tools, + Much More. One Of Our Main Goals Is To Teach Everyone Opsec.

What is Operational Security? Operational security (OPSEC) is a security and risk management process that prevents sensitive information from getting into the wrong hands.

What is Operational Security? Operational security (OPSEC) is a security and risk management process that prevents sensitive information from getting into the wrong hands.

1. Always respond to people saying “hi” to you with the same word they used, if they say Hi say Hi, if they say hello say hello. Some pedophile loser was caught of because he had unique way of saying hi, feds were able to link his “unique way of saying hi” from a onion forum to a clearnet forum post which got him caught.


2. Do not upload pictures of your pets online, unique pets can be directly linked to you!


3. Do not trust anything mainstream for example discord, nordvpn or protonmail shoudln’t be trusted.


4. Do not use socialmedia, all data collected on socialmedia applications can be used to identify you, for example how fast you type.


5. Use a VPN you trust we recommend mullvad VPN, making your own VPN is good for some threatmodels but remember you will be identified by your browserfingerprint + ip combo if you only have one ip, and only having 1 location is bad as well, as it will be assumed its the nearest server location to you. !Disclaimer! Even tough VPNs are a good tool we still recommend using tor always when you can, check orbot for android. Do not use free VPN services!


6. It is a good idea to spoof your browserfingerprint, can be done with browserextensions, safest way to do this, is to run your browser in a virtualmachine. Check out qubes-os.


7. Use your passwordmanager only inside a isolated virtualmachine. Check out qubes-os.


8. Never reuse a password, email, profilepicure or username. Its the worst mistake you can make.


9. Overwrite deleted content, when something is deleted, it does not actually get deleted the device just forgets where its stored and frees space on the disk. This is why overwriting all deleted files is exteremly important. We recommend Bleachbit on pc and diskdigger on android.


10. Use HTTPS always when you can this is very important! For example tor exit node, which could be owned by NSA sees all your traffic in plaintext if no encryption like HTTPS is not used.


11. Do not let any software or apps run in the background!


12. We recommend the use of tor, or i2p for more anonymity.


13. Do not brag! Bragging is one of the easiest ways to get caught.


14. Do not use Bitcoin, Bitcoin is not anonymouys if you don’t know how to use it correctly. We recommend only using Monero (XMR). Check cryptocurrency category.


15. Use different vms and devices for everything you can.


16. This is obivous, encrypt your ssds, hdds and mobile devices!


17. Do not use antiviruses, antiviruses waste your resources, sell your data and even possibly spy on you, they might even open new attack possibilities on you! For older people who dont understand anything about cybersecurity we recommend Malwarebytes antivirus.


18. Do not use closedsource messengers. And avoid using closed source software always if you can, if you cannot find opensource alternatives try to find clients for closed soucre software.


19. Do not give your browser on your mobile device download, microphone or camera permissions!


20. Do not use crappy operatingsystems. If you actually care about your security and privacy, we recommend using whonix or qubes-os.


21. Do not have any unused apps installed on your phone, these collect and sell your data and could be exploited!


22. Never give apps unnecessary permissions, “why does calculator need to know your location”.


23. Isolate your browsers, use many browsers to avoid browserfingerprinting. Browsers inside virtualmachine are a good choice like mentoined before.


24. Turn off wifi- and bluetooth scanning on your phone, these can be used to track you and drain your battery.


25. Avoid chinese products, software and tech, its usually spyware! Other than that china is a great country and they will take over the entire world by 2050. #FuckAmerica #FuckEU #FuckAfrica


26. Never keep bluetooth or wifi enabled when not used. Bluetooth is one of the least secure things to exist!


27. Consider removing microphone and camera from your phone, need help? join our telegram by clicking here!


28. Keep your keyboard clean, any fingerprints on keycaps could be used to guess your password.


29. Do not use email for communication, if you do remember to use PGP!


30. We recommend using keepassxc passwordmanager, use it in a encrypted vm.


31. If you have to communicate using email use thunderbird emailclient and PGP encryption.


32. Never register anywhere online with your real phonenumber, use Sms-activate.ru to verify your accounts, cheap and reliable!


33. Use DOH, never use google or cloudflare DOH! (DNS over HTTPS) this makes it impossible for your ISP to see the websites you visit, we recommend blahdns. But remember that your DOH provider could be spying on you, well this leaves us with tor and tor only.


34. Do not click ANY links always open new links in disposable vms, for example NSO pegasus is spread by links sent in sms!


35. Discord is full of skids that get caught every fucking day, do not ever install discord on your device only use it inside a browser you that trust! Discord can see all your messages and does not have E2EE (end to end encryption), and its FBI’s honeypot!


36. Never save passwords in your browser or any other autofill information, these can be stolen by simple exploits.


37. Never install cracked software or cheats, they contain malware in most of the cases.


38. Epicgames is one of the biggest spyware, like most of the gamelaunchers, stay away from them!


39. We recommend signal.org for normal SMS use and call use. Only LTE communication is encrypted, and goverments can still spy on it, so do not talk about secretive things in your calls or sms!


40. Disable WebRTC, WebRTC can leak your local ips even if using a VPN.


41. Format all your devices once a year and wipe them using gutmann35 algoritim!


42. Never resell your ssds or hdds, the data on them could be recovered!


43. Do not store anything personal like your pictures on your pc, always store them offline, not even in your phone gallery, if you have to store images on your phone store them encrypted away from other apps, we recommend, photolok from f-droid. We recommend buying external ssd / hdd / hard drive for your photos and important files and always having it unplugged from your pc when not in use.


