GammaGoblin Store – Pushing Taboo (2023)

If there’s one reason vendors choose the darknet over street trading, it’s the resistance to dangers like law enforcement and the ability to operate for extended periods of time without being detected. However, very few sellers have chosen to stay “in the game” for so long. Gamma Goblin, we present you.

This darknet-trusted vendor has been around since the days of the Silk Road. As of this writing, that is approximately 7-8 years. To put it another way, now is a great time to be vending and serving clients on the darknet.

Name:GammaGoblin – Pushing Taboo (Vendor Shop)
Product types:LSD, DMT (Changa)
GammaGoblin Link:gammaemg7i7k7wenjownsjsenogaqdd6gb5zu2553xve44vxxfj6fiad.onion
Founded:First seen vending on Silk Road 1 (2011-2013)
Total Products:~20
Payment:Direct payment
Official Guide:
GammaGoblin Facts

If LSD tablets are your thing, this vendor is one of your better bets because they’ve been there for nearly a decade, which signifies a lot in the darknet.

One thing to keep in mind regarding this vendor is that they do not simply send any amount. Because GammaGoblin website is a bulk vendor, it will only send (or push, shall we say?) big volumes. If you’re looking for smaller sums, high-street darknet markets like AlphaBay and Versus Market are available.

GammaGoblin vendor shop (pushingra75v4kba.onion)


Finally, read the introduction we created about GammaGoblin in the post section. If you’re interested, there’s some background information there.

GammaGoblin has featured reader comments.

LSD tabs are dosed based on the projected amount of LSD in them rather than the amount of liquid used to manufacture them, therefore they should both be 105ug. It is slightly difficult to predict and measure the amount of acid in a tab. I’ve heard GammaGoblin refer to VoidRealm, Fractal Storm, and Parvati Tears blotters as 100ug, 100-110ug, and 105ug, respectively. People have been peddling 99.5+% Needlepoint as 99.9% Needlepoint. The important thing to remember is that this is far safer and more consistent than buying from strangers on the street.


Individual LSD experiences vary greatly. Some believe the tablets are underdosed, while others believe they are overdosed. Things like being exhausted, underfed, dehydrated, or in a strange location can all have a significant impact on your trip. (For further information on “set and setting,” see Wikipedia.) GammaGoblin makes every attempt to correctly store your tabs. The majority of tabs are shipped within a week of being opened from their packaging.


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