From June 2016 until early 2017, I was a former (convicted) Darknet vendor, selling in cocaine and heroin to all 50 states.




How did your family and friends react to your arrest, trial, and sentencing? How much of the whole story did they know?


So, while I was vending, my mother became suspicious – I had been telling my family that I was trading bitcoin and doing well (a half-truth? ), and she soon stopped believing me. She took me out to dinner, we had a bottle of wine, and then she asked me what I was doing. She had an inkling because I had previously been detained. I told her I sold cocaine over the internet. She told me to come back by a certain day. It was quite bizarre.

As I’ve stated in prior postings, I was indicted over a year after I ceased peddling. In another thread, I mentioned how I was truly picked up in a county probation office in a strange sting operation. My mother had drove me to that appointment because I had been without a licence for a few years due to prior drug offences. We were going to a diner for breakfast afterwards, I believe.

I didn’t leave the probation office very quickly. Before they took me away, the DEA brought my mother in at my request so that I could tell her what was going on. When they brought her in, she glanced at me and turned absolutely white – a real ghost. She began weeping her eyes out, and it was a very terrible situation.

My family’s reaction was overwhelmingly positive. I have a sibling who is a police officer, and we haven’t spoken in a long time for obvious reasons. Aside from that sister, my family was on my side. Outside of my immediate family, I don’t think anyone knew – and if they did, no one said anything. I was freed the same day I was detained when I was originally charged, so I didn’t have to say much. It felt like a nightmare. When I woke up the next day, it hit me that I was pretty well fucked. I was allowed to fly back to the treatment centre where I was staying, and all of the guys there knew what was going on and were quite supportive, thinking I was cool as hell for being indicted.

To me, the most bizarre aspect is the sentencing. When I arrived at court, I realised the clerk looked very familiar to me. I realised the clerk was my high school best buddy who had gotten into law school and was now interning for the judge who was ready to condemn me. Just a very bizarre role reversal. She called me later and we had a lengthy talk.

My family was satisfied with the punishment; I honestly expected to go gone for three years and was prepared to accept that, but things turned out differently, for which I am glad.

I understand why so many people believe I deserved more time. But none of you fully comprehend the circumstances, none of you were present, and none of you are familiar with me.

Anyway, that’s all.


Yeah, I’d love to hear more about this if the OP is willing to contribute. In my instance, everyone in my family who I expected to respond one way reacted the opposite way.

From a business standpoint.
How would you describe your company to potential employers on your resume?

Managing director and founder of a successful direct-to-consumer retail enterprise with a $XM annual revenue.
They’re probably going to find out regardless because he was convicted.

How do customers know you’re legitimate? I’m aware of the dark web’s abundance of scam markets and scam dealers. Did you do anything different, or did you simply have a close trust circle that grew over time?

There are several forums where people discuss who is legitimate and who is not, and there is also a feedback system embedded into your vendor profile from individuals who have purchased from that seller and left favourable or bad ratings. Furthermore, your bitcoin is normally held in escrow by the market until the buyer declares everything is fine or a set period of time has passed.

The markets have a review system in place. To review a product, you must first purchase it. The price paid is included in the review. Because marketplaces take a 20-30% cut, astroturfing with products costing less than $100 is not feasible. Once the product is delivered, the customer must conclude the sale in order for the vendor to receive payment. When this occurs, the market highly encourages a review, resulting in a high review per order rate. If a vendor receives more than 10% unfavourable reviews, they’re pretty much screwed, therefore they go to tremendous measures to keep customers pleased.

Scam websites exist on the dark web. However, what he’s discussing are the forms where a third party manages the accounts so that money is kept in escrow, sellers have a reputation score, and so on.

I certainly would. Amazon merchants pay for reviews. Because I am a premium member, a buddy of a friend gave me a free product in exchange for a review. I agreed to do it, but then I became lazy and forgot lol. It was a product I didn’t need in the first place.

