Carding setup ideas and process – looking for feedback

I’m interested in carding and have done a lot of research. I came up with two carding systems.

1. Kicksecure Linux Host > Whonix VM > Remote Desktop > SOCKS5 proxy

2. Kicksecure Linux Host > Windows 7 Virtual Machine + Whonix Gateway Virtual Machine > SOCKS5 proxy

In all cases, I use Kicksecure Linux as the host, a Debian-based Linux distribution with enhanced security and privacy. It was created by the same folks who created Whonix and serves as the foundation for the Whonix operating system.

The lack of a VPN is due to Tor replacing the VPN, which does a considerably better job of anonymizing communications than a VPN.

Whonix (which routes all traffic through Tor) is used in the first configuration to anonymize all traffic between the Host and the RDP. In the second, I utilize a Windows 7 VM in conjunction with Whonix Gateway to route all of the Windows VM’s traffic through Tor; this should not alert fraud detectors because the proxy is always the final hop.


So far, I’m searching for some clarification on my research.

Virtual Machine – Mac – Public WiFi -RDP (cardholder area) – Socks5 Address changer, bleachbit, cleaner (cardholder area).

So, if I’m not mistaken, you would:

– Execute Ccleaner and bleachbit, then flush DNS.

– Launch a virtual machine in which to work.

– Execute Ccleaner and bleachbit, then flush DNS.

– Start Mac Address Changer.

– Join a public wifi network.

– In the cardholder area, connect to RDP.

– Join socks5 in the cardholder area.

– Open the target site

Can anyone comment on what they would modify about the above? What would you add? What isn’t required?

Also, do you have to use both Socks5 and RDP, or can you only use one?

Is the above procedure correct, or am I missing some steps?

Any input would be much appreciated!!!

Got the setup right, what now?

I have a burner laptop, a vpn, a VM, ccleaner, rdp inside the vm, proxifyer, and socks5 inside the rdp. (trying out the card and receiving money through my Braintree setup, or anything else)

What happens next? Where can I find ccs? What would be the ideal thing to swindle with a cc and matching socks5 to get my hands on the money? Is it purchasing crap from my own Shopify store? Transfer to cryptocurrency, purchase gift cards, and then purchase electronics (should I mail these to my own address?)?

Also, do I buy the CC in the VM, outside the VM, or on a completely different device?


Something I’m missing….

Okey, first of all, this is the setup I personally use for fraud/carding purposes excluding the RDP:

Main machine –> RDP –> Socks5 –> Website to card/Bank log/ etc

I’ve been using that setup without the RDP, but I want to add the RDP for extra security.

Where can I find good quality RDPs?

Do you think my setup is good enough?

Carding setup update

Hello, im looking for advice how i can change/update my setup. Im open for any advice.

My setup before down rdp providers look like this:

burner laptop – sim lte – tails – rdp

But after down rdp provider im grounded. Im thinking of change OS, but i dont know which one i choose kali,parot or what? Also i should choose vm or looking for rdp?

I have mullvad vpn.


Free fraud and carding Advice from a pro

I’m in a good mood, so I thought I’d pop in dread and dump some information and advise, so here we go. I get 20 messages a day from people asking for help and advice, so here’s an article for you.

1. The clear net is superior to the dark net…

What I mean is that just because carding and fraud are forbidden does not imply they are not discussed on the open internet. Before entering and posting on Dread asking “where to obtain socks from” “Where to get RDP from” “where do I learn to hack” “How can I open a bank drop”. You should start with the clear-net because everything is there. Going through forums, even if they are scams, should be your best tool because they have really useful information. All forums and sites that advertise cards and logs are scams, but that doesn’t mean their techniques are. I’ve learned a lot about carder. Despite the fact that they are a scam, I learned about tax returns and prepaid card loading. Use the clear net as your primary tool to improve at what we do. Explore the clear net for information to learn more and improve your cybercrime skills. If your orders aren’t being shipped out and you’re getting chargebacks, look for companies who ship items out the same day. That information cannot be found on Dread or any other forum; it can only be found on websites and reviews on the open internet.

2. Killing cards and being unable to drop with fullz, causing you to blame us sellers…

When you leave nasty hateful comments, this is by far the most unpleasant thing. Make certain that you use an up-to-date method for determining whether a card is active before purchasing it. There are other methods available, such as two-week trials, in which you receive two weeks free and then your credit card is charged. So sign up for it, and if your trial membership is accepted, the card is obviously live; if it isn’t, it’s dead, and it’s our problem. Always check to see if the card is live before using it on any website. I’ve found that rather buying credit cards, I’ve had far more success carding things using hacked accounts such as Apple, Amazon, and Best Buy. If you’re trying to card any website with a sign up and password option, don’t bother, even if you have a really good setup. Your odds of success are higher unless you have a drop inside the same state. Again, the clear net is your friend in this situation. If you Google “card able websites,” you’ll get a lot of results. Another useful idea is to configure your proxy in the card holder, check your IP address, and search simple terms related to what you want to card into Google, such as “purchase iPhone 12” or “buy gift cards,” rather than purchasing gift cards from global websites. For more results, card them from websites based in the cardholder’s nation or even state. Results for “purchase iPhone 12” Let’s pretend you’re from Australia, and you’re looking for Apple. Scroll down and you’ll see several really low security websites. Don’t feel obligated to card billion-dollar corporations to establish your worth as a fraudster. I consider myself a pro, and I prefer low-security websites to Apple, even with VBV.

Regarding drops, if you try to open them and are denied, that’s fine; it could be your setup or the bank’s requirement to turn down a certain number of individuals per day. They cannot accept everyone, and that is the way it is. I have a very good setup and access to very good fullz with very strong credit reports, but I am still turned down. Don’t blame yourself or your vendors for getting the fullz. That is the way to go: more low-key banks. I tried to register an international bank account using my personal information the other day and was denied; that’s simply the way it is. Though the chances of your setup being faulty are considerable, I recommend utilizing rdp and excellent socks. If you don’t know where to look, go to the clearnet.

3. Everything is possible, and everything can be hacked…

The human brain is the most powerful muscle in our bodies. Assume you’re in the gym and want bigger biceps, so you do weighted curls. Take the same strategy with fraud: train and educate yourself by reading, trial and error, and convince yourself you can get wealthy from it. Isn’t that why most of us came here, to make money and not have to work a 9 to 5? If that’s the case, you should have a strong desire to make money, so what are you doing? I never believed I’d be able to cash out a crypto log, but now I’m cashing out ten in a day. It didn’t happen quickly; it probably took me 5 hours a day to get here, but the important thing is that I never gave up.

That’s it for now; if you have any questions or need assistance, please leave a comment and I’ll respond. I check in every two or three days and respond to every notification.


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