Cash App limited the purchase of GameStop and other tickers; if the free market fails, here are several alternatives.

Cash App limited the purchase of GameStop — All You need to know

Cash App limited the purchase of GameStop

Cash App, AFAIK, never had GME in the first place.

Spreading misinformation is not acceptable. GME was never a possibility for them. They haven’t restricted other stocks either; their platform is only for dabbling and can’t handle volatility/volume.

Yea CA had never had GME, and it was the first stock I sought for when the capability was added to my account. It does, however, include AMC. I’m still perplexed as to why CashApp appears to have only a small number of stocks. Personally, I would utilise CA for stock purchases more if they extended it up to the entire market and enabled the purchase of more coins than simply BTC.

I’ve had all of my stocks in Cash App for a year and GME was never in Cash App to begin with. Cash App limited the purchase of GameStop, too bad.

What I can confirm from my own experience is that Cash App delayed my $TSLA buy order and only completed full shares, not fractional shares. I filed a complaint, and the response merely stated that the problem had been fixed without providing any explanation or action. I assume that these constraining measures are not just the result of different platforms making individual decisions. The trading partners of the platform who execute the aggregated orders are quite likely the source of the real decisions, and the majority of their income comes from institutional investors. Especially the HF, which contributes significantly to the volume.

Yes, there are numerous issues. I bought AMC at 7 a.m., and by the time the order was completed, it was at 9 a.m., and that’s what it claimed I bought in.

As a r/stocks moderator, you should be aware that Cash App does NOT create its own stocks. Cash App has its own set of rules and has formed Cash App Investing as an LLC in order to obtain a brokerage licence. They, however, do nothing with it. All Cash App equities are purchased through DriveWealth, their carrying broker (as opposed to Robinhood and WeBull, which operate their own brokerage). WeBull is Robinhood’s carrying broker, as is Robinhood. The only thing that Cash App does for itself is move money between cash tags and bitcoin. Every other feature of their app is third-party and is housed under Cash App.

That’s quite odd, but I suppose it makes sense why other people suggest that if you’re serious about stocks, use a genuine stockbroker rather than cashapp.

CashApp does not have all of the available stocks. They only have a few significant equities and ETFs. They’re saving you money, man. You’ll thank them when they open tomorrow.

GME was not an option in Cashapp. They didn’t limit individuals either; several of the stocks we paid for were pending due to the enormous volume, but they all eventually got through.

Cash App limited the purchase of GameStop

GME is one of the equities that was not previously listed on Cash App. I used the app frequently and was pleased with it, although I noticed they didn’t have many stocks listed. Most of the major stocks will undoubtedly be present. Aside from that, the only cryptocurrency they provide is BTC. Because it is BASIC, it is an excellent programme for me. simple to read and navigate So that’s amazing, and BTC sales are processed promptly 24 hours a day, right into your account, making it easy to obtain. I recently purchased Robin Hood because GME was not available on Cash App. I bought it, and it’s much more comprehensive—though I’ve discovered that having TOO MUCH information might be detrimental (5 of 7 purchases I’ve made have failed—but that’s my own). However, one of the biggest advantages of RH is that there are MUCH more stocks available. ALSO, you can purchase almost any cryptocurrency. You can also invest in ETFs and other funds. I was also recently approved for buying on MARGIN, which CA does not have, and RH offers a CRUCIAL feature in the form of stop limit orders, among other things. They also have OPTIONS, but my account indicates I am not yet eligible. Although I can buy on margin—basically on credit—I CAN’T WITHDRAW MONEY THAT I OVERDELETED LAST WEEK BECAUSE IT STILL SAYS “PENDING.” I can use it to buy stock right now, but I can’t withdraw it because my bank transfer is still PENDING. So that’s a bummer. They both have advantages and disadvantages, of course. It all comes down to your priorities. Cash App limited the purchase of GameStop, bad priorities.

I hope this was useful!

