Drama in World Market and Dark0de Market

Darknet markets have been hit by DDoS since Silk Road, Dream Market has even been shut down due to a massive DDoS attack, Empire Market had to change links every few minutes as a response to a few months long DDoS attack, and recently even Alphabay and Dark0de have suffered massive DDoS attacks that caused the markets to be offline for a few days.

World Market has been involved in some controversial darknet drama for a long time; just a year ago, they left Dread, only to be banned a few days later by HugBunter; recently, a heavy DDoS attack caused World Market to go offline; and now, they are causing more drama in the darknet by accusing Dark0de Market of a heavy DDoS.

In a recently removed article, World Market admin claims not only that the Dark0de Market is behind the attacks on World Market and ASAP Market, but that the Dark0de Market was also behind the DDoS attack a year ago (at that time World Market was banned from Dread and HugBunter accused World Market of doing DDoS attacks).

HugBunter responded promptly to the post-

Just to clarify, Dark0de haven't suggested once that you are behind any attacks in recent times, they have stated to me that they just want to avoid conflict now and haven't mentioned you guys to me at all.

You guys also said something similar to me and I know everyone has mostly been keeping to themselves as of lately, especially with the shared growth from recent market departures. I'd also like to state that I don't believe yourselves or Dark0de to be behind any on-going attacks.

The post has quickly gained attention by AlphaBay admin Desnake who also joined the conversation and started to argue with World Market admin about his accusations and actions.

I know your sole purpose/for entertainment on Dread is to start problems between markets but do not drag me into this either. Whatever you have going on predates AlphaBay's comeback.

Actually it is funny to make this public if you want to speak about it although I am sure it will be deleted quickly.

Story goes like this:
I contacted ASAP market, as they seemed a bystander in this whole feud like ourselves, to give them a hand with the DDoS as they were drowning in it, answered questions which the admin had about DDoS protection etc., you know the right community friendly thing to do. All of a sudden who contacts me on the only contact that I had made specifically for ASAP market? /u/Lovelace. Only one person who could have gotten him that information and that was ASAPs admin /u/LeChacal. Bitch move /u/LeChacal to do without permission, same with the first fuck the ddosers stand you had then not even 2 days "thank you ddosers for stopping", proves character right there.

Anyway Lovelace contacts me it is all fine one admin talking to another do not mind. Starts telling me how Dark0de is behind everything, fine I asked why Dark0de are under DDoS then too answer 'I don't know'. So if there is only one DDoSer only specific markets would be attacked. How come the 'rivals' of world, dark0de, are attacked too? Only one explanation. Two DDoSers.

The rest shit like I am aligned with Dark0de or anything like that what Lovelace was saying to me, is totally false obviously. We are independent, we always have been and always will, that is why the admin 'groups' hate us because we can not be controlled. We are not part of any groups, collectives, collaborations, gatekeepers or any other type of formations. Exactly attacks and feuds and shit like that is the reason why this is the current state of the darknet scene, also because it is being tolerated by Dread admins, something I have expressed to them many times.

Then people like /u/Paris /u/hugbunter ask us to collaborate and help each other when the result of doing that is an admin getting his bitch to say false claims like he is being brainwashed because he is too afraid to say that publicly himself. Saying things like that only to play your narrative of big bad wolf /u/Dark0deReborn when in fact both of you are to blame that much is clear to everyone by this point.

Also all based off on a "private" conversation myself and lovelace had. /u/Lovelace maybe was talking to you privately /u/Layla about our conversation, maybe he made/asked you make the post. In the first case it shows lack of discipline in your underlings Lovelace and lack of respect for private conversations between yourselves and that of others, in the second it is blatantly being malicious on purpose. Whatever the case it is a bad look.

One thing is clear though from the past few days. There are 2 DDoSers.

Dark0de and World both of you act like you are pure when you are not. If you were noone would be attacking your main opponent right when you yourselves would get attacked, that is plain logic.

When it comes to me and AlphaBay we do not care as much really, we have our firewall and we play it defensively as we always have. I am not on any side but it is good to have a clearer picture of what is going on both for myself and everyone reading this.

Thank you.

A similar post was made on ASAP Market (which has since been deleted), and this post was also deleted for unknown reasons.

Shortly after the post, the DDoS was stopped for a few days, but has now resumed, prompting World Market admin to publish again about the issue.

2022 has begun with a bang, with a few darknet markets going offline, and it appears that the next few months will be very interesting in the darknet markets community, with mutual accusation of market admins on DDoS, markets that keep shutting down without explanation, and likely more exit scams from the big darknet markets.

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