I need to speak with someone from cash app support.

speak with someone from cash app support — All You need to know

speak with someone from cash app support



Please excuse the poor formatting as this is a mobile post.

As usual, my brother sent me his share of the rent money via the cash app in July. I got the money and paid the rent, but there were duplicate transactions in my brother’s bank account that appeared to be from the cash app to me. His bank recorded the initial transaction, then took the same amount out a few days later, and the money simply vanished. His cash app only showed one payment to me, while mine (and my bank account) only showed one payment from him. He was understandably upset, so he went to the bank to dispute the charge. His bank returned his money, and he closed his cash app account and changed the number on his debit card. That was supposed to be the end of it.

I wasn’t concerned about continuing to use the cash app, so I continued to use it to collect rent from the rest of our roommates because it was the simplest method. This was until a few days ago, when one of my roommates sent me his rent on Friday night, which I left in the app with the intention of withdrawing it Saturday morning to pay rent. Saturday morning, I awoke to a notice from Cash App stating that they had deducted funds from my account to refund the charge that my brother had disputed with his bank. This money has simply vanished, and there is no way to contact anyone at cash app to resolve the issue. I don’t have enough money to pay the rent until I get this money back, and if I don’t pay on time, I’ll be evicted.

TLDR: The Cash app stole money from my brother and made it appear that I received it. The money was taken from me months later, after my brother’s bank contested the charge. Attempt to speak with someone from cash app support failed.


speak with someone from cash app support



Cash app is the most shady payment processor available.

You’re screwed because there is no number and they offer no assistance. I’ve been arguing with them on reddit/twitter for months.

How did you solve the problem, OP?!

Based on the complaints I’ve read on here, Cash App is a gang of thieving thugs…

They stole $300 from me and I still haven’t been able to recover it.

I never received “customer service,” only the runaround via email, and they said they couldn’t assist me.

If anyone reading this continues to use the cash app, make sure to withdraw all of your money from the app to your bank right away. Any money stored in the app may vanish and you will have no way of recovering it. Any decent bank will assist with cash app disputes, but unfortunately for me, the money they stole from me was in the app.


Because of the personal information, I am unable to approve your post.

I’m not a cash app supporter, but I might be able to assist you.

Where did you get the bitcoin wallet address to which you transferred the funds?



Cashapp is essentially a money laundering haven for con artists.


Cashapp is essentially a money laundering haven for con artists… Cashapp actively facilitates fraud…

speak with someone from cash app support

I clearly documented that I was duped out of at least $290, but Cashapp support doesn’t have a fax number and initially refused to provide me with their physical mailing address…


They say I can’t get my money back because I sent it to Andrea Camara (who is actually Andrea Cortez, she just used a different last name). They say my only option is to send her a money-back request (which I did), but good luck with that…

So I want to sue her, but they won’t give me her address. I ask if they can put a hold on her account in case there is a court order later, but they say no way…. I ask if they can tell me if she has already spent that money (I transferred more than $490 to her), but they are also unable to do so…

As a result, Cashapp will DO NOTHING! Won’t give me the money back but won’t even investigate it (despite the fact that I provided hard evidence) and won’t even take any action against her account, so she’s still free to request and accept money as if nothing happened and to scam other victims….

Where is the oversight? What became of the oversight? What makes this legal? Cashapp operates what kind of business?

Cashapp, as a money processor, has a legal and fiduciary obligation to stop the fraud. Allowing the scammer to continue using the Cashapp platform to commit further breaches of contract makes Cashapp, even as a third party, liable for both fraudulent conveyance and breach of fiduciary duty.

What became of “Know Your Customer”? When Cashapp receives a complaint, the very least it should do is place a hold on the funds in the account, if not use an escrow service… It’s one thing if they can’t get my money back, but it’s quite another to not even investigate the evidence provided to them and then knowingly allow her to continue running her scams and victimising others with impunity. Even PayPal provides more than absolute zero security. Cashapp is a genuine safe harbour for fraud because it knowingly allows fraudulent use of its services for profit and ill-gotten gains. When speak with someone from cash app support, they talk trash.





Kiss your cash goodbye. You hired a hooker to accompany you on a trip (from BROWNSVILLE, of all places), she took your money and left, lol. Try explaining that to law enforcement or a court of law.

You even went so far as to create a website and a subreddit for the $300 you lost. Man, come on. Go on your trip, find a good hooker at your destination, and have fun. You’ll never see this money again, and you’ll be fine.

I’m fucking rolling lol good reads on the OP’s profile

Lol, I’m giving the OP all the credit, but damn lol I can’t believe whoever it is posted this. Cashapp support is most likely laughing their heads off. “I want to sue her.” “Cashapp won’t give me the address on file.” 1) What are you going to sue a hooker for? Contract violation. 2) Cashapp would not last long if they disclosed people’s addresses whenever they made a request. This guy is the epitome of creep!!!

Your recourse is the same whether you paid her with cashapp or with cash. You have to speak with someone from cash app support for real.



As another person suggested, file a police report and take her to small claims court. Cashapp is not a necessary party.

You say you asked Cashapp if she spent the funds on the intended purpose; who says she has to pay for the intended purpose directly through Cashapp? You made a big assumption.

What does any of this have to do with money laundering?


You cheated yourself and now want Cashapp to do something about it, but that’s not how it works.

