Exchanges of Darknet Cryptocurrency

This article defines a darknet cryptocurrency exchange and reviews three of the top such exchanges that are widely regarded as trustworthy by the community.

Everyone is aware of what a cryptocurrency exchange is, but they may be unaware that such exchanges exist primarily on the dark web. While the notion of using them may not inspire emotions of safety or confidence, there are a few such exchanges that have been operating for a while and have proven to be reliable operations in this time. Many of them also provide credible mixing services, which will break linkages in the blockchain’s ownership history, allowing customers to obtain “clean” coins for a little cost.

Darknet crypto exchanges act more like a coin swapping program in that one coin is simply switched to another without any form of complicated order placing choices. As a result, they are often known as trading services or exchangers. Their owners are unidentified, and they do not follow any regulatory norms, but they all share the desire to protect the privacy of their consumers, which is becoming increasingly rare among bitcoin firms.

Knowing how to use these types of crypto exchangers is becoming an essential skill for regular users of darknet markets or those merely concerned about maintaining a level of anonymity online. Blockchain analysis firms are growing more advanced in terms of the kind of forensics and tracking they can perform, and being able to break blockchain ties in spending habits might be a beneficial undertaking. There is, of course, an advanced level of danger associated with using such services, but most of this risk may also be found in regular exchanges.

What are the Benefits and Drawbacks of Darknet Exchanges?

For those concerned with maintaining their online and offline privacy, these exchanges provide numerous benefits over regular cryptocurrency exchanges on the clearnet, which include the following:

  • They do not require KYC or even provision of basic data, such as a name or email address.
  • Usually, they do not require account creation, only the provision of a withdrawal address (or multiple) and sometimes a refund address.
  • There is no order placement process – one coin is simply swapped for another at a designated rate.
  • There is no need to deposit coins onto the exchange before an order can be placed (no central wallet system).

There are also a few drawbacks inherent to most darknet crypto exchanges, which include:

  • Higher fees than most clearnet exchanges.
  • Support for a limited number of cryptocurrencies (usually limited to BTC, XMR, and LTC).
  • Potentially limiting order minimums or maximums.

If something goes wrong during the exchange process, it may be more difficult to get an immediate resolution to a problem, though the services discussed in this article have a reputation for assisting their customers in resolving issues because they understand the importance of good business practices. If the site does not provide a simple way to contact the owner, they may be located in the Dread forum under the site’s appropriate subdread.

Three of the Best Darknet Exchanges

The following is a brief summary of three darknet cryptocurrency exchangers / swapping organizations with a reputation for providing a legitimate service. One may be better suited to your specific needs than the others, but all three have completed hundreds, if not thousands, of successful transactions throughout the course of their existence and are generally well-regarded by the darknet market community.

Elude Exchange

Administered by the creator of Elude Mail, one of the longest-running Tor-based, privacy-focused email services. Features an account-free swapping service and Bitcoin mixer. Admin is intensely focused on creating as anonymous an exchange process as possible.

  • Elude link: eludemailxhnqzfmxehy3bk5guyhlxbunfyhkcksv4gvx6d3wcf6smad.onion
  • Coins supported: BTC, XMR, LTC
  • Advanced withdrawal options: No
  • Deposit min/max: min = 0.001 BTC, 0.1255 XMR, 0.34558 LTC; no maximum
  • Fee: 4% for swaps, 1%-3% for mixes
  • Offers BTC mixing service: Yes
  • Has own subdread: Yes
  • Listed on dark fail: Yes

Infinity Exchanger

Newer service that is a part of an up-and-coming Tor-based messenger service to facilitate communication between vendors and buyers. Allows for one crypto to be swapped for multiple types in a single exchange. Staff maintains active communication with customers.

Kilos Finance

A well-established darknet markets search engine that also offers an advanced exchanger and Bitcoin mixer. Also features a live chat and sophisticated mixer options, including an anti-AML system that assures mixed coins will not be confiscated by exchanges.

Basic Tips for Using Darknet Market Exchanges

  1. Be sure to read all the terms and conditions of the exchange before attempting to open an order with them for the first time.
  2. When using an exchange for the first time, start with a small amount of coins. This can minimize the losses incurred during the process in case you somehow make an error, or the exchange process otherwise doesn’t go as planned.
  3. If the exchange offers it, use multiple addresses to split up the proceeds of your exchange, and transaction time delays as well. This can do a lot to increase the level of privacy during your transaction.
  4. If you are receiving BTC, don’t assume the coins you are receiving will me AML-compliant with your local exchange. Attempt to perform some sort of taint analysis on them unless you have utmost confidence in the exchanger’s ability to provide clean coins.
  5. Try to get a general consensus on whether or not the exchange is considered to be trustworthy by the community. While the exchanges mentioned in this article are largely deemed safe, reputations can change rapidly, and there’s no harm in getting a feel of the current, general opinion from the community. This can be done by checking the exchange’s subdread and looking for reviews in link hosting sites like Darknetlive.

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