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A carding forum is devoted to the exchange of lost or stolen credit card information. Members of the site also discuss and share strategies for getting and using credit card information. Users who are new to carding will find more relevant and informative information on carding methods and stolen card details. The carding forum at is one of the most popular among cybercriminals, both new and experienced.

According to the whois, the domain CARDINGFORUMS.WS was registered in Germany in October’18, a year ago. The forum is powered by vBulletin/.

Following that, a few remarks regarding the site’s design. The website’s logo is a skull with a cap on top and dollars in its hands. The website’s name is Darknet Forum. “The crew of top-level carders,” the slogan says. The web platform has a dark background. There are also some green and red accents. The forum has multiple tabs, including:

  • Escrow tracking
  • Verified sales
  • Escrow service
  • Escrow address
  • WU transfer

This store provides the following services: trusted and verified vendors, escrow intermediary service, deposit BTC to user escrow wallet, expiration in 14 days.

Newbies who desire to become carders on this carding forum should read the Carding Forum Rules page, which includes the following General Forum Rules:

  • Show respect towards forum staff and other members.
  • All threads/posts must be written in English.
  • This forum is open to all ages and nationalities
  • Do not spam or abuse any member via thread, reply or private message.
  • Do not start arguments or use abusive language via thread, reply or private message.
  • No referral ID or links to sign up on other websites in signatures/threads or replies.
  • No links in signatures that lead to other websites.
  • You are allowed to have only 1 account here.

Furthermore, new users must Register or Login before they may publish or read. The registration button is located in the website’s upper right corner.

Home Administration, Underground Market, Hacking Cave, Anonymity Cave, Darknet, Carders Cave, VIP section, and others are some of the sections on the forum where registered members can post and publish their ideas and any information relevant to carding.

Users are given a variety of services on this underground criminal forum, ranging from DDOS and electronic hacking to credit card info and stolen iPhones and other goods. The most common forum merchants’ nicknames are 4Mine, Trosko, CCCs, and Xakep. Trusted & Verified Vendors are good and trusted vendors. It signifies that these people have received positive feedback and evaluations from other users who ordered items from their categories. It means they are not con artists and you can trust them.

This carding forum offers an escrow service to help customers and merchants manage their relationships. When purchasers can place orders, pay for them, and know that their money will be returned if the orders are not received. Escrow service acts as a middleman on a trading platform for both parties involved in the transaction. Because not all carding forums offer this service, outperforms other businesses. The Escrow Tracking, Escrow Address, and Escrow Service tabs contain detailed information on escrow service.

We looked for the website administration’s contact information. As a consequence, we only discovered admin ICQ: 829533. The administrator of the website checks to see if users follow the general guidelines for engaging in conversations and placing orders. If a user violates the rules, he will be banned by the website’s administrator. It is critical to properly understand and observe all of the website’s guidelines.

According to forum data, between 1000 and 2000 users visit this website. They perform some acts before leaving. Before placing an order, we’re looking for client feedback regarding this site service on several Internet forums. Positive and bad feedback was left. As a result, we did not reach a conclusion about this carding forum. However, our study leads us to believe that this platform is a good place to collect card information and other information. There is a wealth of carding information available, particularly for beginners.

Now we want to caution you to be cautious when carding or cashing out. First and foremost, you must protect your personal information by not leaving any details on Darknet forums. Never use your real name while registering an account; instead, use the Tor browser or a VPN that covers your IP address. Otherwise, the police will be able to readily locate you if you are discovered engaging in unlawful activity. Remember that all carding actions are illegal under state law, including the acquisition of credit card data, payment with stolen CVV, and use of stolen CVV for other purposes.

You should also be cautious of carding providers who appear legitimate but turn out to be crooks. Check them out before you place a purchase, and inquire about their stores on the private forum. Don’t let them fool you!

I hope this little review is of some assistance to you. Read our other carding forum reviews and come card with us!

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