Do you believe darknet merchants do the same thing, or create bogus profiles to write reviews on themselves?

They surely have a lot of bogus reviews. And their reviews are no more trustworthy than Amazon reviews. Amazon is a massively manipulated target. There are companies that provide phoney reviews. Amazon has some of the lowest quality reviews available online.

Darknet markets rely largely on ‘word of mouth,’ sometimes known as reviews. According to research, popular suppliers all have extraordinarily high ratings (thousands of 5 star reviews). There is usually a method in place for clients to file a formal complaint with the marketplace. I’m not sure how them are resolved, but they are part of the equation.

Do you believe it was worthwhile? Were the benefits worth the record and penalty at the time?

I already had a record at the time and believed I was doomed in terms of having a serious career (I was wrong). The money was obviously amazing, but as our company grew and we began handling 30-40 orders per day, tension and paranoia began to set in. Is it something I’d do again? No. Do I have any regrets? No, it does not.

Did you ever come dangerously close to being discovered earlier?

We were not aware of any. I believe we were on several radars during our mission, but our names were unknown to authorities. I have no way of knowing for sure, but given that I wasn’t indicted until my associate handed over my identity, I presume we were fine at the time.

What was strange, however, was that when alphabay was shut down (after we had already halted operations), I’m very certain the feds got access to the server and left it running for months to collect customer data and whatever else they could from vendors. An agent told me that because of our sales statistics and popularity, we were one of the most sought-after accounts.

How did you handle consumer information and shipping addresses? Did law enforcement obtain this?

Also, did you manage to save any of those lovely, sweet bitcoins? ūüėč

All client data had to be PGP encrypted before being shipped – I used Tails on a USB to decrypt customer information for shipping labels, then trashed it after delivery.

As in, you threw away the USB? Is there a reason you didn’t use a tool to erase all the data and then re-image the drive for reuse? I realise they’re probably pennies in comparison to the money you’re making, but still.

What about shipping drugs? Wouldn’t the carrier detect it at some point during the shipment?

I’m guessing packages would go through some sort of screening process before being shipped?

Did you utilise PirateShip bulk pricing, stamps to be less traceable, or a conventional shipping label? Should it be dropped off at drop boxes or in the mailbox? And a forgery of a return address?

How did they catch you?

My superior got indicted for something unrelated to our business and snitched on nearly our entire team in order to lessen his sentence from ten years to something much, far less.

How do you persuade folks to buy from you online? I think it’s a competitive market for sellers (or am I wrong?).

It was a pretty competitive market at the time, but I saw that the quality of the cocaine being sold in the country was fairly low in comparison to what I had access to. I advertised heavily on forums, giving out samples, getting our product tested for purity and publicly posting the results, and after a while, the quality and service spoke for itself. You may quickly create a reputation if you produce a high-quality product, ship swiftly, and connect with your customers.

I’m getting a bunch of this, so I’ll put it as its own comment:

For the most part, federal public defenders (the exact title escapes me at the moment) are excellent. They are not the same as state public defenders.

Also, I knew I wasn’t going to go to trial since the authorities had me red-handed, as is normally the case with anyone charged with a federal crime (they do their homework). I didn’t see the value in paying a private lawyer $50,000 when I was already pleading guilty and collaborating with the government. I knew I’d have to do all of the work alone.

Last I checked, the federal conviction rate was around 95%‚ÄĒthey do their homework, cherry-pick cases, and generally don’t pursue charges unless they’ve pretty much got you. Having said that, federal public defenders remain the cream of the crop. You don’t become a public defender if you despise “losing” since you don’t get many not guilty verdicts, but they’re damn good defence attorneys who are especially adept at plea bargaining and holding the AUSAs to their burden of proof.

Are there any skills you learned that will be useful in the future? If so, what are those abilities?

Any abilities you learn while running a square legal firm are transferrable to running a DNM business. They’re precisely the same; one has greater stress and can lock you up for 20 years.

