Dark Web Horror film suggestions

I appreciated Unfriended Dark Web even more than the previous film since I’ve always been captivated by the concept of the Dark Web in movies, but I’ve never seen any other Dark Web-related Horror films. Is there any other Dark Web Horror/Thriller movies you could recommend? Thank you ahead of time!



The Dwelling (2013), The Den is excellent; definitely give it a shot, OP.

Thank you for adding to the list!

Although not a film, the Canadian serial Darknet may be what you’re looking for. This series was a lot of fun. It took a while to get rolling and had a limited budget, but it had a lot of potential. I was always curious about what its creative team got up to after that.

You can look up Desktop Horror movies.

Here’s what I discovered:

Collingswood’s Story (2006)

Megan has gone missing (2011)

The Dwelling (2013)

Unfriended (2014) (2014) Unfriended: Dark Web (2018) is the sequel to the film Unfriended.

Launch Windows (2014)

Ratter (2015) (2015)

Face 1 Face 2 (2016)

Sickhouse (2016) (2016)

Don’t forget to search 2018! Thank you, I’ll look them all up!

Can you tell me where I can view the Collingswood story? Dark/Web is a solid Prime miniseries.

Megan Is Missing isn’t technically a darknet story, but it will make you feel everything you want from a darknet film. What about Fear.com?


Adam Kubert created the cover for Dark Web #1.


I know it’s my fault for falling behind on my reading, but I just started reading the novels were magic was just beginning to give Madeline Pryor authority over limbo, and now the announcement of this event lets me know let it go sideways exactly like everyone warned her it would.

The Goblin Queen. Last week was Queen Goblin. They recently hit that Arc on Marvel Unlimited, which is where I generally read comic books. I’ll miss Magik’s all-black look terribly.

I’m a little behind on New Mutants right now, so I haven’t seen her new outfit in action, but I think it’s too gold, and it looks gaudy. I’d like to see more contrasts in the suit.

I’ll never forget how editorial stated flatly that they had no idea what to do with Ben Reilly, and the best they could come up with was this.

They also shafted Kaine in favour of Ben only to screw Ben up, so Kaine was shafted for nothing in the end. Please also spare Kaine from this nonsense.

Kaine had decades of promise as the Scarlet Spider. With a deep inner life and a strong cast of characters, he was a distinct alternative to Spider-Man. With a little more time, he may have been the next Venom. Rather, they did… something.

What exactly is poison doing there? Isn’t Dylan still the symbiote’s operator, and isn’t he still good, or did something happen in the Venom comics that I’m not aware of?

Fantastic cover! This event has piqued my interest. It feels like one of those crossover events that isn’t trying to follow a formula. The X-Men and Spider-Man frequently cross paths, but there is generally a pattern.

Spider-Man joins forces with Wolverine, the Fantastic Four, and Daredevil.

Magik joins forces with Dr. Strange.

Cyclops and Jean Grey join forces with whoever requires the X-assistance. Men’s (i.e. King In Black).

This feels like a less evident collaboration, but for good reason. Maddie and Ben, two well-known clone characters, are collaborating. And then there’s anarchy. Whatever happens and whoever is involved, I’m all for it and eager to watch how it all plays out.


NO LOVE DEEP WEB alternate covers For individuals who dislike looking at a dong while listening to an album.


Hopefully, this will be an exception to the “No posting album covers” rule because it is for a (kind of) practical reason. Furthermore, some of them are really attractive.

Why not include a link to the CD as well – NSFW, as you may have guessed.


But I enjoy the dong. Where can I buy those socks?

That’s exactly where I gathered them all. I’m not a fan of the official replacement; the white hoodie covers, especially the noisy ones, complement the album’s dark tone much better.

I don’t think we need to wonder if someone named “Joff Mengum” visits /mu/.

True fans retain their penis. Yes, I did that at first, but then one of my lady friends was listening to my iPod. That was a strange one to explain.

I like how you ended with a “Soft Bulletin” reference. I particularly enjoy the one with the rocket. It’s from the video for their song “True Vulture.” Keep an eye out for it.

I’m laughing so hard at the “def grips – ready 4 school” that I’m not sure how to replace an album cover…

EDIT: Forget it. I conducted a fast Google search.

Was anyone else present for Stefan’s father’s shitstorm? /b/tards, fuck you.

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