Monopoly Market

Monopoly is a drug-only darknet market that is just over two years old and still in its early stages. The vendor variety, albeit limited, spans the globe, and postings receive a lot of attention from potential buyers. The market’s contents are viewed without logging in, making it simple to see if it has what you’re looking for before creating an account. Orders can also be placed without the need to create an account, which is a fairly new feature among darknet markets. Monopoly orders can be paid for using BTC or XMR, and all communications are encrypted with PGP.

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If anything, you could claim Monopoly cares about their customers’ well-being because all users are obliged to jump through a series of hoops forcing them to confess they may have been phished if they got their link from an untrustworthy source. The market administrator has gone so far as to clarify the risks that users face when they opt to utilize the market’s ‘Direct Deal’ or traditional escrow system, and they have done their utmost to guarantee that everyone understands what they’re doing while utilizing the market. Some users have reported issues with orders after losing their transaction ID, which can make order placement much more difficult. Apart from that, Monopoly receives extremely few user complaints.


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Product Choice

As previously stated, Monopoly is a smaller company that has yet to establish itself as trustworthy and steady among seasoned vendors. The market now has roughly 1,200 listings spread across eight categories (Benzos, Cannabis, Dissociatives, Ecstasy, Pharmaceuticals, Psychedelics, Steroids, Stimulants). Cannabis is by far the most popular of these categories, accounting for more than half of the market’s listings on any given day. Because it is a drug-only market with few entries, it is simple to find the product you are looking for (if they indeed have it).

Payment Modes

Monopoly accepts Bitcoin (BTC) and Monero (XMR) as payment methods. Orders can be placed using either Direct Deal (funds are delivered straight to the vendor) or Escrow. Direct Deal orders send payments directly to the vendor, bypassing the market entirely. The market holds funds for Escrow orders until the buyer completes the order. Vendors with a greater degree of trust can only take orders via Direct Deal, whilst other vendors can accept both options. It should be noted that some suppliers will not ship abroad, despite the fact that their filter results indicate that they would.

Monopoly Pros

  • No login and direct pay “wallet-less” system makes order placement easy.
  • Accepts XMR, seems to be heavily centered on security.
  • Dedicated community of vendors; market takes user feedback into consideration.

Monopoly Cons

  • Limited selection of vendors and product listings.
  • Order placement process can seem confusing or unsafe.
  • No digital or non-drug items.

Overall, we’re surprised that Monopoly hasn’t grown into a larger market after two and a half years; perhaps customers find the order placing system unappealing. However, the vendors and users who are present have formed a loyal community who find that it meets their needs. Monopoly may meet your needs if you aren’t too particular about what you’re looking for. If you require a wider range of options, you should search elsewhere.

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