Is it my responsibility to repay Western Union if my bank account was not used?

Repay Western Union if my bank account was not used  — All You Need to Know

repay Western Union if my bank account was not used




Hi. Please accept my apologies in advance; English is not my native language. Western Union sent me an email with the subject “Western Union WEB Transaction Validation” and the email address

It says:

Dear [your name],

Western Union provides the following information to authenticate the legitimacy of the money transfer services offered by We received a claim from your bank after the money had already been transferred out to the receiving party, so Western Union is still due money for its services to you (followed by the transaction details & ways I can pay it back) Why Should I repay Western Union if my bank account was not used.

Repay Western Union if my bank account was not used

This is a real transaction, so I’m hesitant to believe it’s a scam, even though I searched and found no proof of this email being sent to anybody else. The funds were transferred from a family member’s bank account to mine. However, because they utilised my Western Union app to send it, I received this email.

Is this a genuine email, and am I liable for the money if it was not sent from my bank account? Will they pursue me if this person fails to pay, or will they pursue the owner of the sending bank account? I’m not sure this guy is willing to pay it back because of the circumstances around why I was sent the money in the first place. They are the ones who placed me in debt to begin with. Please let me know if you have any suggestions. I don’t know if it is significant information because I live in the United States.



Contact your bank. Do not click on any of the email’s links. It’s most likely a Phishing scam.

This is a ruse. They are known scammers based somewhere in India, and the phone number they mention in the email is linked to them.

According to my knowledge, if this occurs (which it usually does not), Western Union will contact you or send you a letter; they will not send you an email. If you want to confirm, call Western Union’s customer support line at 1 (800) 325-6000 (note the difference in numbers).

This appears to be genuine, yet it strongly like a con. Can you post the whole message headers (redact your personal email address but leave everything else in)? I’d be surprised if is the true source of that mail; the headers will disclose where it originated. I also find it difficult to believe that Western Union would advise you to return this through their bill pay service rather than representing the ACH debit to your family member’s bank or clawing the amount back from yours.

Is your family member ready to tell you whether their bank reversed the transaction or filed a fraud complaint about it? If your family member reported the transaction as fraudulent, Western Union would very certainly want to know because the report itself is fraudulent.

You can also call Western Union’s fraud hotline at 1-800-448-1492 to confirm whether or not they sent the email.

This is a well-known con.

When you Google the phone number, you get a lot of results from services that monitor spam callers, but nothing from Western Union.


Someone stole my money by hacking into my Western Union account. My fraud allegation has been denied by Bank of America.

Repay Western Union if my bank account was not used

I apologise if this is the wrong subreddit, but I need need help getting my money back. As a backdrop, I am an international student in the United States. I’ve been a Bank of America member since I moved to the United States a few years ago, and I’ve also used Western Union to send money home.

On November 15th, someone got into my Western Union account and transferred $2400 to two different accounts. The funds were sent to banks in my native country, but not to any banks with which I have ever done business. I immediately notified Western Union and Bank of America of these transfers, as well as the local police station the next day. I then contacted the banks in my home country where the money was sent and was told that they would be unable to help until Western Union contacted them immediately. Western Union, on the other hand, assigned me a case number and informed me that they have a policy of not contacting banks and will not provide any information (including the account details to which the transfer was made or the IP address and location from which the hackers accessed my account) unless compelled by law enforcement. I informed law enforcement of this, along with the banks to which the fraudulent transfers were sent, but they were incredibly lax about it and did not contact Western Union for a long time, implying that the fraudsters had already stolen the money from their accounts.



Bank of America provided me with a temporary credit for the amount at the end of November, but informed me on December 21 that they will be withdrawing the funds since they “decided” that the transactions were approved. They did this since Western Union had my name, address, and phone number. I sent them a fax the same week explaining that my WU account had been hacked, which is why they had my information, and that Western Union had the account details of the banks to which the money was transferred, as well as the IP address and location from which the transfers occurred, and that they would provide all of this to law enforcement. I also faxed my police report to them. At addition, I submitted a complaint about this in the CFPB portal. On January 5th, I was informed that my case had been reopened for reconsideration.

