Confusion over Cashapp refunds, chargebacks, and disputes

Confusion over Cashapp refunds — All You Need to Know.

Confusion over Cashapp refunds

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I realise that if someone transfers money as part of a chargeback scam, you must use the refund mechanism to return the money rather than initiating a new account transfer (or even just sending a new amount in general). The argument is that if you send a new amount or use “send” instead of “refund,” the fraudster can initiate a refund request as well, and you’ll most likely have to pay both.

But, after reading through some of the discussions here, it appears that even if you repay the money using the refund mechanism, the fraudster can still file a complaint with their bank, causing you to lose even more money? I’m not sure how that works. Why would a disagreement with the scammer’s bank put you on the line for even more money if Cash App has a record of the scammer sending X dollars AND a record of you using the refund function to refund that amount right back to the scammer? Confusion over Cashapp refunds, very confused.



No, I don’t believe there has ever been a post here implying that.

If you believe there is, please provide a link to it.

I’ve read so many entries that it may be impossible to pinpoint the ones that baffled me.

I received money today from an unknown source, but only after providing my Cash App identity for a valid giveaway. I had stated how lovely it would be to receive money at the moment. I’m not sure if this person noticed the post and just wanted to be nice, or if they spotted an opportunity to swindle me.

I’m not moving the money to my bank right now because it’s still in my Cash App. I’m not sure how long I should leave it because I’ve seen your blogs about leaving it for a year. Is that the time limit for requesting a refund, or is it a safe bet that nothing will happen after a year?


I’m getting to suspect that the fraud team does not exist. Anyone have any recommendations? This has been going on since the 3rd of May. A portion of the transactions were returned. I’m not receiving updates. Yes, I have contacted support on a daily basis through several methods. Is there really a fraud squad?


Yes, I’m beginning to believe that Cashapp’s “support” crew is just a couple of people who decide when and how much they want to concentrate on supporting clients. They simply told me “we have no more information for you” and abruptly ended the conversation.

Yes, there are relatively few humans, and they have very little power or leeway. Working as intended.

If the key term is UNAUTHORIZED TRANSACTION, the chances of receiving a refund are substantially smaller.

Continue contacting CA support every couple of business days, informing them of each step.

File a complaint with the BBB first, then with Yelp and other scam reporting and review sites.

then state AGs, starting with yours, then the state of their corporate headquarters

Then proceed to the federal level, CFPB, FTC, Federal Reserve, and Comptroller of the Currency OCC

If you have a lawyer friend, write them an official Registered letter threatening all of the above as well as a lawsuit.


Square, Inc. 1455 Market St., Suite 600 San Francisco, CA 94103 Attn: Legal

A class action lawsuit might make your friend very wealthy.

Three weeks is not a long time for CA.

They will not keep you updated; you must contact them.


Be patient and persistent, and perhaps hold off on the other suggestions for the time being…

They do have someone who assists them with “certain types” of fraudulent transactions. AT FIRST, IT MAY BE A BOT. I didn’t make a call. I used the app; it does take a few hours for them to respond; I called around 8 a.m. Eastern time, and they responded at 10 a.m. To be honest, you have to do some legwork, such as calling the subscription service to cancel. It was still in the works. But I received my money back. It appeared to me that if YOU personally cannot contact the party accepting money, you are out of luck. I am deeply sorry for your loss.

Confusion over Cashapp refunds

You allowed a SECOND debit account to be established in my STOLEN name. And I can’t get through to actual, decent customer service without an account. How do you justify opening TWO band accounts with a stolen identity that has been frozen and flagged in every system?


To begin, it appears that you believe you are speaking with CA Support.

You’re not, you’re just another user and victim here.

I’m trying everything at this point because there’s no way to contact them if you don’t have an account.

You’re not sure what Cash App is. It isn’t a bank account, and the cash card ordered with your information is a prepaid debit card, which is why accounts do not require ID verification to open.

I can tell you that when someone contacts in to report that their identity has been stolen and used to create accounts, Cash App support follows a certain method. You will, however, need to call in and chat with a representative. Regardless of the purpose for the call, you do not need an account to call and speak with a representative. They’ll send you an email with a form to complete out, and you’ll most likely need a police report number, so if you haven’t already, I’d submit one right soon.

However, because you are not a cash app user, you are unsure about how the accounts and debit card work, which is understandable. Once a card is opened, they are subject to various federal banking restrictions, which is why it is your responsibility to notify your stolen identity. That does not appear to be the case. You’ve become dissatisfied with the procedure and have practically given up, blaming them. They are unable to close or prevent the reopening of accounts in your name if you have not finished the process of reporting the accounts and your identity as stolen. They cannot read your mind, and federal regulations require that certain actions be done and completed before accounts can be closed. They can’t just take your unfinished business at face value. Then anyone could call in and have someone’s account terminated that they were upset about or didn’t like just because they claimed their account was fraudulent or that they were using a stolen identity.