44. Do not take a DNA test, the companies will sell your data. Feds find this data very useful and many people have been caught because of this, for example the Golden State Killer!


45. Do not renew your passport, just vanish bro.


46. Try not to give the police your fingerprint, good way to do this is by removing them by burning them.


47. Never use your fingerprint or face to unlock your phone, very fucking easy to crack, the feds love this. Also make your phone autoreboot to avoid AFU exploits!(Police uses this to get into your device without your password)


48. Do not have teeth :).


49. Make a survival kit, have a backpack with all survival gear ready to go, be ready to leave your house in 10 minutes if needed.


50. Get your post/mail instantly after it arrives don’t let it sit!


51. Turn on 2FA everywhere where it is possible. We recommend Freeotp+, we do not recommend google authenticator.


52. Use a privacy friendly phone, your phone knows the most about you, we recommend nexus 5 with linux distro or google pixel with graphene or calyx os (ironic but true). But remember if your phone has a simcard and it connects to the internet, it can still be tracked and hacked by the goverment!


53. Always keep your microphone hardware muted if not used, you could build your self a microphone hardware mute button if your microphone does not have a button for it.


54. Block all your cameras with tape if you couldn’t remove them! (tip number 27)


55. Never buy any IoT devices. If you do, seperate them in their own network away from other devices.


56. Smart = spyware, avoid alexa or any other smart devices like a samsung smartfridge, more digital you go, more vulnerable you will be!


57. Remove all metadata from photos before sending them anywhere online, we recommend scrambled exif app for android. Exif data can be used to get your exact location and for example discord saves this kind of data for ever.


58. Only use de-googled android devices, we recommend graphene os.


59. Remember that your voice is very easy way to identify you. Never use your real voice anywhere online, we recommend using voicechangers! Your voice can be turned into something called voicefingerprint which is unique hash generated from your voice. It is known that feds use this technology.


60. Stay away from unencrypted communication services like discord, xkeyscore has access to all of this! (NSA project)


61. Never have your default user with UAC or SUDO (admin) perms, you are very vulnerable if you do! Windows default user has UAC access, this is why you should create admin user on windows and normal user which you use for daily use, admin user should not be touched, you will have to put its password when using UAC perms (installing apps for example).


62. Use a good and strong firewall like UFW on linux.(simplifies iptables)


63. Use google alternatives, google collects too much data that could be used to identify you based on other data that connects you to your google data, for example aurora store instead of google play store, (uses google play store API “anonymouysly”), and newpipe instead of youtube!


64. Learn to alternate your writing style, write different everywhere on the internet, your writing style can be used to identify you!


65. Use simple aliases like the names of colors, red or blue for example. More complicated your alias is easier it is to track your doings on the internet, and as said do not reuse aliases. Grinding online ego on a alias is one the easiest ways to be a skid and get caught. We also recommend changing your alias very frequently, more you change it harder its to track your doings in the internet.


66. Check pictures trought very carefully before sending them anywhere online even a random car-register-plate in a picture that is not related to you in anyway could be used to identify you, based on the cars movements comparing the time you sent the picture!


67. Do not let anyone online gain your trust!


68. Learn how to safely use your cryptocurrencies, a twitter hacker skid got caught because he didn’t know how to. More on cryptocurrencies in the cryptocurrencies gategory!


69. Do not install random github projects because they are opensource, learn to check the code, check that it doesnt connect to random ips or urls for example.


70. Never order anything using your real address or name, use PO boxes!


71. Use a facemask and sunglasses in public places to avoid facial-recognition.


72. Encrypt your important messages with PGP.


73. Make sure your phone is encrypted and uses a strong PASSWORD! Not a pincode or anything else clowny, there is a company based in israel called cellebrite they crack phones, its even used by the Mossad and FBI, and most likely your local police. Cellebrites software Ufed is widely used by goverments and police across the world. But even they are powerless against strong passwords (while phone in BFU), make your phone format it self after 15 failed login tries!


74. Do not let anyone save you by your real name in their contactbook (contact tracing), their apps fetch and sell this info! This data can be then used to track who you talk to.


75. Use burner phonenumbers- and emails, smspva.com, temp-mail.org, be aware temp-mail.org probably saves all your messages so only use it for confirming accounts!


76. Remember to verify software signatures, in targeted attacks towards you its important that you check them to prevent getting attacked!


77. Use a trustworthy browser, we recommend the tor browser.


78. Do not download anything using the tor browser! Downloaded apps can be used to deanonymize you.


79. Do not use the tor browser on your phone, if you do, disable javascript (strictest security settings)!


80. Do not ever fullscreen your browsers! Your screensize can be used to identify you.


81. Do not use your actual timezone on your phone or pc use a mechanic clock!


82. Do not use your real keyboardlayout on your phone or pc, google which layout is similar to yours and use that.


83. If you have to pay for your data getting removed like a dox or a db entry, just do it you wont regret. However deleting db entries might be useless as someone probably has your db entry data copied somewhere else. Dehashed lets you delete data on you for free, but it only gets deleted from public search not from the actual db, you fuckers…


84. Never share internet using bluetooth! extremely insecure!


85. Use privacyscreens to prevent people and cameras behind or next to you from seeing what you are doing on your device!


86. Check if your details are breached in database breaches, check at haveibeenpwned.com.


87. Do not have your address publicly listed.


88. It is important that you know, if you are targeted by goverment entity the best thing to do is just to destroy all your devices storage units. Dont ever underestimate them, this is why its better to stay lowkey online, we cannot encourage you enough to not brag about things you have done, also do not link your doings to an alias.