Last week, Bank of America’s compliance officer contacted to advise me that my claim had been rejected again again, and that I should contact their claims department for more information. I phoned their claims department many times this week, but all they could tell me was that my claim had been rejected after reconsideration. They can’t identify the date this decision was made, they can’t reopen my case, and they have no idea why this decision was made – my records only say “rejected due to consumer liability.” I have yet to receive an official response to my CFPB complaint. For me to repay Western Union if my bank account was not used is sad.

I’m worried and perplexed about how to proceed. As a student, this is a significant sum for me, and I need to recover it. The police department has also been unhelpful in providing any information I may utilise in this matter. Should I look for pro bono lawyers, or are there any other options for getting my money back? Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.

Repay Western Union if my bank account was not used



The Federal Reserve regulates banks. You can file a complaint on the website. I work in corporate escalation for an FCC-regulated corporation. We take complaints extremely seriously and usually have certain legal requirements that we must follow in order to settle any complaints. It’s worth a shot.

The Federal Reserve exclusively regulates the charters of state member banks. The OCC oversees national charters, whereas the FDIC oversees state nonmember charters. The FCC has no role in bank regulation.

Thank you very much! I will also submit a complaint with the FCC. Bank of America owes you nothing. Western Union is one example.

Thank you very much. Could you please tell me where I may submit a complaint against Western Union? I can’t locate any specific information about who governs Western Union.

Did you try to initiate a dispute with them first, or did you head straight to BoA? You must first begin their process. You only have a certain amount of time to report fraud, and if you miss the deadline, they will tell you to pound sand.

Because the Western Union account was not fraudulently linked to your bank account, Bank of America has no influence over what happens at Western Union after you legitimately link your bank account. You did give Bank of America permission to withdraw funds from Western Union. I’m not sure if Western Union is responsible, but I’m guessing they have some kind of phrase in their user agreement that makes you responsible for the loss. I’d suppose the perpetrator was in your home country because that’s where the bank transfers went, thus there’s not much a local US police agency can do about a crime that didn’t happen in their jurisdiction, or, more crucially, country. I’d say you’re probably screwed. The second commenter proposes filing a complaint against B of A, which is completely pointless because they did nothing wrong and have no incentive to make your loss their loss. If you’re going to make a complaint with a government agency, it should be about Western Union, although I doubt they’re liable either.

Western Union is not a bank, and I have never heard of someone storing money with them.

Even fully regulated FDIC institutions are hesitant to refund hacked/scammed funds when ACH transfers or Debit cards are involved.

Credit cards are far superior in this regard.

Continue to contact WU every couple of business days, informing them of each step.

File a complaint with the BBB first, then with Yelp and other scam reporting and review sites.

then state AGs, starting with yours, then the state of their corporate headquarters

Then proceed to the federal level, CFPB, FTC, Federal Reserve, and Comptroller of the Currency OCC

If you have a lawyer friend, write them an official Registered letter threatening all of the above as well as a lawsuit.

I’m not claiming it’ll help, but….

Thank you very much! I did not send money through Western Union. However, my Bank of America debit card information was in my account because I had previously used Western Union, which was utilised by the hackers.
I’ve already reported WU to several scam reporting websites and on social media. They are still refusing to assist and will not even provide me with information about the transfers until pressed by law enforcement, who are also refusing to do so for unknown reasons. I don’t have any lawyer buddies in the United States because I am not from there. I will, however, pursue the state AG option.

Repay Western Union if my bank account was not used

I am in exactly the same predicament as you. This morning, I received emails from WU regarding successful transfers; I contacted within 15 minutes of receiving my email, and they stated that the money had been placed and that a case had been opened. I’m feeling helpless and frustrated after reading this discussion.

I went to work for Bank of America.

I’m about to contact my local law enforcement.

Is there anything else you think I should do?

Last night, my wife’s WU account was hijacked. What a jerk WU is. They should feel safer. They don’t even employ two-factor authentication! I believe we have permanently lost the money. I will never, ever use them again.

Did you settle this with WU? My account was also attacked last night. Do not repay Western Union if my bank account was not used.




$3500.                                   $300

$7000.                                    $500

$10,000.                                  $750

$20,000.                                  $1500

$35,000                                  $2500

$100,000.                                 $5000


Repay Western Union if my bank account was not used

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