I assume you were paid in bitcoins or another cryptocurrency? What exchange did you utilise to get your money? Have you considered storing your cryptocurrency and waited for it to appreciate in value?

Bitcoin only. Originally, I traded for cash in mail on localbitcoins (before LBC demanded ID uploads or anything like that), but as we grew in size, this was no longer practical. Every week, I discovered a huge trader in the neighbourhood who received our weekly take (20-40ish BTC at the time) for cash. Keeping in mind that BTC was trading around $500 at the time.

I couldn’t save much bitcoin at the time because we needed to exchange cash frequently to buy additional stuff.

My biggest life regret right now is not saving at least one or two bitcoins per week. Every night before I go to bed, I think about it. Hindsight is a jerk.

How did you get into the industry?

I’d been a user of the darknet since the days of the original Silk Road, and I understood a lot about cyber security and marketing. I started selling marijuana when I was 17, had an early relationship with my supplier, and was aiming to move into the DNM. right moment, right place, perfect product

I’m also curious about postage – are drug dealers stuffing cocaine into cardboard boxes+envelopes and mailing it to people’s homes, or do complications arise due to the unlawful nature of the mail?

Given the massive volume of mail sent by the USPS every day, the chances of a pack being confiscated were probably similar to being hit by lightning. We were able to mail anonymously utilising standard boxes with the merchandise vacuum packed and further sealed in mylar instead of going to actual post offices. Our postage was also purchased anonymously.

I went to see a friend who I knew had ordered items from the dark web.

He smiled as he handed me a DVD box. I was completely perplexed. It was a shemale porn video.

I glanced at him and said, “Dude, I had no idea you were into….

He laughed and exclaimed, “Look inside!”

I opened the box and saw the original DVD, but the box was somewhat altered. I lifted the box by grabbing the plastic inside. There was a vacuum-sealed superthin brown brick. It weighed 25g of hash. I couldn’t stop laughing…

I envisioned someone at the post office opening the parcel, seeing the porn cover, and fucking out. ūüėÄ

Small quantities of cocaine are often sent in a baggy, within a sealed mylar bag, inside an ordinary envelope / jiffy.

Some merchants are inventive with their disguises, but the vast majority are standard brown or white jiffys.

I used to buy dmt and sheets of lsd on there, and it was always so nicely packaged that it was easy to open and dismiss as junk mail.

Were your assets/profits seized when you were arrested? Or is law enforcement not yet “sophisticated” enough to capture multiple crypto accounts?

Surprisingly, they weren’t. They did not raid me or seize any of my laptops or other property. The strange thing was that my codefendant, who was far lower up the chain, was raided, his parents’ house was raided, computers were seized, and so on. I’m still not sure how or why things were done the way they were.

Computers are routinely taken in indictments involving other darknet sellers, and bitcoin is always discovered and “seized.” I’m not sure if anything was actually seized or if the government forced the defendants to give up their cold storage devices in return for reduced terms.

Is it possible that the feds left you most of your junk as insurance later on, like to keep an eye on you if you went back to your old ways because you were higher up the chain? I’ve seen a number of old mob cases where they’ll bust a street level soldier because it’s simple and they’ll get some free information, but then they’ll release capos as bait to capture some bigger fish.

Why is bitcoin being used? Isn’t block chain extremely trackable? What if your boss was attempting to protect you and pinned more dirt on your roommate so they’d find less dirt?

It almost seems like the man above you threw you a bone and reversed your positions. Or they simply never changed their assumptions about this.

That, or they already had access to your computing devices through virus, injection, or other means.

Would you ever think about doing an interview for r/darknetdiaries? Jack is a fantastic interviewer who presents stories that are always honest and respectful to the subject matter. I believe it has the potential to be a really interesting story, especially given the path into IT/security.