89. If you use windows, debloat it with scripts, oosu10 is a good and reliable program to do this.


90. Lie about your self online, when it comes to opsec disinformation is your bestfriend!


91. Distract people after you, fake dox your self, “accidently” leak disinformation like your “address”, but do not make it obivious.


92. Always choose wired over wireless!


93. Remember to check for cc skimmers before paying offline and domains when paying on the internet!


94. Be aware of the cameras around you!


95. Do not do things considered as secret in public places, for example do not chat in your hacking telegram group if you are in your school! Cameras are always watching!


96. Check if your browserfingerprint is unique at amiunique.org to plan your threat model. If it’s unique, bad for you, if it’s not unique, good for you 🙂 However its very likely that your browserfingerprint is unique, to defeat this use Tor Browser or disable javascript and make whitelist of websites which you want to allow javascript on. Javascript is one of the most dangerous things on the internet, be aware of that even when using the Tor Browser you could be deanonymized by javascript. We recommend the use of noscript and umatrix with strict rules. Tor Browser strictest settings disable javascript, be aware it will break many websites.


97. Use trustworthy browserextensions like umatrix and ublock origin.


98. Generate and use fake identities online.


99. Type everything on notepad and paste where ever you need to, this way your typing speed cannot be traced by your browser or the websites you visit. When a trashy browser called yandex was reverse engineered was found that it sends a request every time you type a letter.


100. If you don’t pay for it you are the product!

How Do I Avoid Getting Doxxed As a Hacker?

There are a lot of cases where people thought they had secured their operation only then to realize that they failed miserably… Don’t be one of them. If you’re a bad guy, you definitely need to hide your ass and take precaution, you don’t have to go telling everyone that you know how to buy spammed CC fullz online and Cash out money from the card.

1. Do some personal research. Use every link at your disposal to learn more about you. The amount of information you use in each link will depend on how anonymous you wish to be. If you come across information about yourself that is true, figure out how to correct it as soon as possible.

2. Social networks. It’s not a good idea to link any aspect of your social media (such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, TikTok, Instagram, etc.) to your private life. If you’re serious about avoiding doxing, you’ll remove all of your personal information. There are hints below on how to avoid being doxed with them if you choose to keep it, which we do not advise.

3. Avoid being a moron. Providing private information is a surefire way to get caught. Tell someone to push it if they ask for it, then continue.

4. Don’t reuse usernames and use popular ones. As a result, it is more difficult to compile all of your information, and the doxer must utilize several tools to locate you.

5. Avoid tying usernames and gamertags together. One actual instance is of a “nerdo” who was apprehended after the authorities were able to identify him by his gamertag and then link him to the hashtag #oppaypal.

6. If you are anxious about operational security, look out the operational security category and think about using full harddrive encryptions just in case. Learn more about the encryption techniques that secure the traffic from your computer to the internet. As a side point, the local level of any connection is the most exposed.

7. Don’t ever send photos with exifdata. You can find a tool to remove the exif info from your photos here: mat.boum.org.

8. Verify a company’s reputation on websites like trustpilot.com before placing an online order. Your credit card may be used against you if you order from a phony website. They can access a great deal of information about you if they obtain your credit card details.

9. Enter your SSN in a search engine to discover if it has been exposed.

10. Keep in mind to obfuscate your IP address. For Android, we suggest Mullvad VPN, Tor, Orbot, or I2P.

11. Speak with your mobile provider and ask them to refrain from listing your phone number on directories like Whitepages.

12. If you are unable to remove an account, modify its name, profile image, contact information, and other details.

13. Do a name-based search on websites like pipl.com to see what information may be found about you there. You can use this to determine which accounts you should delete.

14. Avoid clicking on arbitrary links. If you do, you run the risk of downloading malware that might expose your private data, betray your IP, and do a plethora of other things, like leak your browser fingerprint, which may contain details about your precise GPU type, for instance.

Avoid becoming aggressive. It merely turns you into a foe.

Dumpsbuy Pro team Hackers Distributing Fake Shopping Apps to Steal Banking Data

The year is 2022, and there are more digital devices in use than ever before. People are increasingly shopping online, using online applications, and keeping their money in bank accounts rather than cash, which is maybe further encouraged by the current global epidemic.

Since November 2021, Dumpsbuy hackers have been disseminating fraudulent shopping apps with the intention of taking advantage of bank customers. Given the rise in the amount of individuals using the internet to shop, it’s no wonder that our hackers have found this disguise to be very successful.

Essentially, we are using fraudulent but legitimate-looking websites to trick bank users into downloading fake shopping applications. To foster user credibility, we would build sites impersonating well-established and credible service companies such  as Maid4u, GrabMaid and many more.

We use these fake e-shop applications to phish for banking credentials and  go on to add that “the apps also forward all SMS messages received by the victim to our malware server in case they contain 2FA codes sent by the bank.” Some of these targeted banks include major USA banks logs, UK banks logs, Australia banks logs., Italian banks, Canada bank logs.

In a nutshell, here is how the method operates: the websites are advertised using Facebook advertising, which are then used to get visitors to download phony e-commerce programs through Google Play, only to have those downloads link them to servers that are under the control of hackers. The bogus apps enable users to login in and start placing fake orders as soon as they are activated. Users are then presented with a complete checkout process and a direct transfer choice.

In the event that bank accounts are protected by two-factor authentication, the apps are also made to be able to access and send all SMS messages. The entire goal of the campaign is achieved as soon as they enter their credentials, and we have access to the users’ bank credentials.