LMFAO 🤣😂😫😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂

Not only did you create a whole ass website and investigation, but what makes me laugh the most is that you actually paid $9 for the domain name that is her name. Bo, it’s not difficult to find a female you don’t have to buy. You’re just so self-conscious and ashamed of yourself that this is the only way you know how to approach “dating” girls. Girls are the focus. Neither ladies nor women.

speak with someone from cash app support

They provide no buyer protection; if you are duped, you are on your own.

Only use it for personal transfers with people you know and trust in real life.

I’m sure you believe you are entitled to a refund if your lottery tickets do not win. Every stupid son of a bitch I know just got a lot smarter in comparison to whatever the hell this is. Lmfao

I like cash app because it is a haven for scammers… What, you want your money back from a hooker?

I didn’t read your entire post before commenting… after I commented, I read the other comments and went back up to your post, and I have to say I’m shocked that you would openly admit all of this… you even made a website about her… kinda creepy IMO.

You seem to have a lot of money… kiss the $300 goodbye and don’t hire hookers.

This is an obsession, bro. After reading the comments, it appears that you paid a hooker for a “platonic vacation” and then lost your money.

Even if you have the legal right with your recordings and whatever, are you really going to go to war with a multibillion-dollar corporation that will bury your life in lawyer fees?

Don’t waste time trying to get your money back.

Edit: the site makes it even worse; why would you dox someone this bad for $300?

Everyone except you appears to be aware that you are an idiot. I absolutely adore this post.

If you want to sue her, file a lawsuit and then subpoena Square Inc/CashApp for her records. It is used by all inmates in my jail. Dude. You’re going way too far with this. It’s time to move on.

It was a present. If it was a deal, as Judge Judy would have told you. You and she would have signed a contract stating that she would pay you back, but since you didn’t, it’s all talk. Why not go to the judge? Judy, file a claim so we can watch all of you on YouTube when people record episodes… and btw, I saw a site you went to it’s not a travelling dating site. The what’s your price is where men pay for a date with a lady and there is no agreement for the lady to pay back the guys. That makes no sense for a date. It’s similar to a sugar daddy website, so call Judge Judy and tell her you want to be on the show, bring whatever proof you have, and let’s see what she says. So that we can see you on the show.

Cashapp is intended to be used to send money to family and friends, or to anyone you know. So, if you send the money yourself, Cashapp should not be held liable for your actions.

I’m not sure why you believe you can simply request that a bank freeze someone else’s account. Could you imagine the problems they’d have if people could just call a bank and request a freeze on other people’s accounts at will? That’s a problem. & her banking information is confidential. Transactions, deposits, and so on. This is…. a great deal of entitlement. I can’t imagine having the audacity to ask a bank to do anything like that.

You could possibly sue her in small claims court. However, the court costs would be prohibitively expensive. Unfortunately, you placed your trust in a stranger, and I believe the only thing you’ll get out of this is a lesson learned…

There physical address is on their website, as are all of their social media contacts; did you even try going to the website for help?

After reading this entire thread, this is the most pitiful complaint I’ve ever seen. Look at the downvotes on all of your posts to see how wrong you are. You squandered your money, dawg. Get over it.

So the simple answer is that you didn’t do it. Sheesh. You all implicate yourselves.

That is not correct. My friend was a scammer, and Cash App completely blocked him. He is no longer able to receive payments because his account has been flagged. They did a good job with security. I’d say they’re pretty safe.

What is going on? What are you willing to pay for a “platonic” travel companion? It’s not CashApp’s fault that you sent money to a “ex-hooker” for a passport renewal lmaoo. You’d been finessed. Consider it a lesson learned and move on. It’s $300, not $3,000.

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You’re obviously denying that this is entirely your fault. And your argument has no legs to stand on, nor a window through which to throw it.

Hire a private investigator or whatever they’re calling them to look for her and try to find her home address so you can film her from the sidewalk. It is legal to film anything as long as you are on the sidewalk.

CASHAPP is not a “haven for fraud” – that is a terribly suburban-American superlative (likely race biassed presumption). CASHAPP (are) a collection of individual accounts owned by Jack Dorsey’s parent company. If you want, you can look for it. They are active-asset accounts that have been set up to allow multiple account holders (in effect). American banking CRM is riddled with irrational assumptions about low yield accounts, frequent transfers, and inconsistent sums flowing through accounts and wires. (See what I mean?)

speak with someone from cash app support

To a white American moderator from Michigan, as a black user with a Muslim/exotic name? Such behaviour will be reported. What’s the issue here? Ordinary moderators enjoy playing cop or detective and causing havoc in (I believe) 99% of flagged/closed accounts.

In comes Jack Dorsey, who, for whatever reason, has an affinity (perhaps sympathy?) for marginalised black minorities. Given that he’s been hanging out with a case study black man-cum-the-projects and all his blingy hood mates? That he might loosen the noose on CASHAPP activity MAKES SENSE TO ME. If you don’t get a call from Jack Webb about known money-washing activity, in my opinion? Leave CASHAPP management CRM alone. I need to speak with someone from cash app support.

My ex-wife used my old cell phone to access my cashapp and send herself $2180; I immediately reported it to cashapp, but they did nothing…how can I not stop a payment made from my account?!? Ridiculous. I’m still playing with the app…at least until the end of the year…this $599.99 nonsense Killin’ the trap.

That’s why I looked up Cashapp on Reddit; what’s up with that $600 thing now? What changed, if anything?




$3500.                                   $300

$7000.                                    $500

$10,000.                                  $750

$20,000.                                  $1500

$35,000                                  $2500

$100,000.                                 $5000


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