Cash App stole my money, and I’m now $3,000 in debt. (Story time) (Help needed) (Immediately)

Cash App stole my money — All you need to Know

Cash App stole my money,



Listen, I’m having financial difficulties. My mother needed some money, so as a responsible daughter, I stepped in to assist her. Unfortunately, Cash App cheated me. I sent her the $500, but my bank objected. It immediately sent me a fraud alert. Of course, I replied, “Yes, I did intend to send that money.” My bank then advised me to try once more. So I did it five more times. She finally obtained the last one. Understand that I am not usually this impatient, but this money was urgently needed because both of our lives depended on it. Regardless, what’s done is done. My dear mother received $500, but cashapp received the remainder, unbeknownst to me. Being astute as I am, I checked my recent activity and, lo and behold! Only the last $500 remained. Success!!! I exclaimed. It worked until I checked my bank account the next day. Well. My hard-earned savings had VANISHED, much to my surprise. So I experimented with the Cash App chat feature, if you can call it that. Unfortunately, it was a bot that asked me to select which transaction I needed assistance with. If you recall my earlier ramblings, there was only ONE. And as a responsible daughter, I wasn’t about to take that money away from my mother. So, Reddit, I come to you. What happened to my money, and how can I get it back? Cash App stole my money , fuck.



Cash App stole my money

Speak with your bank; they may be able to reverse the charges. I’m pretty sure this blaze guy is a bot because he appears in every single post.

This is literally every cashapp story I hear. They have yet to return my girlfriend’s $375.

It appears that you are not the only one experiencing difficulties with fund transfers. In the last 24 hours, 48% of their complaints have been about that. Visit this website and report the problem and then wait for Cash App to respond. This week, my check was 16 hours late, which I also reported. I think cash app is turning into a piece of shit, and I wouldn’t use it for anything other than sending $20 to my drug dealer. Purchase a bank and only use zelle.

Hey, it appears that you have a few holds pending in your bank account for the attempted $500 payments to your mother. I understand how important it is to have access to your money, and I can certainly look into your account. Please send me a private message when you have a chance.

Except for trivial purposes and amounts you don’t mind losing, do not use Cash App. Cash App stole my money, oh my God.

Never rely on it for anything urgent or critical.

The company is untrustworthy and unreliable.

Delays are common.

Customer service is almost non-existent.

Customers are taken aback by unannounced moving-target policies.

Every day, they lose millions of dollars.

As far as Jack is concerned, everything is working perfectly and exactly as it should.

So, only use CA for small amounts, personal transfers, with trusted friends you know in real life, nothing important or urgent, and never with people you met only online.

Certainly not appropriate for conducting business.

not to mention serious stock investing

Neither BTC trading nor buy and hold in CA, but…

It is not suitable as a bank replacement for anyone, but especially for those who live week to week with no cushion!

You’re so useless, bro; he asked for assistance, not your thoughts.

Contact support by visiting or by tapping Cash Support on the profile page within the app.

on Facebook (@SquareCash) and Twitter (@Cash Support).

and, as with the app, someone should respond within a few business days or so; after 24 hours, you could try multiple channels at the same time.


Do not try to find phone support numbers by googling; there are many scammers out there who pose as such!

You can try dialing (800) 969-1940 in the United States; if they are too busy or it is after hours, you may be able to leave a message requesting a callback.

Expect a lengthy resolution.

Are the charges still pending or have they been resolved? They could fall off.

Cash App stole my money



I asked support a question at 7 a.m. and they have yet to respond! THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE IS AWFUL. I know they aren’t that busy…their customer service representatives work whenever they want…they have the easiest job in the world! You can get paid to do nothing. Cash App stole my money for real.



You can’t imagine how many millions of users are served by a single human representative.

Do not point the finger at humans.

Yes, CS stinks, but that is systemic, the result of management’s intentional intentional strategic design choices.

Weeks and weeks, dozens of attempts, only to discover that your problem is baked into how CA operates.

The key to CA satisfaction is a combination of patience, persistence, and good record keeping with an eye for detail, as well as very low expectations.