We went beyond


By simply entering the target credit/debit card number, phone number, bank account, and website URL, OTP BYPASS BOT enables users or hackers to capture OTP & SMS codes in seconds right from your dashboard:

This bot was created specifically to intercept and capture otp for you in your admin panel in a matter of seconds. After successfully purchasing a bot service, a login link will be sent to your email address.


Dumpsbuy.su OTP bot is very unique, you have the option to input text to speech supported in several languages for all countries. So you can make changes in the text-to speech section of the bot.


How It Works »

1. Call the victim from OTPBOT
2. When prompted, send the OTP to the victim by using their card or logging account.
3. Our bot will capture the OTP when the victim types it in
4. Use the OTP as you please

« More info »
• The bots success rate is 100% when the victim answers the call, if they however do not answer then the sms code will not be captured

« Tutorial »

-> Select the service you want
-> Insert the phone number using the country code e.g +1
-> Choose the name of the caller for the service e.g Chase bank
-> If prompted insert the other info required such as last 4 of the card
-> Place the call
-> Cashout $$




A drop refers to a physical space or a bank account that receives stolen goods or funds. For drop bank accounts, Carders use bank accounts from individuals – known as mules – recruited through work at home job postings and other private bank drop creation methods

Looking for

– Developers that create custom capture data

– Buyers & Sellers that would be interested in purchasing & bulk purchasing

– Potential Partners or anyone that would that would interested in becoming involved with an actual structed network with online sales, business & marketing

Here are some accounts I can provide you with:
{Just to name a few}

🎮 PSN Account
🪖 BattleNet
👨‍💻 Steam Accounts w/ Full Capture
🕹 Epic Games
🤖 Roblox
🔫 Fortnite
📧 Yahoo w/ Inbox Search
🔥 Hotmail/Outlook/Live
✉️ Google Mail w/ Inbox Search
💲 Google Pay w/ Capture
🌍 Google ADs
🥷 Protonmail
🗃 Google Drive
☁️ Mega. NZ
🥳 Facebook & ADs
🐦 Twitter
🎮 Twitch
🙏 Instagram & ADs
🪙 All Crypto Wallets + Coinbase
🦊 Metamask
🐒 NFT Captures
▶️ Youtube & Youtube ADS
🗞 Google Ads / FB Ads
💵 Cash . App Logs
💳 CC Checker – Non SK
💬 Discord Token Grabber & Chk
🗨 Telegram Session Grabber
🌐 Cpanel/WHM w/ Stats
🗺 Webhosting Logs
💈 Domain Provider Logs
🔗 WordPress w/ Stats
🛒 Amazon Logs w/ History + CC
🧠 Patreon w/ P.M
👨‍🔧 Fiverr Logs
       (Sellers, with balance / P.M)
💇‍♂️💆Personal Service Logs
(Booksy, Vagaro, Zeel)
🛀 Lodging & Hotel Logs
🛌 AirBNB Logs
👨‍🎓 EDU Emails and Logs
👮 . Gov Access
🧑‍⚕️👩‍⚕️ Doctor’s Fulls and Logs
💺 Traveling Accounts
🛩 Flights & Planes
🚢 Cruises & Vacation Logs
⛽️ Gas Up Logs
🚂 Train Services
🎰 Slots & Gambling
🎧 Music Logs + Capture
🔎 Background Providers
🛒 Grocery Shopping
(Walmart, CVS, Macys etc)
📲 Cell Phone Provider Logs
♥️ Relationship & Daiting



A VPN is one of the most essential tools for hiding your identity whilst cracking, you should be protected by a vpn as soon as you turn your computer on. You want to pick a VPN that keeps no logs and the one I use is MULLVAD and MULLVAD works using a key to authenticate meaning that what you do on the VPN is not logged under you name and instead under this key which anyone could have access to. Cryptostorm is another key authentication VPN.

A Checker program:

OPENBULLET is the cracking tool that is easiest to use and the program with the most free public configs. The configs need to be in .loli format

OPENBULLET ANOMALY is a mod for openbullet that allows it to run .anom/.loli configs

SILVERBULLET is a new version of openbullet allowing you to run .svb/.anom/.loli and has addtional plugins

SENTRYMBA is getting outdated however there are still some people who use it.

SNIPR is a paid checked that comes with many built in configs and a proxy scraper.

BLACKBULLET in my understanding is basically same as openbullet.

STORM another free checker which has many public configs.

WOXY 3.0 for mail access

AIO Checkers are ALL-IN-ONE checking programs for example mailify or monarchy for mail access, SLICEAIO/Bazooka for streaming minecraft etc. AIO normally come preinstalled with configs and the configs are updated with the tool. Use a AIO for ease of use. NOTE most checkers and AIO’s configs can be made in openbullet

A config:

Configs can be made in openbullet much easier than other checking tools, this means that there are many config makers out there. If you want a config for a specific site you will have to make it yourself or pay someone to do it for you.

The configs section is a great place to find configs and most sites should be here.

If you require HQ configs you will probably need to pay someone to make a config/checker or get access to a combo cloud.

If configs are proxyless this means that you are using your pc or rdp’s current ip address meaning it will likely be faster but you might get ip banned. It also puts you at risk as every request is coming from same source ip address.

A combo:

The combolist section is a great place to get some SEMIHQ combos, they should be fine for personal use however if selling accounts your gonna wanna buy combos or make your own.

Making your own combos consists of dumping sites databases with sqlmap/sqlidumper or another tool.

