Cypher Market URL 2023

Cypher Market is a minor darknet market that has been operating for nearly a year but has received little notice from the wider community. It presently has slightly more than 3,000 entries, half of which are for medicines and the other half are the standard manuals and software/malware items found in all other markets. While they have a restricted product and vendor selection, they do have enough vendors to cover the world’s major markets (North America, EU, and Australia).

Cypher Market Link – http://6c5qaeiibh6ggmobsrv6vuilgb5uzjejpt2n3inoz2kv2sgzocymdvyd.onion

Please click here for a comprehensive guide on the Cypher Market.

Cypher has a fairly simple registration process, which involves only the development of a username and password. Their captchas are among the easiest to use, and their website load times are among the fastest. They also include a rarely seen “Latest Orders” area in the lower left panel of the main market screen, which highlights the most recent purchases made by market buyers. Because Cypher is a tiny company, the vendor bond has been waived for vendors with more than 200 sales in other marketplaces. The market has yet to gain traction as much as the rivals, but it shows no indications of slowing down.

Product Choice

Drugs, Hosting & Security, Counterfeit, Software & Malware, Guides & Tutorials, and Other are among the categories covered by Cypher. Drugs is by far the most popular of these. When browsing listings on this market, you must first input a search term and then press the “Search” button before the filter choices can be found. Following this, you can narrow down your search by product kind, shipping location, and pricing range.

Payment Modes

Although some retailers may only accept one coin, Cypher Market accepts both Bitcoin (BTC) and Monero (XMR). Unlike typical markets, Cypher does not have an account wallet system and all payments are handled on a per-order basis. This means that you do not need to preload your wallet before making a transaction. Rather, money is made only after the order is placed. It is then held by the market and released once the buyer’s order has been completed. It’s unsettling because Cypher requires purchasers to rely on the market to encrypt shipping information. Aside from that, they have about the best payment mechanism one could hope for.

Cypher Market Pros

  • Easy, quick registration process.
  • No central account/wallet system.
  • Fast page loading times.

Cypher Market Cons

  • Limited vendor and listing selection.
  • Doesn’t seem concerned with user OpSec.
  • Relatively difficult to navigate, awkward search function.

Overall, it’s difficult to say why Cipher hasn’t taken off in comparison to other markets. Perhaps the lack of sophisticated search options confuses users; perhaps the total reliance on per-order charges complicates the convenience of use for certain clients. It’s possible that the market feels a touch light on design and that not as much time was spent on it as other others. Not stressing self-encryption of sensitive information isn’t necessarily reassuring. Regardless, the market has been operating for over a year and has attracted a tiny but stable user base over that time.

Cypher Market URL – http://6c5qaeiibh6ggmobsrv6vuilgb5uzjejpt2n3inoz2kv2sgzocymdvyd.onion

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