Dark Market

Please take note that Dark Market has been confiscated! Please see our darknet market lists for more information on additional markets.

After Empire market was scammed, Dark market became the largest darknet market. With excellent and timely service, DarkMarket has grown to become one of the largest and greatest darknet markets in 2020 and 2021.

Some DarkMarket statistics-

Name:DarkMarket (Dark Market)
Total Users:495,954
Total Vendors:2,429
Total Products:147,027
Payment:Direct payment per order
Referrals:1% of the order
Vendor Bond:750$
Dark Market Facts

DarkMarket Link

DarkMarket urls can be obtained here or on darkfail; as usual, while seeking for a DarkMarket link, be sure to get it from a trusted source like DarkNetOne.

DarkMarket accepts both physical and digital products, but does not allow sales to Russia or the United Arab Emirates.

DarkMarket Registration

Create an account on DarkMarket- When you first access DarkMarket, click the Sign up button and enter your username and password-

After you finish registering your account, you will be led to a screen with your mnemonic; keep it in a secure place because this is the only way to regain your account if you forget your password-

By clicking the Proceed to Sign In button, you will be transported to the log in screen where you may enter your username and password before clicking the Sign In- button.

Buying Drugs on DarkMarket

When you sign in, you can browse the DarkMarket home page’s numerous categories and see the main featured items-

To begin purchasing on DarkMarket, you must first add a Bitcoin or Monero address. To do so, go to your settings by pressing your username at the top right of the screen-

Scroll down to the crypto addresses area and enter a bitcoin or monero address; your address will appear in the list below-

It is also recommended that you include a PGP key in your profile; for instructions on how to produce a PGP key and add it to DarkMarket, please see our tutorial.

You can now go shopping for products. When you select a product in DarkMarket, click the Buy button to be brought to the product information page, where you can read the description, read reviews, and learn about delivery times, among other things.

Once you’ve decided on the quantity and payment type (BTC or XMR), click the +add button.
In the next box, enter your address and then click Next> and Checkout.

Then click the Buy button.

Payment On DarkMarket

You have now reached the last screen on DarkMarket, which summarizes the order, address, and deposit amount.

It takes two confirmations after depositing for the order to be confirmed.

DarkMarket url

Always utilize a verified DarkMarket link, which you may find here or on the darkfail website.

DarkMarket is a fantastic market that is also the largest right now. We will continue to update fresh information about DarkMarket link or DarkMarket url to keep users up to date on the most recent information.

The unique feature of DarkMarket is the potential to earn money from commissions from other users who buy drugs on the website by using the DarkMarket referrals program; the referral code can be found in your account settings.

You will begin earning 1% of any purchases made by users who register using your code.

DarkMarket Conclusion

Since its introduction in 2019, DarkMarket has quickly grown to become the largest market in the world, and it is expected to continue developing and become a key force in the DarkNet Markets community.

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