To dump combos you will use dorks to scan search engines for vulnerable sites to use sqlmap or a tool similar to dump the databases.

The way SQLI Dumper works is using google dorks which is basically what the program google searches so if you want a fortnite combo you should be using gaming or fortnite dorks.

MAIL ACCESS Combos are combos where the password works for the email these are required for most SE methods such as cracked ebay or amazon. Mail access combos are harder to come by.

Most Mail Access combos are raped as the email sites arent secure to find good Mail Access hits only check yahoo, gmx, hotmail or other big email provides whos site has better security.


https://luminati.io/ – BEST/EXPENSIVE

https://proxyscrape.com/free-proxy-list – FREE


Proxies are a server application or appliance that acts as an intermediary for requests from clients. What this means is that when the bots are making the login request it will use the proxy server and mask your ip behind it. This is useful for anonymity and when you get banned for sending too many login requests you can change proxy and try again.

I have included some links to proxy sites and if you dont wanna pay use a proxy scraper. You can use api rotating proxies in openbullet using these remote soureces.





Access All The Websites At Your Own Risk, We Are Not Responsible For Anything You Do.

The Content Listed Here Is For Educational Purposes Only And Is Not Intended To Solicit Any Kind Of Illegal Activity.



  • Ctemplar.com
  • Mailfence.com
  • Elude.in
  • Tutanota.com
  • Protonmail.com



  • Mullvad VPN
  • IVPN





These days the OS is most important for privacy and keeping you’r opsec level high.
#FuckWindows #DontSpyOnMe

Desktop OS’s

> Qubes OS. The best OS for max privacy.

> Kali Linux. The most advanced Penetration Testing Distribution

> Tails. is a portable operating system that protects against surveillance and censorship.

> Ubuntu. I like it for Desktop default usage

> whonix. The most watertight privacy operating system in the world.

> Fedora. Created for Developers.

> Parrot OS Security. The ultimate framework for your Cyber Security operations

> Linux Mint. It is also a very good choice for Desktop OS

> OpenBsd. OpenBSD is developed entirely by volunteers.
The project’s development environment and developer events are funded through contributions
collected by The OpenBSD Foundation. Contributions ensure that OpenBSD will remain a vibrant and free operating system.

Mobile OS’s

> CalyxOS. CalyxOS is an Android mobile operating system that puts privacy and security into the hands of everyday user

> grapheneOS. GrapheneOS is a privacy and security focused mobile OS with Android app compatibility

> PlasmaOS. Privacy-respecting, open source and secure phone ecosystem

>Ubuntu Touch OS. Ubuntu Touch is developed by the community of users. The system is developed with the sole purpose of providing the best and most secure user experience. In

> Mobian OS. A Debian derivative for mobile devices.

> Lineage OS. A free and open-source operating system for various devices, based on the Android mobile platform.




It’s Important To Avoid Using Your Real Phonenumber Online. You Should Also Avoid Reusing Your Emails, How Ever Making A New Email For Every Account Can Be Annoying To Manage. Best Temp-mail and Temp-phonenumber Services Listed Below.


> Tempmail.ninja
> Temp-mail.org
> Tempmail.com
> Mytempmail.email

> Sms-activate.ru
> Smspva.com
> 5sim.net
> Onlinesim.ru
> Dtmf (onion)

Cryptocurrencies and Exchanges



> Kilos (exchange)
> Elude.in (exchange)
> Kilos (mixer)
> Elude.in (mixer)
> Godex.io
> Morphtoken.com
> Changenow.io
> Bisq.network
> Localbitcoins


Encryption & Anonymity






It’s Very Important To Know How To Browse The Internet Privately, Here Are The Best Tools To Do It. We Recommend That You Only Use The Browser Of Your Choice Inside A Vm Dedicated For It Only.





The List Of Best Hacking And Cracking Tools


Breached Databases Are Used To Find Information On Users Online For Example Their Old Passwords Or Emails Or Even Addresses.


.onion is a special-use top level domain name designating an anonymous onion service, which was formerly known as a “hidden service”, reachable via the Tor network

> Kilos

> Elude

> Darkode

> Torch

> Hidden Wiki 1

> Hidden Wiki 2

> Top Onions

> Onion Link list

Here Are The Cybersecurity News Sites, Youtubers And Hackingforums We Recommend For You To Check Out!


Pastebins & File Upload


Malware is a portmanteau formed by combining the words: malicious software. Malware can refer to any malicious programs used by the attackers to carry out a cyber-attack. Malware analysis is a pertitent tasks for both security researchers as well as Security operations center (SOC) to understand the evolving landscapes of the malicious attacks and to device detection techniques to thwart these attacks.

Static Analysis Tools

> Dependency Walker 2.2
> FileAlyzer
> Hex-Rays
> Yara
Virus Total

Dynamic Analysis Tools

> cuckoo
> Process Explorer v16.43
> Process Monitor v3.90

Usefull Books.

> List Of Books

Session hijacking is a type of attack where a malicious actor takes over a user’s session on a network in order to obtain sensitive information.

Useful Tools

> Root Stealer

> Cockie Catcher

> Ettercap

> TCP Session Hijacking

> Sief

> Tele Killer

social engineering is the psychological manipulation of people into performing actions or divulging confidential information.

Social Engineering E-Books

> List Of E-Books

Social Engineering Tools

> Storm Breaker

> Camelishing

> Santet Online

> DarkSide

> Facebrok

> Practical Social Engineering

> pySE

Reverse-engineering is the act of dismantling an object to see how it works. It is done primarily to analyze and gain knowledge about the way something works but often is used to duplicate or enhance the object.