You can now purchase Gamestop with CashApp apes, and GME is now available on CashApp! GME has recently been introduced to the cash app. Just noticed, this appears to be the worst purchase to make right now, or am I mistaken?

I bought AMC shares, and it says it’s pending till tomorrow at 9:30 a.m.

That has never happened to me before, fucking bs and more manipulation.
Because the Cash app does not provide post-market or pre-market trading, your order has been scheduled for when the market opens on Monday.

How am I going to get my money back? Somehow, $37 was delivered to my Cashapp debit card (PayPal says confirmed, although this isn’t conceivable), yet Cashapp shows declined (as expected), and the money is nowhere to be found, and neither company wants to accept responsibility and repay me.


So I attempted to transfer $37 from my PayPal balance to my Cashapp debit card. I tried it around thrice and it declined. When I contacted Cashapp, they told me that it was refused because there is no way to send money from a PayPal account to a Cashapp debit card. OK, I said, and I was going to find another way to do it (send money to friends PayPal account and he Cashapps me the money). I didn’t do it and awoke the next day with money out of my account (the amount I was trying to send). I checked my Cashapp on the off chance it got through and it was empty. Return to PayPal and you’ll see that the previous time I attempted it, it went through (could have sworn it said declined). I contacted Cashapp, and the Cashapp support kept repeating like a bot, “Cashapp does not accept this etc, contact PayPal.” I contacted PayPal, and they said it was sent, contact Cashapp.

I was reviewing your account and noticed that the $34.47 transaction PAYPALinsert name here was denied.

As previously stated, you can use the Emmanuel Cash Card to pay PayPal businesses, but we do not support tying PayPal accounts or cards to your account. You must link another Visa, MasterCard, or Discover debit card or bank account.

I’m unable to dispute or cancel a transaction with PayPal.

Since I’m unable to provide any information on this scenario, is there anything else I can do for you?

PayPal informed me Emmanuel, the money will not be reimbursed. Since the money has been sent to your card, you can attempt adding it to your cashapp with your card ending in 91.

Thank you for contacting PayPal and being such a loyal client. You may end the chat by clicking End.

What exactly do I do here? No company accepts responsibility.

Cash App limited the purchase of GameStop



How did you first attempt to transfer money from Paypal to CashApp? Did you go with instant or free? If the latter, it is processed as an e-cheque, which can take up to 3-5 business days to clear.

It’s been $10 days, and no, it would not have been the immediate option because I needed the money for anything that day. As can be seen, Cashapp denied the transaction, yet PayPal shows that it was sent.

They paid $3500 for me. My cashapp account was suspended the same day I received the card in the mail. I received the first one they sent but was too lazy to activate it because most of my transactions are done through the app rather than with the card, so I lost it smh. A month later, I informed them I never got it (to obtain another one without paying for it), and when I opened the account, it had me sign in, which was unusual because I hadn’t signed out, and when I signed in, yes, account terminated smh.

It is best not to try to connect Fintechs directly.

Get a legitimate bank account to serve as your “hub.”

then link Cash App, gPay, and any other fintechs, prepaid cards, brokerages, crypto apps, and so on to the bank account

and keep it for crucial documents

Get to know the personnel at a local one with a B&M branch you can physically visit. and credit unions

If you simply want to bank online, I definitely recommend Needham and Discover Bank.

Perhaps create a new account on a different device?

Check that your device and the app are up to date, reboot it, delete the app’s data/cache, force stop the programme on your smartphone, possibly even uninstall/reinstall, then restart and open a new CA account, new email alone, no phone number.

DO NOT USE THE SAME TOKENS (phone number, email address).

The AI may let you to function without checking for a while, but be ready to go when you are flagged.

Hopefully, that account will be verified within a couple of weeks.

By the way, don’t touch crypto for a long thereafter; that’s a new verification, a different outsource firm, and often being active on crypto, especially with an outside CA, triggers the AI to consider you as suspicious.

What? Making a new account would not result in my money being returned, which is what this thread is about.


Cash App limited the purchase of GameStop


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