During our hunt for the greatest credit card dump sites, we came across What’s the deal with this vendor? Do they provide legitimate dumps or are they a scam? We didn’t sure what to do, so we decided to delve deep.

When we arrived at the site’s homepage, the first thing we noticed was how bright and vivid it was. This isn’t typical when viewing these types of sites, and while we didn’t let it worry us, we did notice a lot of empty space towards the bottom of the page. We observed that this site was employing an age-old technique of adding dozens of keywords and then attempting to hide them with white text. We’re not sure what we’ll find when we finally get into the site because this black hat technique is so old.

We wanted to learn more about this site before devoting too much attention to it. We looked through some records and discovered that the IP address is in California, USA, and that the provider is Cloudflare. The domain was registered on May 3, 2018, and it will expire on May 3, 2020. We’ll keep this in mind because this is a relatively new site, not yet a year old.

We return to the homepage with some additional information about the site’s history in mind. Unfortunately, despite the fact that there are several buttons to click on, including CC Fullz, Cards, and Create an Account, none of them work—they simply refresh the page. Instead, we must click the text link to establish an account. From there, we’re asked for our first and last names, email addresses, usernames, and passwords, as well as confirmation that we’ve read the terms and conditions. When we submit, we receive a notification indicating that our registration was successful, and we are then escorted inside.

On the left, we find a navigation menu with options to check news, our profile, order history, and add funds. A rapid view of total orders, the amount of services offered (currently 66), total cards on file for the user, and total site users (currently 16,000+) is available at the top. All that remains is for us to decide which category we want to shop in: fullz, dumps, cards, or PayPal profiles. After you’ve decided on a category, you must select a type. For example, if you select fullz, you will be able to select data by country or US state. When you’ve finished your decision, you’ll be directed to the order page, where you can enter your quantity and see how much your options will cost.

If you try to place an order without having cash in your account, the site encourages you to top up, which brings us to payment methods. This website only accepts Bitcoin and Perfect Money. You will make your deposit offsite to pay with the latter. To deposit Bitcoin, enter the amount you wish to deposit and then scan the QR code or transfer funds directly to the specified address. A message on the screen suggests making a ticket if you deposit $100 or more because there is a 20% discount.

We took a look around the website, and while everything seemed to be in order, we were put off by the strange homepage. We decided to look for further information on this website, particularly from those who had previously used it. We couldn’t locate many reviews, which is understandable given the site’s newness. However, we did notice a significant increase in black hat tactics. For example, we discovered a random blog item on a legitimate-looking site that appeared to have been modified (obviously unethically) to promote this shady website. We discovered numerous such scammy remarks.

After conducting extensive study, we must admit that we are conflicted about The site is attractive and simple to use, and the news area is routinely updated to promote new databases. However, the site’s proprietor is pushing far too hard to garner attention, and he’s doing it in shady ways. We believe that consumers should use caution when visiting this website. Have you previously purchased from How did you find it? More information is welcome in the comments area.

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