Today, when looking for counterfeit money, we came upon
The shop specialized solely in the sale of counterfeit cash, while bogus IELTS certificates have also been discovered.
Fake banknotes have recently been in high demand in the United States and Europe among youngsters and immigrants looking to fast improve their financial condition. They pay with counterfeit banknotes at convenience stores and gas stations, buy illegal substances from drug dealers, and defraud private merchants by making purchases on message boards.
Supply is created by demand. Darknet has immediately responded to this, and you may now purchase bills of any caliber. One such store is
According to online reviews, the quality of fknotes bills is quite high; some customers even comment that they were able to “feed” these bills into ATMs in the EU; yet, there are some negative opinions concerning the quality of these banknotes.

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What you can buy at

As previously stated, the store mostly deals in counterfeit banknotes. It is reported that the invoices are made on first-rate equipment from South Korea or in South Korea, which is unclear. Banknotes are available in euros, US dollars, and British pounds. Bills of small denominations (10, 20, 50 USD/EUR) are usually popular. Because big denominations are more thoroughly monitored and more difficult to provide to the victim.

Separately presented ielts certificate, which may be in high demand among migrant workers, although it is stated that the certificate is not listed in the database, yet the price is quite low.


Payments, delivery

According to the website, the things are sent discreetly, hidden in magazines, books, or keepsakes of some type.
Payment is accepted in Bitcoin and Monero.
If you wish to make a purchase at, you must first purchase cryptocurrencies.
The store’s design is similar to that of thousands of other stores, and it’s fairly good.

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