It’s another day, which means we’re back on the lookout for trustworthy websites that give credit card dumps. These websites provide us with information that we can use to make purchases as if we had our own credit cards. goswipe.su is today’s discovery.

When we go to the homepage, we see the typical simple layout of these types of sites. We are given the option of entering a username and password, as well as a captcha, or registering a new account. One oddity we discovered was that the header at the top of the page, the title is valid.su. We knew this wasn’t the domain we were looking for, so we went to this URL to see what was there. It merely takes you to a screen that says the domain has been linked to the platform. Valid.su does not appear to be operational yet, which is worrying.

Before we go any farther with this website, we need to find out who is behind the scenes. Our study shows that the IP is based in Moscow, Russia, and the registrar is labeled as a “private individual”. The domain was registered on March 17, 2017 and will expire on March 17, 2020. While the site isn’t particularly ancient, it appears to be here to stay.

Let’s get started with actually using the site. When we click to create a new account, the website asks for basic information such as our username, email address, password, and a valid ICQ number. We entered the needed information and were simply routed to the homepage. There was no indication whether or not the account registration was successful, and we received no emails. We decided to check in to test if we could, and we saw that the account had been created.

This website’s user interface is straightforward. The top navigation bar has links to dumping, billing, orders, and the shopping cart. There’s also a dropdown for account information and a button for viewing the current balance. The remainder of the page is devoted to news and contact information. We can see that there are four official domains, and the news is updated on a regular basis.

When you click the dumps links, you will be directed to a page with a filter at the top and search results below. When we scroll through the default results, we notice a wide range of alternatives, including traditional, signature, corporate, gold, and prepaid cards, both debit and credit, from the United States and around the world. Because there are over 2,500 pages of results, it’s recommended to utilize the filter to narrow down your search. Prices appear to begin at $25 and increase from there. You can quickly mark off the accounts you want to buy and then add them to your basket using the button at the bottom of the page.

Bitcoin is the sole option accessible on the billing page. You are given a field to enter the amount of US currency you want to deposit into your account, which is automatically translated to BTC. The address to which you must transfer funds is provided on the following page.

A user’s prior purchases would be displayed on the orders page. We don’t have any, therefore the page is empty, however there is a note stating that cards can be examined within 10 minutes and refunded if they don’t function.

Now that we’ve had a chance to study the site, we wanted to make sure we had the whole picture by looking at what other people had to say about it. We discovered that a merchant named GoSwipe was well recognized in major forums. However, in 2017, something happened, and the merchant went offline. Since then, several rippers have attempted to capitalize on the good name. We believe this is the same seller based on the current site, particularly the very old news updates. Some of the old news blurbs refer to the same URLs that were previously praised.

After spending so much time investigating GoSwipe.su, we are confident in reporting that this site is a good choice for fresh dumps. The site is definitely updated frequently, and it has a long history. The search filter and results display a large number of possibilities, and the prices are reasonable. Have you used this website before? Please let us know how things went in the comments.

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