Nobody loves wasting money, therefore we’ve been hard at work evaluating websites claiming to sell legitimate credit card dumps and fullz. We, too, want the real thing and don’t want to waste our money. The next site we’ll look at is

At first glance, this site’s homepage appears to be extremely different from other similar sites—designed it’s to appear to be a very legitimate organization! The page is visually appealing, with graphics and callouts. According to the website, the service is available in over 40 countries and Bins are available for over 500 institutions. Scrolling down offers a PP checker that eliminates the need to manually check PayPal accounts, as well as the ability to acquire Bitcoin in over 30 countries.

Before we dig deeper into this site, we’d like to conduct some technical study. We looked through the records and discovered that the IP address for this site is located in Manchester, England, and the host is called M247. We were unable to identify when the site was created or when it would expire.

Our next step will be to register an account in order to have access to the site. We’ll need your email address, login, password, and captcha to do so. This is a simple procedure, and we now have access to the dashboard. We have links at the top for rules, cards, dumps, account, cart, add funds, and shop funds. The order and historical information are on the left side of the page. The website will instantly redirect to an account page where the profile can be modified. We notice a statement stating that if we refer a friend and they make a deposit, we will receive a 40% bonus.

We attempted to look at some of the site’s offerings, such as cards and dumps, but we couldn’t view anything unless we activated the account and added dollars. So we look at the payment options that are accepted. They accept Bitcoin and Dashcoin, with a minimum deposit of $10 for each. We noticed the Send Fund link before and decided to investigate. You can use this link to give money to pals in the shop. This requires a minimum transfer of $25.

We thought we wouldn’t be able to do anything on this site until we deposited money, but we discovered a workaround. When we clicked on the PayPal checker, we were required to activate the account once more. When we click this time, instead of taking us to the deposit page, it displays regulations for first-time users and activates the account! We may now explore the rest of the website.

When we click on a card, a filter appears where we may select the types of cards we desire. Depending on the choice we select, there may be an additional price, such as an extra 10 cents if we want a certain city or a zip code. We run a few scenarios and receive consistent results.

Then we try to look through the dumps, which the website claims to have over 300 of. Nothing appears on this page. We returned to the PayPal checker, which allows us to enter cards separated by lines. It indicates a cost of 30 cents each check and card.

We don’t believe there is anything else to learn on the site, so we’ll diverge our research. Now we’d want to hear what other people think about this website. We conduct numerous searches and discover some intriguing information. First, we come across multiple reviews of the site, but each one gives a different location for the site. We spotted Russia, Romania, and California in three evaluations, but none of them matched the England from our preliminary study.

The next thing we discovered was that this site is listed as reputable on numerous review sites. It’s difficult to discern if these mentions are genuine or just the site spamming, like with anything on the internet. On the plus side, several of these lists are a few years old. We also discovered a Facebook page named Hack Anonymous, which leads to this site and has 32 likes. This could be a good indicator.

After conducting extensive study, we believe that the majority of indicators point to this being a legitimate website. However, there are some irregularities, so proceed with caution. If you’ve already worked with this website, please tell us about it. In the comments box, please let us know if you had a pleasant or poor experience.

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