Given your overall experiences with drugs, the dark web, and our legal system, what pearls of wisdom would you pass on to future generations/or what would you say to help parents explain to their children about drugs and making good life choices?

I would be open and honest with my children about my past, telling them that I committed mistakes that will haunt me for the rest of my life.

In a broader sense, I would advise people not to stigmatise drug usage or low-level drug sellers, as they are frequently users as well. Prison > Rehabilitation.

While I was inside, my best friend was a gorilla stone blood member from New York who was tremendously bright and also happened to be part of a major indictment in the Bronx for distributing cocaine – we were charged with the same offence. He was a confident man who gave me some sound life advise.

Another individual in there had mob ties and was a stock dealer who was indicted for conspiracy to defraud the United States, among other things. He taught me everything I know about futures markets, options, and the like.

Do you intend to go back into the business?

Nah, the danger is no longer worth the gain. If I was caught mailing a single gramme, I’d be sentenced to 20 years in prison because I’m a career criminal.

I have a strange question: are you formally educated in any way? Also, do you (or the individuals you work with) have any extracurricular activities, or is this your primary time sink?

Yes, I attended a huge state school and was suspended for distributing narcotics (separate case). So I thought screw it and started my darknet business. I’ve since returned to school and will graduate this spring.

Have you had any scary interactions with customers? To say the least, I’m aware that the dark web can be dangerous.

I did experience a doxxing extortion attempt once, when an account messaged me with the location of an address near our operation that I had used for a personal order on our primary account (this is a massive OPSEC no-no, and I’m a fool for doing it). He was seeking a large fee in exchange for not submitting a tip to the DEA, and I told him to kick rocks because the address had nothing to do with me or my operation. But it did make me tremble a little.

Yes, cocaine, heroin, and LSD are all legal. You will have to pay a higher price, but you get what you pay for. The difference between street cocaine/heroin and a respectable vendor’s goods on the darknet is usually night and day.

I also believe that purchasing LSD through DNMs is the safest option, as many tabs are sprayed with research chemicals and are quite harmful.

Weed? not at all

What is something intriguing in your tale that you want to discuss but no one in this thread has asked you about?

I don’t know, this is kind of nerdy, but I find it interesting. We had a comcast employee who was filthy, and he put up routers in our homes under other people’s names. This meant I could work from home instead of going to Starbucks for wifi.

I have a cool usual “drug dealer” story:

After a few months, my superior took me and my co-defendant to a strip joint. I was concerned because my co-defendant had not yet turned 21, and I was concerned that he would have difficulty obtaining identification. When we arrived at the club, we were at the counter and the bouncer or whatever asked for ID. My superior took out $5,000 and simply laid it on the table, and the bouncer stopped mid-sentence and gave us the VIP treatment for the entire night. We had money guns and, for some reason, our beverages were free. We were firing ones at a mile per second from these money guns. My gin and tonic was stroked by a stripper’s pussy. I went into the VIP area and fucked the stripper. That was a fun night.

Do you have any worrisome supplier accounts? I mean, the Mexican cartels are no laughing matter. Never did business with the cartel. I was also not in charge of interacting with those persons for the most part. My superior was in with them and was always correct.

Ships bricks to burner addresses, cuts and distributes from stash houses, and always pays the cartels on time.

Cartels will not go out and murder their customers who buy a brick a week in untraceable currency and cannot be identified.

Did you have individuals get scripts for Xanax or did you press your own? I bought presses in that case, usually 20-30k at a go from xanaxman, who has a pretty amazing indictment going on right now.

Do you believe the Darknet is truly secure? “FBI can trace you anyway,” I heard, “but they just don’t do it for little criminals and drug traffickers to make huge syndicates think it’s a safe area.”

At first, I thought this was ridiculous. However, there may be tactics such as the FBI building and controlling their own shops and supplies, deploying their exit nodes, deploying a massive cluster of nodes, and so on.

Do you believe it’s possible?

