Drugs from the dark web in a crowded mail room

make domestic friends domestic order

Although I appreciate that Australia is a different ballgame due to logistics and location, I believe I’d just order from Europe and hope for the best.

a title change was also suggested: in a crowded INTERNATIONAL mail room

True, I’ve ordered International previously because MDMA has much better prices, and it’s always arrived, but it’s still nerve-racking!

I watch the Oz customs show, and gosh, are they strict, and I despise the officers. I know it’s their work, but they act like children when they find something, as if they live for it. I guess it’s the druggie in me, but I despise the high 5 celebration when they snag a couple tablets. I just think that’s some poor bastard’s buzz being completely destroyed by cunts who believe VB is the best substance ever. And the amount of effort that goes into catching something is incredible. Prices in Australia are insane, and it’s no surprise. For 30€, you can obtain an eight-pack of high-quality mdma.

I’ve been out of the loop for a few years for darknet orders in Australia, but I thought it was still important to order domestically?

Of course, domestic is ideal, but the cost of pharmaceuticals in Australia is simply exorbitant (consider the distance across the ocean from South America/Europe, etc.), thus domestic is simply out of reach for the majority of middle-class people.

I’d be fucking lit if I worked there. They won’t notice if a small bag of cannabis is missing. This makes me pleased because I live in Europe, where I can order domestically and the prices are extremely inexpensive.

USA/Canada comes in second place! I feel bad for the homies. However, in Australia.
These videos are educational for smugglers since they show what customs looks for. I’m curious if writing something in the greeting card would have helped it avoid discovery.

I’ve met two people that ordered E or molly from the Netherlands to the United States since the prices were so low. Both incidents involved controlled drops. Those two individuals learned to exclusively order domestic to domestic from then on. Pay the extra money so you don’t have to pay a lawyer $5,000 to prove your innocence.

The poor fellas. If I could, I’d love to share some Dutch mdma with them. It is indeed very inexpensive, and the quality is out of this world!

If you’re ordering from another country, make sure the merchant knows what they’re doing! Things’s no surprise they get caught if they just put it together.

Those are some scumbag medications, man. Sure, it could be a big druggie, but it could also be a guy with a good job and a good life with kids and a wife. Times can be stressful, so he decides to relax with an illicit drug that is safe to consume.

Now his life could be terribly messed up because all a guy wanted to do was eat one evening a month and have fun.

Domestic orders only.

It’s all nonsense; I’m a hardworking citizen who pays my taxes and works my tail off; I’ve never had a conviction, never disrupted the peace, and have never assaulted anyone. Want to smoke a bowl or drop a tab but can’t because this scumbag government will try to put you in jail for it? Yet, this same government allows people to die from lung cancer and liver illness as a result of all the legal alcohol and cigarettes they consume, all because the alcohol and tobacco businesses push corrupt politicians to keep all that garbage legal. Then they have the nerve to claim that “drugs are banned because they are terrible for you.”

At this point, it’s all a farce of comedic proportions. I’m delighted that people are understanding the drug war is a sham and that marijuana legalisation is becoming more widespread. Proposing the legalisation of all narcotics would have been considered insane 20 years ago, but these days, more and more individuals are gradually agreeing.

Some poor man will now miss his shipment and lose money. I exclusively order from domestic sources. Fuck the danger of ordering from another country. I despise it when they make these videos! They simply raise awareness! Specifically for vendors/shippers. That is a nice thing.

But then the post office and postal inspectors pay attention to it! I’m not fucking with the postal inspector, man.

The only country where a package was confiscated was New Zealand, and I haven’t received a love letter since 2012. Hundreds of orders to Australia and the United Kingdom come from all over the world; nevertheless, I would avoid the Netherlands these days.

Victoria nasty, cheap lager has a lot of propaganda in it. This is why you never order from other countries.


How do I safely visit the dark web?


I simply want to go on the dark web to check the hype and whatnot, I own a 2019 MacBook, it has Mac OS and Windows 10 loaded via bootcamp, I believe I can also put linux on it, how can I access the black web safely, I can also get tor on my iPhone 13




Prepare yourself for some serious mystery and eerie moments, mate. Can someone explain why using Tor AND a VPN at the same time is not recommended?
Because it appears that people trust ISPs more than VPNs… I disagree, however it is highly dependent on the VPN service. This makes no sense to me. The ISP will only know the first of three router hops for TOR.

It’s a hotly debated topic, but ultimately it comes down to whether you trust your ISP or VPN provider more. It actually doesn’t matter; I’d just use TOR because a VPN usually merely slows down the connection.

It all boils down to whether you trust your ISP more than your VPN provider.

No, you obtain compartmentalisation by shifting some of your data to the VPN; you don’t have to trust the VPN nearly as much as you do your ISP. And it’s relatively simple to sign up for VPN without providing ID. To safeguard non-Tor traffic, use a VPN (which neither helps nor hinders Tor).

The conventional notion (do not use a VPN with Tor) is incorrect.

When utilising a standard operating system, utilise a VPN to safeguard normal traffic. Furthermore, if you wish to use Tor Browser, use Tor Browser over VPN (leave VPN running as usual, then later launch Tor Browser).

In the “Tor Browser over VPN” option, VPN has no effect on Tor Browser, but it does help protect all non-Tor traffic (from services, cron jobs, and other apps) leaving your system when you’re using Tor browser (and after you stop using Tor browser). Using a VPN and allowing the VPN company to access some information is preferable to allowing your ISP to see the same information because the ISP knows more about you. So, even if you’re using Tor Browser, keep the VPN running around the clock. [PS: I’m referring to running TB in a standard OS; Tails is a different story.]

However, neither VPN nor Tor/onion are magic bullets that will keep you safe and anonymous. VPN primarily secures your traffic from other devices on the same LAN, routers, and ISPs. The originating IP address is also hidden from destination websites. Tor/onion provides the same thing, but just for Tor browser traffic; it also adds more hops to make tracing back from the destination server to your original IP address more difficult, and it basically encourages you to use good browser settings. Both VPN and Tor/onion safeguard only the data in motion; if the data content reveals your private information, the destination server obtains it.

Because it’s pointless and the VPN can track you. Using a VPN protects non-Tor traffic leaving your machine, rendering it ineffective. VPNs have no effect on Tor traffic.

I didn’t claim VPNs are ineffective in general; I said they are useless in conjunction with Tor.

VPNs can log your activities, which might be problematic in particular situations.

You only need the Tor browser. You don’t have to use Linux, although macOS is generally better than Windows if you can.

Just use Tor, no vpn, and remember that it is not illegal to look at drugs, just to buy them. Tor should be downloaded. To obtain its official URL, duckduckgo a marketplace +wiki. Copy the link and paste it into the search bar. Fill out the captcha and register.

Take the white rabbit’s lead. Tor is sufficient. Simply turn off all security settings and you’re good to go. It’s simple to use if you’re searching for some juicy acquisitions that clear nett does not provide hehe, I hope it doesn’t die and is completely replaced by i2p or whatever this new thing is.

There are Linux distributions designed for anonymity; I’m familiar with Kodachi, but there are others. Choose your distribution, instal it on a bootable USB, then run it in a virtual computer.

I believe GrapheneOS on a Pixel 4 is the closest thing to tails for a mobile phone. Why the Pixel 4 specifically? I was seeking for Pixels exclusively for GrapheneOS but was drawn to the newer generations. A 4 would save me a lot of money.

I don’t think it has to be a 4, but you can do it on one, plus they’re much cheaper than sixes. Everyone starts off as a beginner. Ask questions; not everyone makes derogatory remarks.

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