I believe they are that busy based on the issues I see in this subReddit because a lot of people use Cash App and there are at least ten posts about issues a day, if not more, so they are probably swamped with people needing help.

Also, not always available on weekends or after hours. Send a complaint to Cashapp on Twitter, or file a complaint with the BBB, and that’s how I get through to upper management at companies.


Complaint filed with the state attorney general regarding questionable business practices and/or fraud.


After losing $1900 from my cash account and personal bank account, I was met with a brick wall of denial from Cash App support. The bank agrees that it was fraud, but Cash is preventing it from happening. As a result, I’m filing a formal complaint. Anyone else experiencing similar problems should do the same to raise awareness of what Cash App is doing to its customers.




I awoke this morning to find that my entire account had been emptied of all funds. three thousand dollars Yeah, I’m poor; I don’t have much, and that’s all I have to feed my children. The Cash app is sick. They won’t even refund people who were ripped off by their own app and problem. This isn’t right, and it’s not fair.

Write to your state’s attorney general, state representative, and member of Congress. The exact same thing happened to me on Saturday morning. They just took $2100 in two transactions. When I contacted customer service, they said they would look into it and get back to me in ten days. First thing Monday morning I got an email saying I had logged into my account on the device the hacker used previous and there wasn’t enough evidence to prove it was an unauthorized transaction. How the hell did they investigate in less than 24 hours?! I woke up that morning with a notification saying I had started a chat with support. Someone impersonating me sent the first message, which said “kindly approve my payment.” I never sent that, and I watched my money leave my account right in front of my eyes. I requested a refund but they obviously refused and then changed their cash tag. I went and filed a complaint with the BBB and received and email from cashapp today asking for more details. Hopefully they will actually look into it this time and get my money back. Maybe you should give it a shot.

Good. I hope those f*ckers from Square get fined and you get your money back. As a musician, I’ve been duped numerous times by Cash App fraud. Even with the cash card, there is no dispute process. To even begin a dispute, they request that you contact the merchant and obtain a letterhead letter stating that the transaction is being refused. Have fun getting that from someone who duped you. An app that is a complete scam. I’m thinking about withdrawing my money; I wish there was a convenient app like Cash App with disputes (PayPal isn’t as convenient).

Cash App stole my money

Also, I think it’s absurd that they don’t have proper customer support for a bank and a money management app. I’d give their email customer service a 1 out of 10, and that’s being generous. Cash App stole my money yesterday and today.

Get the hell away from Cash App. It’s a no-brainer, and everyone else should follow suit. It’s absolutely atrocious. You can never accomplish anything with them.
We had a similar problem and received no response. It was extremely frustrating to have to turn off our account in order to keep. It’s really unfortunate that theft is this easy with an organization like this.

With all of these complaints, a massive lawsuit is bound to happen to Cash App one of these days. Either they will annoy the wrong customer with good legal ties, or people will band together to file a lawsuit.

I also filed a complaint and discovered that a class action lawsuit has already been filed for the same reasons. We’ve all had money fraudulently taken from our accounts, and they’re as clueless as hell and just let it happen. Look up lawsuits filed against them at I even filed a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. And I’m not going to stop until I get my money back. This bank is making billions of dollars while committing fraud against the consumer. I don’t think so…what needs to happen is that they are held accountable for the fraud because if they are, they will design a system that makes it soooo much harder for thieves to hack into other people’s accounts by tightening security measures…because they will be paying out the a$$ for fraud claims…..

I’ve also filed a complaint! I contacted the Federal Trade Commission. I approached the Attorney General first, but they referred me to the FTC. As the victim of fraud, I was also forced to conduct the investigation because C.A. had done little to assist me. I feel like I’ve also reached a dead end!!

Yes, I’m dealing with a similar issue where cashapp allowed someone to fraudulently spend over $6000 on my cash app card at a target where 10 other incidents of fraud occurred on the same day with a cash app card. Not to mention the card fraud. I filed a police report and tried everything I could to get a refund… nothing. Target and the police are both aware that it was a scam. I’ve never even visited the state where my credit card was charged. What steps did you take to accomplish this? I’d like to do the same thing. Report them to the Better Business Bureau, and look up the class action lawsuit against them so you can join.