Bending makes me feel lot more paranoid these days, and I’ll leave it at that. Nothing can last that long.

Another frequently asked question:

How can I reconcile selling H with the possibility that someone has OD’d on what I’ve sold them?

I deeply regretted selling heroin and suffered for a long time with that guilt. I became an addict and knew/know many addicts whose lives were wrecked by heroin. You never truly get over your guilt, but you learn to live with it. I was only concerned with the money at the time, not the ramifications. It was a bad decision, but I did it and now I have to deal with the consequences. I’m not going to apologise because an apology would be insufficient. There isn’t much further to say about it.

How did it cope with law enforcement? How did they come to get you? How were they to you?

That’s a good question.

After serving 6 months in county prison on an unrelated charge, I was indicted in late 2017. I was in a voluntary recovery clinic in another state at the time of my indictment, but I was also on state probation. As a result, every 45 days, I had to fly home to check in. When I checked into the probation office one day, my PO walked me down the corridor in an unusual manner. I was cuffed and interviewed after walking into a room with two DEA agents. I could have yelled “lawyer” right then and there, but I couldn’t believe what was going on, and when they started showing me what they had, I knew who had provided it to them. Overall, they were pleasant and treated me as though I were a human being rather than a criminal. I actually got along well with the female agent who became my handler. Please feel free to ask a follow-up question.

One of the lengthier intros to a porno I’ve seen across. I’m interested in the handler. What was her role in your life? And what was the timeline of your cooperation from the time you agreed to cooperate until you were sentenced?

Obligatory follow-up: could you elaborate on what “getting along well” with your handler entails? How long have you had a criminal record? You appear to have been caught a few times throughout the years.

Oh wow. That probation officer really screwed you over, didn’t he? That’s insane. It’s nice that they treated you kindly. Where did you stay before you got your sentence? Was it set up like a real prison/jail? By the way, thank you for responding to all of this. Very interesting.

How did you find your time in prison?

I was only in the feds for 6 months, in a minimum security prison, so it was fairly uneventful. I dipped out while keeping my head down. House arrest was really more tough for me; if you have any specific questions concerning prison, please ask.

Can you tell me about the bulk purchasing process? Were you buying in quantity face to face and then shifting to the underground markets, or were you also buying in bulk from the marketplaces? Are we discussing kilos, ounces, or something else?

And would you advise basic users to buy modest amounts of something they won’t use right now? Is it too dangerous even with adequate precautions?

Our source was out on the town.

And, no, I believe small customers are still safe. The feds aren’t concerned about Kevin’s gramme of cocaine.

Consider Portugal’s model. Tapering is a safe, controlled process using medically pure material. With several loved ones and friends having been affected by this in the past, as well as being an utter square myself, I can tell you that it’s a fucking nightmare watching someone disintegrate under the weight of their addiction every single day. Meanwhile, the American detox/rehab sector presents hurdle after hurdle, particularly for those who have momentarily lost access to their own common sense.

How has your time in prison changed your life now? How long have you been out, and do you believe your past is interfering with your current goals?

I was only in prison for 6 months, and I actually enjoyed it. I needed that time to regroup and decide what I wanted to accomplish. I also met some extremely intelligent folks there.

I read, learnt how to trade futures, spoke with people with business expertise, and suddenly I was home.

I’ve been out since July of this year. My record will be a burden for the rest of my life, but I try to stay optimistic.

I’m studying computer science and recently completed an internship with a prominent corporation. The federal shit did not up on their background check, and they were unconcerned about my state charges.

How did the drug trade work in prison? In your perspective, did people operate it correctly or sloppily? Could you fit anything in there?

Suboxone was easily accessible. You were paying $400 per gramme for genuine heroin. It was quite tough to extract anything from subs where I was.

You mentioned that you were Jewish. In terms of which gang you are allowed to join in prison, how does that work?

