Is Your Cash Limit Wrong?

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Is Your Cash Limit Wrong

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Is it just me, or does the CashApp add cash weekly limit seem off?

I realise it’s a rolling 7-day limit that can be reached down to the minute. My monthly cash add maximum is $7,500, but I can only contribute about $3,000 every week.

Do debits contribute to this limit? What about withdrawals?

Customer service is likewise abysmal. They simply copy and paste material about checking my limit on the app and manually adding up my transactions, ignoring the fact that my math is incorrect. Is Your Cash Limit Wrong, what is the solution.


Edit: Facebook support has already responded to me and informed me of the monthly limit, which clarifies a lot. I believe that the monthly limit should be displayed in the app or at the very least included in the training of the in-app support team. source=share&utm medium=web2x&context=3



Hello there! Thank you for inquiring about this. To be clear, this limit is calculated on both a card and an account basis, and it covers payments made to another Cash App client using your debit card.

However, cashing out has its own limit, which is unaffected by adding funds or transferring payments from a linked debit card.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please shoot me a private message.

covers payments made with your debit card to another Cash App customer

I don’t own any of them.

I tried, but Reddit stated I couldn’t talk to you.

Any such limitations are simply upper bounds that restrain the user.

Cash App does not follow such numbers; they are not guarantees to allow anything.

Any “promises” CA makes can be broken at any time because they have complete control.

Everything is actually up to the AI, which can disconnect you and close your account at any time, with no warning and no explanation.

Everything is actually up to the AI, which can disconnect you and close your account at any time, with no warning and no explanation.

Is Your Cash Limit Wrong

I trust you. That is how it appears.

To be clear, only the information displayed in the app is correct.

Nothing a human can do can change it.

Simply accept it.

And, yes, we all know what CS is like; it’s all part of how the organisation works.

Accept it or use another platform, once again.

You could also submit a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which is presently investigating these issues.

However, any fine imposed would most certainly be less than five minutes of Jack’s profits, interest on interest, and no deterrence at all.



Safe international transfer applications for international SR that operate in Australia? (Cashapp and Venmo don’t work in Australia, and Beemit doesn’t work with my bank) and I don’t do cryptocurrency. Any suggestions would be much appreciated! I set up an alternate PayPal account, however I’ve heard that purchases can be reversed through PayPal?!


INTERNATIONAL, we require a digital way. SB here, seeking for a means to receive foreign cash without revealing my entire name.


The best international transfer firm. Fees are the lowest in the industry.

Thanks! I’m looking into whether it has to be a legal name or not. PayPal requires it, and they can see your name even when sending or searching through email (of course made an email specifically for this)

Simply trade money. Can’t. It’s an international/long-distance call. Xoom is a PayPal company that operates in Australia and the United States.

Have you used it for this purpose before?

I haven’t been able to determine whether it displays my name or not (PayPal requires legal names to be displayed even for people receiving) and this includes on PayPal. This is my link. So I’m not sure if it will divulge my information to the payer.

CASH IS THE KING. Is Your Cash Limit Wrong, then you have a problem.


Refused Direct Deposit Unemployment (PUA) Pay CashApp Not Releasing

I built a CashApp with the purpose of using it to get my Ohio PUA unemployment benefits. I received two or three first payments through it to test its usefulness, but the PUA’s first direct deposit was refused owing to a changing routing number (this seems to happen sometimes after the activation of your physical card).

On May 20, 2020, I received a deposit denial warning via ODJFS and immediately notified CashApp Support. I’ve spoken with the PUA accounting offices three times since then, most recently on Friday, May 29th, and the monies (about $3,800) have yet to be issued by CashApp.

So far, Support has sent me the same same message three times, stating that the deposit could take 3-5 business days to appear in my account. The fourth time I was told to contact unemployment, I received no more reply after expressing that I had done so and asked to know the expected time frame for my monies to be reissued TO unemployment. To know if it Is Your Cash Limit Wrong or not.

Because there is no phone help, I wrote a certified letter describing the problem to their legal department, which is anticipated to arrive Tuesday. (I’ll keep you updated.)

Meanwhile, I’m interested whether ANYONE has received unemployment after what happened to them. So far, the reviews are dismal.

5/31/20 Update: After I tweeted about this situation, CashApp messaged me to assign my case to a support team member. According to the email I just received:

“If you have confirmed that they made this deposit to the wrong account number, please request that the unemployment office reverse the deposit. A recall is an internal reversal on their part that attempts to recoup the monies. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do on our end, but I can assure you that the cash will be returned to them, and they will most likely write you a printed check or hold the funds.”

Is Your Cash Limit Wrong


Don’t use the cash app for unemployment, man. I have $2.3k in my account that I can’t utilize because Cash App considers it “strange behaviour.” To find out about problems, go to a real bank or somewhere you know offers at least decent customer care.

While I am aware of this now, I had no previous dealings with them OR unemployment, and our firm was closed for more than two months. We chose a path that, on the surface, promised efficient direct deposit and are now suffering the consequences.

For my unemployment in New Jersey, I’ve been using cash app direct transfer. It’s been working every week for the previous few weeks. Now it’s “pending,” and I can’t access the money.

I’ve been told to contact unemployment again and have THEM recall the funds. This has quickly become quite similar to dealing with Paypal recalls, when neither bank accepts responsibility for the money being anywhere and it eventually goes silently.