Memory forensics is forensic analysis of a computer’s memory dump. Its primary application is investigation of advanced computer attacks which are stealthy enough to avoid leaving data on the computer’s hard drive. Consequently, the memory must be analyzed for forensic information.


Memory Forensics Tools

> Fire Eye

> Dump It

> winpem

> Rekall

> Exterro

> volatilityfoundation


Mobile device forensics is a branch of digital forensics relating to recovery of digital evidence or data from a mobile device under forensically sound conditions. The phrase mobile device usually refers to mobile phones; however, it can also relate to any digital device that has both internal memory and communication ability.


Deepfakes are synthetic media in which a person in an existing image or video is replaced with someone else’s likeness. While the act of creating fake content is not new, deepfakes leverage powerful techniques from machine learning and artificial intelligence to manipulate or generate visual and audio content that can more easily deceive.

Deep Fake Tools

> DeepFaceLab

> Avatarify

> FaceSwap

What Are the Two Methods for PayPal Carding, Transfer, and Cash-Out in Detail?


You must either create a new account or buy an account in order to effectively card PayPal. This article discusses two alternative strategies for successfully carding PayPal as a way of assisting you in this regard.

Things You Need To Successfully Card Paypal :

A Fresh CC + CVV , AVS Must Be 100% Correct!

A RDP Matching The Country & The State of The Fresh CVV
The RDP Must Be CLEAN & Have A Proxy Score of ZERO]

Login To The Your RDP , Remember It should be Clean & Have A ZERO Proxy Score! After You Have Logged In Download & Install CC CLEANER.
Run CCLEANER , Make Sure It’s Set To Delete Temp Files/Cache/Cookies/ ect
After CCLEANER has Finished , Close It.
Make Sure That The Flash Plugin On The RDP Server Is Up To Date.
Make Sure All Browsers Are Up To Date!
Open The Browser, If Your Checking Out From A Online Store That Supports Paypal Go To It & Add Whatever It Is Your Carding To Cart & Begin The Checkout / Payment Process, When Your At The Paypal Check Out Page It Will Prompt You To Login & You Will Also Get A Option To Check Out With CREDIT / DEBIT , Click On That.
Once Your At That Checkout As Guest With CREDIT / DEBIT Card. Enter The Fresh You Acquired , For Email Use Your Email / Drop Email , For Phone Either Change Last Digit of CC Owners Real Phone Number or If Thats No Available Use Google To Find out What The Area Code Using The Fresh CCs Billing Information e.g Google “Whats The Are Code 90210”
Once You Filled Everything Out, Click Pay Now! , & WALLA If You Get A Bank Declined Message That Means Either CC Is Dead or Insufficient Funds! If You Get Redirected To A Error Page That Says “WE CANT PROCESS YOU PAYMENT AS THIS TIME” That Means IP Has Been Used On Paypal Before or That The CVV Has Been Used To Process A Transaction Before!


If your not trying card online shops but are in fact trying to send/transfer funds to a paypal account all you have to do it go to a paypal link generator paste the email of the paypal you want to card the funds to & enter a payment/product description [e.g For Goods Already Picked Up generate the link and then go to the link and bam samething as checking out with a online store accept paypal!
Business Debit Bins Work Good


Bank account hacking has never been so easy. Thanks to our automated malware/trojan. We have successfully collected banking credentials of several different banks around the globe by the help of this malware. It is a very effective way of accessing bank-relevant information, like a particular account detail, a bank database or even bank server. Our highly competent team comprising of Russian hackers developed the special bank transfer hack tool. By spreading the malware, when the bank admin tries to login into his bank admin server database, the malware/virus captures banking login and creates a remote computer access on the bank server.

Using Banking Botnet and Hvnc hacking technology, we have remote control to hacked bank admin computer server database worldwide and we can initiate bank transfer from anywhere. Banking hacking is possible and an easy way to breach and break into banking services is by spam mails, phishing campaigns, use of malicious software and banking trojans or botnet. In practice, you need to be a tech savvy and computer oriented to do this. By spamming, a hacker broadcasts emails to millions of people with phishing links or malicious file attachments which usually comes as an exploit kit in pdf or miscroft word document.

We mix a lot of instruments along with over 15 years of experience in this sector to give you with this services of unlimited money transfer. We employ sophisticated phishing and bulk mailing platforms, strong Zeus botnets, and bank login databases all across the world. We are not here to offer you any software; instead, we are prepared to send BANK TRANSFERS to any nation. Not for children or anyone who like to waste time, this is a serious matter. Get unlimited funding, up to $10M in a single transfer to your business partners and trading partners, and rapid money transfers to your bank account for 90% less. What you can achieve with our bank transfer service is endless unless you don’t know how to do business or probably squander money.


We authorize transfers from this hacked bank account and delete transaction logs after transfer is completed. The process is safe and untraceable.

We delete transaction logs after transfer is completed to your bank account, so its safe and untraceable.

We provide high backup documentation and raise legitimate/verifiable contracts for customers buying over $5 million USD.

We are the best bank transfer hackers, We are professional Russian hackers and our services is safe & guaranteed. 



$2,000 to $4,000


$5,000 to $7,000


$8,000 to $10,000


$50,000 (VIP)


$100,000 (VIP)


$200,000 (VIP)



Hacked chase bank account online
Hacked Natwest Online banking
hacked nab online banking


Hacked Cashapp Money Transfer

Get instant money transfer to you cash app account from our freshly spammed cash app logs. We also sell fully verified Cash app accounts with documents fully ready for use. Hacked Cash app transfer 2023 not fake online cash app money generator.

