Mega Darknet Market 2023 URL

Mega is a newer Russian-language darknet market that has risen to replace Hydra, which was decommissioned in early April 2022. Though it is still a tiny fraction of the size of Hydra, it is one of the most popular markets for those in Russia and other Russian-speaking nations. According to market statistics, it presently has over 18,700 product listings and 6,200 merchants, or “stores,” as they are known. The account creation process on the market is really straightforward, requiring only a username and password to get started. Before making a purchase, you need, of course, attach a PGP key to your account. To visit Mega, you must have JavaScript enabled in your Tor browser.

Mega Darknet Market Link – mega555kf7lsmb54yd6etzginolhxxi4ytdoma2rf77ngq55fhfcnyid.onion

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Mega, like Hydra, is a vendor-focused platform that encourages consumers to shop by vendor rather than by search result. This is because most deliveries are conducted utilizing the “dead drop” approach, in which packages (“treasures”) are left in discrete locations for the customer to pick up. To utilize the market, you must also live in Russia or a nearby region (other nations with “shops” include Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, and a few more). While several Russian-language markets have been operating after Hydra’s demise, Mega is currently the most popular and appears to be the most reliable.

Product Choice

Mega offers a diverse range of physical, digital, and services, as well as key drug categories such as Marijuana, Stimulants, Psychedelics, Ecstasy, Opiates, and Dissociatives. They also contain areas for carding, hacking, software, instructions, and a variety of services that are not commonly seen in other markets (including courier and management services). Items can be found by using the search feature and/or a sophisticated set of filters such as category, location, drop type, amount, and price (displayed in RUB, USD, EUR or BTC).

Payment Modes

Mega accepts Bitcoin (BTC), Monero (XMR), and Tether as cryptocurrencies (USDT). Most shops will accept payment in any of these currencies. Because most orders are done via the dead drop technique, all orders conducted through Mega use market escrow. The market includes an exchange where consumers may exchange BTC, XMR, and USDT for one of six other exchange pairings. It also offers a BTC buy service via, where consumers may buy BTC with RUB. Orders are placed based on geography, and prices may change depending on location.

Mega Pros

  • Abundant selection of listings and shop-serviced locations
  • Simple registration process
  • Accepts 3 different cryptocurrencies (BTC, XMR, USDT)

Mega Cons

  • Services mostly Russia and nearby countries/territories
  • Hard to locate vendors that will ship internationally
  • All payments reliant on market escrow (no multisig or per-order payment option)

Mega Market URL – mega555kf7lsmb54yd6etzginolhxxi4ytdoma2rf77ngq55fhfcnyid.onion

Overall, Mega appears to be the go-to Russian-speaking market right now, and it may be the greatest replacement to Hydra. It has attracted a number of previous merchants and consumers in recent months and appears to be a relatively reliable option for individuals in that region. If your location is not included, you should probably utilize a different market. Mega’s reliance on the old market-controlled wallet and escrow mechanism makes it vulnerable to an exit fraud, but for the time being it appears to be a professional and trustworthy company.

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