We are considering making an official complaint with the Better Business Bureau because this appears to be a widespread problem.



The BBB is essentially Yelp for the elderly. They have no legal authority to act. You should file a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Last week, I sent a certified letter to their legal department detailing my issue, the balance that is currently in limbo, and asking them to release it in the other direction (it’s expected to arrive tomorrow), but many of the stories I’ve read in the last 24 hours or so are people who have been fighting this battle for months on end, with neither entity budging on their stance that it is the fault of the other.

This is a loop I’ve been in before when dealing with Paypal returns as a company provider of services, and with Paypal, the monies have never been returned to us unless through the client directly when they can be bothered. Being given the runaround or told “I’m sure it’ll be available next week” with no effort made to ensure the truth is beyond aggravating, and it’s debilitating in the current financial circumstances.

Is your cash app’s money showing as pending? Have you previously received an unemployment deposit through cash app?

No, it was the initial deposit from unemployment, and I received notification from CashApp on May 20th that the deposit had been denied. The letter came from unemployment, not CashApp, and the transaction was never marked as pending because of an issue in my CashApp routing number. Since then, both parties have insisted that the cash be released by the other (and NEITHER offers phone support).

My girlfriend is in the same situation with her unemployment. Her account was locked, and after trying to contact them for 5 days about her $2900 in her account, they finally said that the name did not match on the account, despite the fact that the unemployment came through with her first and last name. They asked us to produce proof of her unemployment but have yet to respond. Trying to contact them has been a headache, and we will definitely not be using this if her funds are released. Is Your Cash Limit Wrong .. fuck

I’m currently on the phone with the PUA office.

So far, the cycle has resembled:

Call the unemployment line. Check that the monies have not been refunded.

They inform me that my bank must renew them.

Email CashApp several times. (By tweeting them, I received a significantly faster answer and avoided the copy and paste from e-mail phase.)

Have CashApp tell me that unemployment must request the money back from them; there is nothing they can do.

Receive a phone number for the inactive “accounting department” of the PUA offices.

Send an email to the PUA’s accounting department, which goes unanswered.

My account was suspended. I done nothing wrong, made no changes, received two unemployment checks, then my card was frozen and my account was suspended a week later, and they simply sent this:

To assist maintain a safe environment for our customers, all Cash App transactions and deposits are subject to scrutiny for security considerations. Your Cash App account has been stopped until further notice due to a violation of our Terms of Service.

This is in response to a query from a government agency in charge of unemployment insurance distribution. For more information, please contact the government agency.

We are unable to share additional information on our decision.

Cash App Assistance

I also submitted a complaint with the BBB and am awaiting a response from Cash App. To clarify, I harassed the absolute fuck out of them for a week before receiving a response.

Cash app notified me that my direct payment from Pua had failed since it exceeded $10,000. Based on everything I’ve read, I’m guessing I’ll never get that back money….

The same thing happened to me, and I’d like to know if you ever received your money, and if so, what you had to do to acquire it.

CASH APP SUCCESSFUL FOR DIRECT DEPOSIT FOR UNEMPLOYMENT! MY CASH APP BANK RECEIVED ALMOST $7,000 FROM GDOL! CASH APP returned every penny to the financial company that unemployment uses, and I still have not received my back pay!!! If anyone knows how to reverse a payment, please let me know because I will NEVER OR ANYONE WILL BE ABLE TO REACH ANY GDOL UNEMPLOYMENT OFFICE ANYTIME SOON!!!!

Is Your Cash Limit Wrong

I JUST WANT TO SAY TO ANYONE WHO IS HAVING THIS PROBLEM AND MAYBE LOSING THEIR MIND… YOU WILL RECEIVE YOUR MONEY… MY UNEMPLOYMENT WAS $10,000, and the cash app rejected it on Friday, June 26. My money was returned on Tuesday, June 30th, and it is now being processed by unemployment and forwarded to my new banking information.

How did you find out it was returned, and mine failed on Monday, and I changed my bank information, now what?

I’m going through it right now because it’s over $10,000. I’m on wait with Va Pua right now, trying to modify my bank information. Keep your fingers crossed. Did they allow you to modify your banking information over the phone?

So, did you get it? When I emailed Cash App, they indicated it was returned to sender for me as well. My next week’s payment went through without a hitch, therefore I’m curious where the back money is and how long it took. I was refused on June 30 but swapped it the next day and received this week just fine. The $10,000 is nowhere to be found. Every number does not function in Virginia.

Is Your Cash Limit Wrong

Did you alter your bank information after the payment failed? I recently had a 15k fail. I updated my deposit information on unemploymeny, so perhaps it will go to that account.

I received my puma payment but it was over 10.000 so cash app said it failed because cash app does not accept more than 10.000 deposit at one time so what do I do and I still haven’t received my money back yet furthermore I went and opened a bank account and changed it what should I do now. Is Your Cash Limit Wrong for what.

So I saw your post and found a lot of individuals in my predicament. I was getting my money fine until it became pending, which they said would never happen. I retained the cash app since I can’t open a bank account until I figure out where I can pay the $28.00 I owe to a previous bank. Long story short, I won’t be able to access my money until I open a new bank account. I have PayPal, but I see that Ohio does not allow it either. I’m at a loss.



$3500.                                   $300

$7000.                                    $500

$10,000.                                  $750

$20,000.                                  $1500

$35,000                                  $2500

$100,000.                                 $5000


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