Western union money transfer hacker

Western union money transfer hack and hacked paypal money is available. We authorized from freshly spammed western union and paypal account. All we need is your paypal email. Full name & address is needed for hacked western union transfer 2023


When hackers have taken control of a bank account they need to transfer the funds to other accounts through which they can launder them. Cashout is the name of a mixture of techniques used to steal the funds. The techniques include adding new payees and finding drop accounts.


Our job is to help you success which is why we have packed dumpsbuy.su with mega rich information about carding and hacking to help you success and make money.

Did you recently got Raided or bursted by Law Enforcement? You can start again. Don’t let the government stop you. Here you can Find Tips.

We don’t recommend you to start with illegal activity. Please think twice before you do anything. It can harm you.

1. If you get your PCs back, sell everything you own (even the SSD, since sometimes people put spyware on it).
for them to avoid spying on you.)

2. You possess something that the police failed to discover. Burn it as soon as you can. Don’t discard it!

3. You still have something in your cryptocurrency wallet. Don’t employ it. Sell it or work with someone you can actually meet.

4. Starting from scratch will be challenging but not impossible. Do not forget that they have you on their watch list.

5. Never utilize an old identity; only if you intend to work legally should you use it.

6. Forget about all the groups you were a part of and the acquaintances you have. Never send them another mail.

7. Make no arrangements with the government. They frequently claim to be able to assist you, however this is a deception! Don’t be afraid, and find a skilled attorney.

8. Never reveal your SSD password if they ask. Only in third-world nations is it possible to use force.

Only for educational purposes.


Thank you for visiting this new topic. This subject is tailored specifically for new cyber security experts, hackers, and IT geeks. This topic is being presented solely for educational purposes. Never use it for nefarious purposes. Although some of the steps can be skipped, it is advised that you complete them all. Let’s begin with zero.

1. Every computer nerd’s journey begins with his PC or laptop, sometimes known as his tool.

Where can I buy a clean device?
Ordering hardware with Windows preinstalled is not recommended. Consider purchasing it from a local shop and paying with cash. When it does, ask a friend to start Kali Linux for you. Choose your OS there by going there.
You are unsure about which OS to select. visit our OS section and review the top OSs for most privacy (Click Here).
Install the following operating system, then select the option to encrypt and overwrite the disk during setup. It can take longer if you use a large disk encryption password. once you
Update the machine’s operating system, all of its drivers, and other components. Then, install Mullvad VPN or another vpn from our section ( VPN Section )
or employ a proxy. The most crucial component of your device after installing Tor is its ability to link you to a vast array of websites.


2. Now is the moment to download every software you require.

We advise use Snapcraft. Install a secure messaging app outside Telegram (Messenger’s) and practical programs like onionshare and qTox
… Install all the components you desire. Only avoid installing Chinese software because the majority of them include spyware or viruses. Remember to install
manager of passwords ( Passwords ).

3. Setting up the Firefox browser is the last step.

What can we do to protect ourselves from the browsers’ high hacker vulnerability today? We may cease saving private information to our browser. Passwords and bookmarks should be kept on an encrypted USB. Visit this page to view the video. Setup for Firefox

A private protocol network is socks. A proxy server is used by the SOCKS Internet protocol to exchange network packets between a client and a server.

Socks 5 is the ideal tool to use if you want to remain anonymous when carding, either by changing your real IP address or by ensuring that no one can trace your hacking activity. Socks 5 – IP address Changer.


Keeping in mind this when carding

You cannot perform carding or be a carder without it, but I advise using socks instead of a VPN because they are more comfortable. If you use a VPN for carding, it may also cancel your order. Vpn can block or cards but socks never do.

List of proxy services with description.


IPV4 and IPV6 proxy, technical support in Russian, cost – very cheap, from $0.5/proxy. There are sometimes proxies in bloks, but proxies are quickly refactored/replaced.


The most famous alternative to Luxs, but much more expensive. Prices range from $1 to $3 per agent, and you can pre-check your socks for damage, most of which are clean. Sometimes socks die after you buy them, and in some countries socks are gone within hours.


HTTP and SOCKS proxy, one month connection fee – from $5. There are a lot of blanks on the socks and it is worth checking. 


SOCKS and mobile proxies, 1GB of data costs – from $8, but socks are pretty sheer in ports and clicks – all ideal. Good for staff and the Floyd platform


SOCKS proxy, same fee, built-in checker, works flawlessly. You can use 1 proxy simultaneously from multiple devices without lag.


Available HTTP(S) and SOCKS proxies, fairly fast, no lagging or dead proxies after purchase. Payment by card/stick is also possible, so you can chip in.


Sell ​​proxies, VPN services in the US, Canada and Australia, you can also buy useregents


Resident agent, very fast and clean, very expensive, very trustworthy for BA and stick work


Very wide range of countries, sometimes they are slow, not all proxies are clean and need to be tested before starting work.


Inexpensive, but not very clean proxies, since there are few servers, will do spam. 


Simple, fast SOCKS and HTTP proxy starting from $2 per GB

Cheap proxy with built-in proxy checker, average quality, sometimes there are proxies with many blacklists.


Mobile proxies, market prices, available in many regions.
Untested proxy service


How to learn Amazon Carding
LEARN Carding Amazon 2023 New Method USA, AUSTRALIA, INDIA, CANADA | Carding Tutorial For Beginners | Carding Method 2023 Amazon.