That’s a good question. If I could do it all over again, I’d claim to be Muslim. The majority of the Muslims there are imposters, as the “brotherhood” is essentially a thinly disguised gang that goes to Jummah every Friday or whatever.

If you don’t look like a Jew, you could join the Aryan Brotherhood, although that’s a bit risky.

Would you split his wig if you caught your snitch?

Nah, in the end, I understand why he did what he did. I’d be furious if I got ten years for his actions, but I didn’t. So everything is OK, and I wish him the best.

How did you ensure that you were paid while also protecting yourself from potential purchasers who claimed, “We didn’t obtain the merchandise, it must have been stuck in the mail service”?

How did you get around this?

I eventually had FE enabled, which meant that I received my money before shipping. This was only available to vendors who had sold more than a specified number of units.

Do you continue to utilise the dark web? Would you recommend that others investigate the dark web as well?

I don’t. When I got out, I went straight. It’s also not the same as it was even a few years ago. Almost all of the original vendors have vanished or gone email-only, and the marketplaces themselves are in shambles. Good quality medications are more difficult to come by and more expensive. I’m afraid our finest days are behind us. The highest period was from 2011 to 2016.

If Hollywood comes knocking, please make sure you have a great script. Aside from that, do you believe the feds are watching your online and offline activities? Also, do the Feds interact with repentant cybercriminals like you for their operations?

I’m not a top hacker or anything; I’m just a drug dealer who happens to sell online. They asked me a lot of questions about the dark web, and it was surprising how little they knew. They would never “recruit” me for something like that.

My parents are baby boomers who have no idea how the internet works or the scope of my business. But I am fortunate to have them. They have been supportive throughout the entire process while not condoning what I did.

Okay, let’s get down to business: what was the most immoral part of your operation? Did you use or promote violence to keep your business running? Did you have any ties to organised crime, either directly or indirectly? I’m wondering if it’s possible to run a decent-sized drug enterprise calmly online. Did you have to do any other crimes to finance your operation, aside from drug sales and money laundering?

I’ve never had a gun or had to resort to violence against anyone. I’d never been in the street like that before. My superior, on the other hand, was in the street with several guns – he wasn’t a violent person, afaik. It was similar to shaggy.

What is the most jmmmoral aspect? To be honest, he’s probably peddling dope.

Do you still communicate with people you met while selling, such as higher-ups, associates, and so on? I’ve always heard that once you get engaged in the drug trade, it’s exceedingly difficult to get out and even more difficult to fully cut ties with everyone you meet throughout your stint.

Because you mentioned gangs and mobs in this post:

1)Did you participate in any of them while in prison?

(If so, which?)

2)Do you believe it would be preferable to join one or not get involved at all and keep to yourself?

(It would be much better if you could explain why.)

3)Did other inmates approach you differently when they found out you snitched, and how did you deal with it?

4)Did any of your friends or family members know about the whole incident before you were arrested? How did they respond to your release from prison?

No, I was only there for six months, and my paperwork was also faulty, so there was no point in attempting to leave.

If you have proper documents and will be waiting for a while, it is advisable to join a car (gang/crew). You’re safe if anything bad happens, and your boys have your back. In exchange, you’ll need theirs. Depending on your categorisation and whether you’re state or fed, initiation and the requirement of “putting in work” change. Also, if you’re in a low like I was, you can get by without performing any of that nonsense.

Most people who follow the prison code treat you differently. Some were unconcerned. There were a lot of attractive (snitches) persons who were able to fit in by not presenting their documents where I was. As a result, they were accused of being snitches, but this could not be substantiated.

Nobody was aware. My parents had no idea what the darknet was, and they still don’t, and no one recognised the extent of my business. This is most likely due to the fact that no articles were written on my case, and it received no public attention.

Original questions are hard to come by these days, therefore I’ll be less active. If something catches my attention, I’ll answer, but for the time being, the inquiries are “how did you get caught” or “how do you get on the darknet.”

