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Liberty Market, which was created in December 2020, is a well-maintained darknet market. It is on the smaller side, yet it maintains an active stream of customers and sellers who ship globally. Liberty gives a decent assortment of basic vendors on darknet markets for folks who aren’t too choosy about what they’re looking for. After the recent collapse of White House Market, many high-profile, veteran sellers relocated to Liberty. This shows that vendors consider it to be a competent, dependable operation, which it has been so far. Unlike its competitors, Liberty loads quickly and has no downtime – possibly due to its modest size.

Liberty’s clean and uncomplicated design is one of our favorites. It is not crowded and is quite simple to use. It is simple to learn everything you need to know about a product without having to browse several pages or tabs. The market also has a good number of mirrors, which makes it easy to find. To view the market’s contents, you must first create an account. Though the market is escrow-only, it performs admirably in all other categories — well enough to draw the attention of some well-known vendors.

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Product Selection

Liberty is a newer market, still less than a year old, hence it has fewer listings, with slightly more than 6,000 products and services displayed at any given moment. The majority of these entries, as with other darknet markets, are in the Drugs category. Liberty also has categories such as Fraud, Digital Products, Counterfeits, Services, and Software. Sections are conveniently grouped into subsections, which can be readily filtered using the several filter options provided by Liberty.

Payment Modes

As payment methods, Liberty accepts Bitcoin (BTC) and Monero (XMR). This market employs the traditional account wallet approach, which requires you to first load funds into your account before completing a transaction. Despite the fact that order types appear to be limited to Escrow and Finalize Early (FE), Liberty claims that multisig transactions are possible. Participating in this option in a bulk order situation is likely to necessitate a credible buyer account and must be handled by market moderators. The Finalize Early option, like in most markets, is designated for well-established sellers with a solid reputation.

Liberty Market Pros

  • Easy-to-use interface, visually friendly, non-cluttered.
  • Supports XMR as a payment option.
  • Robust uptime has attracted several experienced vendors.

Liberty Market Cons

  • Somewhat limited in product and service listings.
  • No direct pay or multisig payments (except for special requests).

Overall, Liberty Market appears to be one of the best darknet markets, having taken on several merchants following the closing of White House Market. Though not as large as some, this will undoubtedly change if the market can keep its reputation for dependability and ease of access. There is always the potential of an exit scam, but the negative consequences can be mitigated by never retaining more money on the market than is required to make a transaction.

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