I attempted to write to you, but my comment was flagged for some reason and was not approved. My CA card was compromised and used at a Target in Braintree, Massachusetts last Wednesday. I spoke with security, and he was able to see everything on camera. They purchased a television and a taget Gift card. He stated that they were using multiple cards. CA is bombarding me with questions. What the hell? I am the victim in this situation. I just filed a police report today because they requested it. I’m not sure how this will end. I’m glad I found these complaints here because it helps me process everything that’s going on.

I reported them to the Better Business Bureau. I would gladly participate in a lawsuit. I have made no dubious purchases anywhere. My account was depleted while I was sleeping. Every penny I have. I don’t have any money. And cash assistance is a joke. It’s insignificant. They are unconcerned. They simply stated that they would investigate and get back to me in ten days.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone get a refund because of a fraudulent charge made through Cash App. The bank must always intervene in the process. I recently emailed them about a fraudulent charge, and they basically responded with a bot. It’s completely insane. I believe I will close my account soon. Someone gaining access to my account and withdrawing funds from my credit card would be of no assistance.

I’m so sorry for everything that has happened to you. I’m not sure why my cash app won’t refund money that is yours. I, too, have been scammed through cash app, but cash app has always refunded me.

I ended up deleting Cashapp for the same reason; the first time they told me to turn on the security lock, I did, and somehow they turned it off and gained access to my account, and Cashapp claimed it was a device I’d previously used that did it, so I deleted the app.

Cash App stole my money

Yes, $1900 for me as well. I approved a transfer to a friend whose information had been compromised, and he responded to a fake cash app support person on the phone, who then cloned it, and the money vanished from his account, and the name of the person to whom I sent it changed to someone named Priyanka. I stood there watching the entire thing unfold in front of me. We were taken aback. After about 24 hours, it switched back to his name, but there was no transfer receipt, despite the fact that it showed completed on my app. Because I approved it, my bank will not claim fraud. And there is no customer service.



If that’s what you mean, I was duped out of 275. Cashapp refuses to help me get my money back, and I’m not sure how to get a warrant since the police won’t help either.

Banks will also not refund you for scams. My brother worked at a bank, and people would come in all the time complaining about being scammed. There is nothing you can do.

People should treat cash apps as if they were cash. It’s not a bank account. You cannot expect a refund if you were duped. Refunds should only be issued in the case of stolen logins or hacks. No, if you’re involved in the transaction.

I’m curious how this happens to some people because I’ve been with them for the longest time (since they literally started cash app) and nothing like this has ever happened to me. I hope everyone gets their money back. I know I would be furious.

Suit for class action Continue, Top Class Action Google it and star a class action law suit. I’ve already done it, and the more people there are, the better.

They are essentially stealing our money. Did you know that cash app square is a platform for virtual cryptocurrency? I’m curious where our money that was stolen went.

Mine had been locked! I witnessed it being unlocked in real time. I locked it once more. They unlocked once more. They then disabled my email and phone notifications. I lost $5600 as a result of hacking. I couldn’t get this to stop fast enough. From February 3 to March 22, Cash App denied me access to that account so that I could investigate what happened. Don’t tell people it can’t be used fraudulently unless it’s locked.

My bank account was linked to the cash card, so I could deposit money from the card into my account. That’s how the hackers cleaned out my bank account. So, unless you’re going to pay my rent with money stolen from my personal bank account, you have nothing to offer. Nobody likes a haughty jerk. Cash App stole my money, fucking jerks.

Nothing bad has ever happened to me through CA, but after reading about your bad experiences, I never keep large sums of money on CA. If I have to send money, I call the recipient to ensure they received it.

Also, make certain that my bank is unlinked.

Cash App stole my money



$3500.                                   $300

$7000.                                    $500

$10,000.                                  $750

$20,000.                                  $1500

$35,000                                  $2500

$100,000.                                 $5000

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