This has been a lot of fun, and I hope you loved it as much as I did, especially everyone who dm’d me and advised me to kill myself. Do not dm me asking if I can connect you up; I mentioned I was an informant, yet you idiots are still dm’ing me.

You’ve indicated that your record will be an impediment for the rest of your life; can you elaborate on this and/or provide specific examples of how it has already harmed you?

Federal felonies are permanent on your record. This has an impact on your capacity to obtain employment, housing, and voting rights, among other things.

What do you think the risk is on the purchase side?

What is the danger? I believe you mean the risk of being caught, but this is dependent on:

Your safety. Use only Tails, PGP, and Monero. Learn more about them by consulting the DNM bible. Discover how to utilise Monero wallets.

The substance and amount – Fentanyl and heroin are the primary target of law enforcement, cannabis is more easily traceable, while LSD is easier to conceal in the postal system.

Your options – Always prefer domestic sourcing over overseas sourcing, and never give up PII that you do not need to.

Examine darknet forums (Dread in particular). Choose the highest-rated merchants, even if it means paying more.

Learn by reading. Never leave money in the markets because of the significant risk of exit frauds.

Also, test your drugs independently!

Not a lot. I’d do what the other person suggested. Do your research on your vendors as well.

I disagree with /u/SpamAndPrivacy on one point: danger based on substance. The feds don’t give a damn about a gramme of anything, including dope. And because those packs are normally so little, they are just sent along.

I guess it depends on how much you’re buying. I doubt the feds will pursue you for purchasing $50 worth of marijuana online… Unless you’re something like FPSRussia.

Every week, a kilo of cocaine? You’ll have to be extremely cautious about who you buy from and OPSEC, because if the feds find out, they’ll probably have a little conversation with you.

Have you ever experienced physical aggression, disagreements with other sellers, or run-ins with local drug gangs… ? I would think that doing business online is far safer than distributing drugs on the street, when you risk being shot/stabbed/..

My higher up was always out on the street because the majority of his business was large volume cannabis. Because the money was good, he expanded into coke and heroin.

Yes, there are less difficulties over the internet, but you still need street connections if you want a solid product with fair margins.

How does a shipment get delivered? If XY orders cocaine or heroin from you, where do you send it to avoid suspicion? I’m guessing you didn’t send it to their home address?

I mail it to whichever dress they want, which is generally their actual address.

In fact, many people do exactly that. In another reddit discussion, I noticed a snippet from an online tutorial that basically said, “If you don’t own the house, wait for mail with past tenants’ names to come in and start exploiting that,” and similar advise. Dropping packages at unoccupied houses apparently results in the package being returned to sender (which is an issue because the return information is almost definitely false), and paying others to take drops for you results in you being snitched on. Post offices have considerably stronger government security/surveillance than your home, so picking up from there is also not a good idea. Shipping directly to your door with a former tenant’s name seemed to be the most typical advice I could discover for this. Remember that they must establish that you ordered the package rather than that you received it.

Have you ever had to cope with someone coming after you with guns? Were you afraid about somebody shooting at you? That were the folks who dealt you your blocks? How did you locate your supplier? How far up the system did you get? Do you get brought down at the same moment as the guys above you?

We were very far up, but there are others much above our stratosphere who have been doing it for decades and are still going strong.

Were guns involved/confiscated, and how did this affect the sentence? I’ve heard stories about them only caring about the drugs you have and nothing else.

No guns ‚ÄĒ the ATF was involved in our case because my superior had evidently been playing around with them and they had asked me about it, but I didn’t know anything.

If you dealt in the quantities stated, why wouldn’t you face mandatory minimums or be imprisoned for at least as long as the youths doing 5 years for a 1g hand-to-hand?

Because I cooperated with the government, I was exempt from my mandatory minimum. I’d like to see any examples of youngsters spending 5 years in the feds for a gramme if you can provide them. I’m not being ironic.

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