Requirement for Amazon Carding

Amazon carding only success with Fresh BIN and Fullz cc, you can buy cc from our shop, then you can start the process. Wait! Some Carding tools required, here i have been added them

  1. Cc fullz – buy from here 
  2. Old Amazon Account
  3. Shock5/ VPN
  4. RDP and CC Cleaner

First of all, just buy all the tools from our shop, use only old amazon account, if you don’t have old account, you can always buy from our shop or you can also use new account but only afrer few small orders.

I know it’s not safe to use your old amazon account in carding, but in this method i will show you how to convert your new account to an old account and then you can use it for carding without any issue in future.

How to Do Carding on Amazon Full Guide Steps

If you get all the tools, you can start now by following below procedure, don’t skip a single step otherwise you will not understand properly. Amazon carding isn’t as easy as you think, there are a lot of security you have to bypass, otherwise the account will be block.

1. Buy cc fullz from our shop

There are many cc shop available in darknet, but finding a trusted cvv vendor is really taft as lot’s of scammer available, however, if you know any Cc shop you can buy from there otherwise you can always order a cc from our shop. (click here to buy USA Non VBV CC

2. Create a Fake Mail Address with cc owner name

You will have to create a Mail ID with the same name as cc owner name, like if cc owner name is John Steven, the mail address must be looks like johnsteven11@gmail.com (Use gmail instead of other mail address as it will avoid being suspicious)

3. Get a Virtual Phone Number

Virtual Phone number will help you to verify your account through OTP (One time password), you can get virtual number from many apps such as TextMeup2ndline number and so on, but you have to subscribe in order to get virtual number

Don’t worry, all the apps offering free trial for few days so you will not be charged on till free period end, so before the end of trial just cancel the subscription and you will not be charged any amount. (don’t use online SMS numbers) they all listed as spam in amazon security.

4. Connect Shocks5 with Cc owner Location

Shocks5 is the best option to become anonymous completely, and make your location similar to cc owner location by just connecting Shocks5 IP. Don’t use shocks4 it is not as good as shocks5

5. Open amazon.com and create an account with cc owner name

After connecting Shocks5, open chrome browser and browse amazon.com, signup for a new account with cc owner name use the Mail ID and virtual phone number. Just like this screenshot

6. Place some small amount orders

Next, make some small orders within $2-10$ with any other payment mode (You can use Gift card or POD whatever you wish.)

After order wait for shipping, (Making amall orders will convert your new account to an old account)

7. Add cardable product in shopping cart area

Once your small orders shipped, then login back and find the product which you want to buy and just click on add to cart option.

8. Add cc details and place the order

After adding in cart option, wait 2-3 hours and login back your account, go to cart area and click on buy now option

Now select Credit & debit card payment mode > Enter cc fullz details carefully, and recheck all the details before making the payment.

Note: on billing address you have to add cc owner address and on the shipping address enter your address, and finally place the order.

Congratulations! You have successfully card your first order on amazon, now wait for the delivery, after deliver close the account for safety reasons.

You may encounter some problems if you did amazon carding without following above procedure.

Here is the most common issue you may face after amazon products carding –

  • Account on Hold
  • Payment not released by bank
  • Chargeback issued by cc holder
  • Account block

If you face any issue, it means you haven’t done process properly or maybe the cc you are using it’s already linked with another amazon account.

Don’t worry, you can buy cc from our shop to avoid any such issues, you will also get support from us if you face any such issue.

You are on the clearnet. It is not recommended to view our site here. Domain names are not as secure as Tor hidden services. Install Tor Browser and visit us at our .onion instead:

darkfailenbsdla5mal2mxn2uz66od5vtzd5qozslagrfzachha3f3id.onion Verify

NEW: Verify signatures with Dark.fail’s new PGP Tool. Don’t get phished. Always PGP verify .onion and Bitcoin addresses before interacting with them.

Tor is the uncensored internet. Install Tor Browser to explore it. Set darkfailenbsdla5mal2mxn2uz66od5vtzd5qozslagrfzachha3f3id.onion as your home page to save time. Links are PGP verified and unclickable for your safety. dark.fail’s philosophy and finances

This resource is intended for researchers only. We do not vouch for any sites.

Darknet Live

  •  http://darkzzx4avcsuofgfez5zq75cqc4mprjvfqywo45dfcaxrwqg6qrlfid.onion


  •  http://dreadytofatroptsdj6io7l3xptbet6onoyno2yv7jicoxknyazubrad.onion


  •  http://recon222tttn4ob7ujdhbn3s4gjre7netvzybuvbq2bcqwltkiqinhad.onion


  • http://mlyusr6htlxsyc7t2f4z53wdxh3win7q3qpxcrbam6jf3dmua7tnzuyd.onion

ASAP Market

  •  http://asap2u4pvplnkzl7ecle45wajojnftja45wvovl3jrvhangeyq67ziid.onion
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Archetyp Market

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Incognito Market

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  • http://incognitox3vs5grdnmh52k35m64vib5fsbdrxzilujjptiqzeyrxhid.onion

Tor Market

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Tor2door Market

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Bohemia Market

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Exploit.in Forum

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Wannabuy RDP

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The Intercept

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The New York Times

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TorBox Email

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Tech Learning Collective

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The Tor Project

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Cryptostorm VPN

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Mullvad VPN

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Distributed Denial of Secrets

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SKS PGP Keyserver Pool

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The Pirate Bay

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The CIA’s Official Onion Site

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The USA’s NCIDE Task Force

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