Here’s a new guide to hacking a bank account that will teach you the fundamentals as well as advanced tactics for hacking your victims’ bank accounts and becoming wealthy overnight.

There are numerous methods to generate money illegally, but withdrawing money directly from someone else’s bank account is one of the finest ways to become wealthy fast. There are various methods for hacking a bank account that will allow you to take money from your victim’s account or use it to make online transactions. Some of these ways are riskier than others, but I’ve included a list of the most dependable methods of hacking bank accounts below.

Continue reading to learn how to successfully hack into your victims’ bank accounts.




This is the simplest approach for obtaining the user information required to hack into someone’s bank account. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to steal bank accounts using the Phishing approach.

  1. Create A Fake Website

You can gather information about your clients using this bogus website. Building a realistic phony website will cost you some money as an initial investment, but it is well worth it.

Build a website, such as an online store. For example, you could construct a bogus website selling appliances that visitors to the site could try to buy online. When visitors place a purchase for the product, they will enter their credit card information, and you will receive their card information as well as their bank information, which you can use to breach their accounts.


  1. Promote Your Fake Website

After constructing the fake phishing site, use a fake social media account to advertise it anonymously on social media. Promotional activities like this will entice potential clients and victims to browse the site, after which they will attempt to make a purchase, giving you their contact information.

  1. Collect Credit Card Details

People will try to buy your stuff if you have a high-quality phishing site. It doesn’t really matter what product you sell; what matters is that you can collect and store their information. Once you have obtained personal and banking information from various persons, you will be ready to begin your bank account hacking operation.

  1. Avoid Targeting Banks With Strong Security Protocols

Because certain banks have more stringent security than others, you must identify whether clients are members of these banks and avoid attacking them. Any attempt to hack into their account will most likely fail and will just raise your risk.

When you attempt to complete a transaction, certain banks will send a One Time Pin (OTP) to the victim’s phone number. You must continue to try several banks to determine whether ones have poor security.

This strategy is simple and convenient because it does not require a lot of experience to be successful. All you need are the right tools.


Fake Messages

Since most people are not going to fall for this trick, you will also need the following to successfully use this method on a large scale:

  • A Bulk SMS Program
  • Random Victim Phone Numbers
  • A Laptop (For use in making transactions)
  • Card Detail Verification Software (To determine whether card entails you receive are correct)
  • A Stable Internet Connection

The strategy is sending baited messages to your victim that appear to be from the victim’s bank, for example:

“This is an XYZ Bank message. If you do not contact us within three days to update your BVN, your account will be blocked. To access your account and amend your account details, call xxxx-xxx-xxxx.”

The structure I’ve described above is just one example of how you might use the Message Method to trick your clients into giving you their bank account information. Then you can hijack their accounts to withdraw payments and place online orders.

Send your bogus message to a large number of random phones using a bulk SMS application. Then you simply wait for your victims to contact you. When you receive a confirmation call, pose as an employee of the victim’s bank and acquire the following information:


  • Credit Card Number
  • Expiry Date
  • CVV (The number at the back of the card)

Once you have the above information, you can go online and start buying things using the victim’s credit card information.


This is yet another successful method of hacking bank accounts, however it does necessitate some technical knowledge.

To use this strategy, you must transmit a kelogger virus via email to your victim’s device. Once the virus has infected their device, it will record all of the victim’s activity and send it to you. If the victim makes an online purchase by entering their credit card information, the virus will record it and email it to you.


Banking Trojans

This is a way to hack bank accounts that makes use of application software. It is quite similar to phishing, but instead of creating just any fake website you need to create a fake bank app similar to the real bank app in order to obtain victims’ bank details.

Below are the step by step instructions for this method:

  1. Create a mobile application that looks similar to, or exactly like, the mobile application of the bank you are targeting.
  2. Host the mobile application on the internet. Do not host it on the Apple App Store or the Android Play Store as they will remove your app.
  3. The App needs be designed so that it will send you the information of anybody using the app.You can design the app to crash after it sends you the victim’s details.
  4. Once you have your victim’s login details you can use the real bank app to login to their accounts and access their information and transfer money to an account you control.
  5. Be sure to use a bank account that is not under your real name when transferring your victim’s money to yourself.

ATM Card Hacking

To be honest, hacking someone’s ATM card is difficult because you can’t do anything if you don’t know the ATM card’s pin.

To use someone else’s ATM card, you must have their correct card data. However, if you have their bank account information, you can easily access their account and withdraw money or make online transactions without raising suspicions.

When you have someone’s ATM card information, make sure you use it to shop on websites headquartered outside of your own country, as these will not require two-step verification. Because most local websites will demand two-step authentication, shopping locally online is not a good idea.

Another reason you should avoid shopping online at foreign websites with compromised bank accounts is that foreign websites sometimes take days to transmit a debit alert to the victim.

Finally, avoid using your real name when purchasing anything online while using someone else’s ATM card details, as this will make it very easy to trace your purchases back to you.


Bank Verification Number (BVN) Money Transfers

To use a victim’s BVN, you will need to employ proprietary software that is specific to the bank that your victim owns. Obtaining access to this type of software without an inside connection can be difficult, if not impossible, but if you do, you can obtain all of a victim’s information simply by providing their BVN. Once you have this information, you can change your victim’s pin number, commit fraud using their bank account, or even erase their account completely.

This is the quickest way to hack a bank account, but if you don’t have an insider contact in a bank, you should try one of the other methods listed above to identify a client to defraud.


Takeaway On Hacking Bank Accounts

If you need to hack a bank account, the information above should be useful, but you’ll probably only be able to utilize it if you already know a little bit about hacking in general. Aside from accessing bank accounts, there are alternative ways to make money that do not involve hacking, such as being a Yahoo boy.

Remember, hacking bank accounts is a serious crime, so try not to be caught.