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Kerberos Marketplace, a darknet market, debuted in February 2022. Its administrators say that it is the “first and only marketplace that only operates unique multi-layer encrypted servers and services,” despite being graphically heavy in comparison to most others. The architecture of the market is simple to navigate, and for whatever reason (perhaps to build trust), the main admin has included an interview with themselves in which they explain their objectives. The market supports 2-FA security and provides a one-of-a-kind mail system that allows users to message one another.

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Please see our Kerberos Market guide for further information.

Kerberos’ captcha systems are distinctive and imaginative, but not overly difficult to solve. To view the market’s contents, you must first create an account, which is a simple process. One of Kerberos’ more interesting characteristics is that it promises to use a “Cataclysm Protocol,” which is an automatic procedure that ensures vendors/buyers may still retrieve their funds/orders if the market is disrupted. Of course, it’s difficult to know whether any of this is true or not, but the administrators did put a lot of work into at least defining the system.

Product Choice

Despite being less than four months old, the market already has over 1100 listings and a diverse set of dealers. The following categories are used to categorize the listings: Services, Counterfeit, Carded Items, Tutorials, Software & Malware, Hostings, Precious Metals, Gemstones, Jewellery Subclasses are subcategories of categories. The most popular subcategory on Kerberos, like most other markets, is Cannabis, which now has around 200 entries. Most other categories and subcategories are currently lacking, although the listings are well-organized. The market also features a convenient search option that allows users to look for items or vendors.

Payment Modes

Kerberos accepts Bitcoin (BTC) and Monero (XMR) as payment methods. Buyers must first make a deposit to the market before placing an order because the market employs the normal account wallet mechanism. All orders are placed using the regular market escrow mechanism, which means the market holds them until the buyer receives them and releases them to the vendor. Kerberos does provide Finalize Early (FE) to qualifying vendors, and all orders will auto-finalize after a certain period if the customer has not finished them.

Kerberos Pros

  • Friendly interface & site design, dark mode by default
  • Offers full FAQ and how-to guide for users
  • Supports XMR
  • Large array of unique features

Kerberos Cons

  • Must prefund account balance
  • No multisig or per-order payment options
  • Listings selection somewhat small
  • No listing filtering options

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Overall, Kerberos Marketplace stands out among other darknet markets because its designers have spent a significant amount of time convincing its users that their funds are secure. They go above and above to describe how the market works and provide a number of new features. It is impossible to know for certain if they are honest in their commitment to protecting consumer assets – after all, they do employ the account wallet system, which makes an exit fraud possibly profitable. Regardless, they appear to have onboarded a respectable assortment of sellers in their very short history and provide everything required for an adequate darknet market purchasing experience.

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