You have every right to feel furious, unhappy, and frustrated, and I understand. However, you must also ensure that all necessary actions have been made to notify and prove to Cash App your stolen identity, as well as any information you have concerning accounts opened in your name.

Call their customer service hotline, as I already stated. Calling early thing in the morning can usually get you an agent right away or drastically cut the time it takes for a call back. If you must return a call, make yourself available for that call. Understand that the person answering the phone does not know who you are or what happened before this call. Please explain that your identity has been stolen, that you need to report cards sent to your address, and that you are aware that this is not limited to Cash App. If they don’t appear to know what to do, tell them you’re aware of an email they can send you that you will fill out and return with all of the necessary information, and that they should please send it. You must, of course, give them with your legal first and surname name, as well as your email address, before proceeding to fill out the form. Confusion over Cashapp refunds, what should i do?

Include a copy of your police report when you fill out the form. You can also advise the officer that you have filed a report with Cash App and that he or she may wish to follow up with you. Cash App also allows law enforcement to talk about phoney accounts.

I hope this helps, and that you are able to address this and return to your life as soon as possible. I’m sorry this has happened to you.

Second, do you mean “debit account” or “CA account”?

The way CA works, there are no identity checks to begin with, so folks with no idea think they can just put any information down; you really only need a working email and/or phone number, any old throwaway would suffice.

So you’re alleging someone used your phone money? or a personal email address?

Or, if something else, please explain in detail what happened, including which data points of your identify you believe were utilised.

No, someone used my name, address, date of birth, and Social Security number to open a Cash App account and obtain a Cash Card.

To deal with this, true, decent customer service is required.

With CashApp? That isn’t really a thing with them, as they are largely scriptbots.

CA’s true Achilles’ Heel is its poor customer service, which will not be addressed anytime soon.

In reality, 99.99% of their support communications are text-based so you can’t determine if you’re interacting with a human or an AI.

Unfortunately, humans are often no better than mindless script bots.

If you keep trying dozens of times every few business days for several weeks, many hours of your time, you could eventually contact an actual human who knows what they’re doing and cares enough to use their brain instead of merely answering with boilerplate.

Even so, you may never receive any genuine assistance because human personnel have incredibly limited authority within their systems.

Everything is exactly how Jack intended. Confusion over Cashapp refunds, advice me.

Confusion over Cashapp refunds

However, if you want to give it a shot,

Contact support by visiting or by clicking Cash Support on the profile screen within the app.

on Facebook (@SquareCash) and Twitter (@Cash Support).

Then, as with the app, someone should respond within a few business days or so; after 24 hours, you might try various channels at the same time.

Do not try to find phone support numbers by Google; there are many scammers out there that pose as such!

You can try dialling (800) 969-1940 in the United States; if they are too busy or it is after hours, you may be able to leave a message asking a callback.

I finished the phone call. “Keybone” has no idea what identity theft is. I am unable to utilise the bot since I do not have a Cash App account. I don’t have the app for the same reason: I never use Cash App. I refuse to do anything to set up an App Account because I don’t want this unscrupulous firm creating these accounts with my SSN linked so they can be used for wire fraud.

Identity theft that has been frozen and notified in all systems

Systems at separate universities do not communicate with one another, at least not in real time.

There is no such thing as a central “register of stolen identities.”

CashApp is unconcerned about this happening; all they care about is that their own profits are not jeopardised.

We are only users, data providers, and cannon fodder to them, not customers.

If they require social security numbers to open these debit accounts, there should be some sort of verification with ChexSystems or something. And my identity and SSN have been locked and reported as a victim of identity theft by all credit bureaux and bank account verification providers. My identity has been stolen, according to the FTC, and my Social Security number has been reported stolen. However, you are true in that they do not care about people and do not verify anything.

People who know where to get SSNs with Address/Number/Phone Number/etc to set up a Drop-Box account for Wiring and such forth.

Now, if someone did this to correct it, they would contact GOV if American or whatever place provides you a backup SSN (also, we don’t control Cashapp the way you write towards us, we are just users of the app). Instead of reddit, they should’ve gone to Cashapp help or sought up their contact information. Confusion over Cashapp refunds, please help.


Confusion over Cashapp refunds



$3500.                                   $300

$7000.                                    $500

$10,000.                                  $750

$20,000.                                  $1500

$35,000                                  $2500

$100,000.                                 $5000


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